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Published at 8th of August 2018 04:00:31 AM

Chapter 36

CHAPTER 36 - Farewell

Ruri was in Jade’s office sat on Jade’s knee in cat form when she heard Finn’s report, and she breathed a sigh of relief after hearing of Asahi’s safety .

"Kotarou, thank you . ” - Ruri

"Well, if it helped Ruri, it’s fine” - Kotarou

Looking at Kotarou nodding happily, Rin murmurs something under her breath that Ruri doesn’t hear .

"You could have rescued it from that place, but on purpose to leave it on the spot so that you fear him to be afraid"

“You where able to rescue her, but you deliberately left her there for a little longer to make her scared . ” - Rin

“I'm still not used to this body, so I can’t use it well, it was a bit of a handful saving her . ” - Kotarou

He’s lying, Rin thought .
It's been a while since Kotarou got the body, he should be familiar by know .
Moreover, it was Kotarou that ordered other wind faeries to be uncooperative with the search for Asahi .

Kotarou knew that the place where Asahi was, was causing Ruri to be anxious but still, he left her there for revenge .

Rin thought that it was fine, so she didn’t tell Ruri .

"So Finn, how is Asahi?” - Ruri

“She has been sat quietly in her room .
Although she isn’t injured, being surrounded by angry men seems to have shocked her, and when people go into the room, she becomes frightened, but she is healthy otherwise . ” - Finn

"Is that so . I'm sorry for the inconvenience . ” - Ruri

"It's not Ruri’s fault . You don't have to apologise . ” - Finn

“Certainly . " - Jade

Perhaps because she had continued to clean up after Asahi, the words of apology came out automatically, and Ruri smiles wryly .

“I hope Asahi understands after this… . " - Ruri

"That wont be possible” - Jade

Jade cut her off, it seems he did not like Asahi very much .
After bringing the topic of Asahi to a end, Jade advances to the next topic .

"What happened to the servant girl who let the woman out?” - Jade

Joshua, who was in the room, changed places with Finn and started reporting to Jade .

“The servant girl has been put in jail for helping a prisoner escape .
She was the daughter of a man who had sold her to slavery . She is not from this country, but she was picked up with the other slaves because of her domestic issues, and given a job here at the castle .
Apparently, when she was being transferred back to the Dragon Kingdom, she overheard a misunderstanding made by a Dragon Soldier and she thought that she was the Dragon Princess .
When she was attending to Asahi she overheard the guard saying that Asahi was meeting with the King, and so she suggested a plan to Asahi who cooperated . Asahi said that was the first time that they had met . ” - Joshua

"I told you I should not make such a careless remark” - Klaus

Klaus said angrily from the side, and Joshua became lost for words .
No matter what he said, Joshua was responsible in the first place .
He understands it was his fault, and so he just lowers his head in front of Jade .
He begins thinking about his colleagues, thinking of someone who could replace him .

“………I am very sorry . ” - Joshua

"We will give the disposal afterwards .
Even so, did she not think it was odd to hear the news that she was a Dragon Princess halfway to the country? I haven’t ever met her .
If she was the Dragon Princess, she has already been to the Kingdom once . The fact that she only passed through, how can she make such a misunderstanding .
. . . . . . . . . She wanted to misunderstand so she didn’t notice these obvious facts at all . ” - Jade

Sighing with those last words, he smiles wryly .

What did Ruri think? Jade removed the bracelet from her arm that was resting on his lap .
Ruri returned to her human form, of course, sitting on Jade's knee and she is suddenly very close in Jade’s direct line of sight .

"Woah, what are you doing!?” - Ruri

Jade laughs .

"Ruri, it will be best to send everyone to Idoclase quickly .
It seems that the other four otherworlders have lost the charm effects, do you want to meet them?” - Jade

“Yes" - Ruri

Then, Ruri who had returned to her human form headed to the room where her former classmates gathered .

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When she entered the room her heart was pounding wondering how they would react, but the four people who saw Ruri enter their room ran and prostrated themselves before her .

“What?” - Ruri

"I am sorry"

When one person speaks a word of apology, the other three begin speaking an apology as well .
This was a different reaction from what Ruri is used to, and her mouth drops open .

Jade puts his hand on Ruri’s shoulder and explains .

"The effect of the charm has ceased completely and it seems that they became able to recognise their actions correctly” - Jade

“What’s so different?” - Ruri

Ruri was puzzled and the student’s apologies only got louder .

"You should ask them yourself” - Ruri

Since they could not talk sensibly in that situation, they all sat down on some chairs that where nearby .

"I can’t understand why I did such things .
But it already the past . Now I can only apologise . Forgive me” - Student

Their actions against Ruri could not be changed, even if she forgave them .
It turned out that what they did was not what they wanted, but what  they have done so far will not disappear .
They bullied her throwing abuse and neglecting her, but she had already lived through it, and the memories of the past rise up and she almost starts crying .  
They had thrown her into the forest, and it was highly probable that they had wanted her to die .

Ruri couldn’t say anything so she changes the topic .

"How did you feel while you were being charmed?” - Ruri

While they are a bit disappointed, the students realise they won’t be forgiven immediately, so they answer Ruri’s question .
"When you think about Asahi, you are surrounded by a euphoric feeling .
At the same time I realised that you were different from us .
As you where different, I did not like to watch Asahi’s attention on you . ” - Student

"How about now?” - Ruri

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"It is very refreshing . But at the same time, I am feeling guilty .
At that time I did not have any doubt about our actions . But now I understand properly . What we did for you was terrible . ” - Student

And again the four of them lowered their heads before Ruri .

“Thats enough………” - Ruri

The four people raised their faces, startled, as they heard Ruri’s muttering .

"Do not misunderstand, I don’t forgive you .
. . . . . . . . . But I have to tell you that it’s all over now .
Both you and I have many other things to think about in order to live . That's why it’s enough . ” - Ruri

Ruri said only that, and left the room .
Finally shaking their hands before she left telling them "goodbye" and knowing the they will never meet again .

As they where walking back, Jade stops and asks Ruri something with a serious expression .

"What does Ruri want to do in the future?” - Jade

“What do you mean?” - Ruri

“You said it to those people a while ago .
You have to think about how to live from now on .
Ruri is currently in this country, but if you want to go to a Kingdom other than Dragon Kingdom, Ill talk to someone from that country .
What do you want to do, Ruri?” - Jade

Needless to say, Ruri answered immediately .

"I would like to stay in this castle in Dragon Kingdom if Jade and everyone allows it . ” - Ruri

When she had first learned about the kingdom, she had planned to go back to Chelsea's house, but when she returned to the castle from Chelsea' s house, she knew that she had returned home .
She noticed that this castle had became her home unintentionally .
She would like to stay here if possible .

Jade showed a clearly relieved look after Ruri’s reply, and she giggles .

“Thats what you said to do,” - Ruri

"There is no choice . I cannot stand in the way of your decision, and I can’t confine you here if you don’t want to be here .
In the first place you can not limit the behavior of a Cherished One .
Thanks to that, the Beast King has a hard time . . . … . ” - Jade

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“There is a Cherished One in the beast kingdom, what kind of person are they?” - Ruri

Although it was a very trivial question, the reply from Jade did not come, and Ruri looked at Jade's face .

Jade had made an in-comprehensive expression, and after thinking about his words for a while he sighed loudly .

" . . . . . . If you are in they country you will see it sooner or later . ” - Jade

"Ohh …" - Ruri

“Lets leave that story behind, I was thinking about how to stop you if you decided to leave, but I was relieved that it was no longer necessary . ” - Jade

"How did you think about stopping me?” - Ruri

“Oh, at first I thought of preparing clothing and jewels that Ruri likes and sweets that she likes, but it was not possible to prepare everything in the Dragon Kingdom .
I finally concluded that I would leave it up to Chelsea . ” - Jade

"Chelsea is like a parent to me .
I don’t think I could go if Chelsea asked me not to . May I occasionally go see Chelsea?” - Ruri

“Oh, I don’t mind . However, please talk to me properly before leaving next time .
And promise to return back to the castle properly . ” - Jade

Ruri remembered that she had run away from home, Jade raised his eyebrows, and Ruri agreed while laughing .

"Oh, but if I get married they Ill have to leave the castle .
Then I have to find a house somewhere in the kingdom . ” - Ruri

“You don’t need to worry about that” - Jade

Why? She thought, but because it won’t be happening soon anyway, she decided that she could think about that after finding a partner .

A few days later, Asahi and her former classmates left for Idoclase .

And the servant girl who helped Asahi escape was given appropriate punishment .

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