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Published at 29th of August 2018 04:50:41 AM

Chapter 39

CHAPTER 39 - In the meantime, that one

It is Agete is more pleased than anyone for the two to have cleared up the misunderstanding .
When he walks his steps are so light it is almost as if he is going to break out in dance .
It didn’t take long for the news to spread around the castle due to Agete happiness being shown through his walking .
It wouldn’t be surprising if the news of the Kings marriage had spread through the country before it was officially announced .
Meanwhile, the other King’s aides other than Agete showed relieved expressions rather than happiness .
“It was really nice that Ruri agreed” - Klaus
“Yes . As it was, his Majesty would have been alone for a lifetime . ” - Euclase
As Euclase and Klaus spoke words of relief Ruri, in cat form, tilts her head .
"But if Jade doesn’t get married, the scale’s colour fades . Then when he falls in love again, I heard that the colour will change again?" - Ruri
"Eh! Your Majesty, why are you telling such lies? What would you do if Ruri declined?" - Euclase
Euclase turns his eyes to Jade, accusingly .
"It’s a lie!?” - Ruri
Ruri was surprised, as Euclase stares at Jade .
"If the colour had changed, Jade could have married a new partner if he didn’t want to marry you .  
However, once the scale id separated from the body it cannot return, so it can’t change colour and he can’t have a different lover . " - Klaus
After hearing Klaus’ explanation, Ruri eyes widen and she looks up at Jade .
Jade put a hand on Ruri’s head with a bitter smile .
He made sure Ruri didn’t feel responsible, and made it easier for her to speak her mind . Ruri learned that this was Jade’s kindness .  
"What would you have done if I refused . . . ?" - Ruri
Eventhough he had lied to her, among the lies she could see his love and kindness .
"I am not dull unlike someone . I wouldn’t have removed the scale if there wasn’t some chance of succeeding . ” - Jade
"Dull! Who is?" - Ruri
"I’ve decided you are .
Everyone in the castle knew my feelings for you, but you were the only one who didn’t notice it . " - Jade
"It can’t be helped, I don’t know the common dragon etiquette and behaviors .
Besides, there was a woman in jail who cares for you . Speaking of which, what happened to the woman who was looking for you?" - Ruri
Although it was regrettable, Ruri remembers that the servant girl was said to have an odd hair colour similar to the woman Jade was looking for .
It’s not that she doesn’t believe in Jade, but if that woman shows up now, the situation will be complicated .
She decides to question Jade about the woman .

"Oh, that hasn’t been settled yet .
Ruri, could you go to the next room and bring me the black clothes from the wardrobe . " - Jade
"Black clothes?" - Ruri
Ruri jumps from Jade’s knees and heads over to the room, wondering .  
The room next to the office is Jade's nap room .
Bringing the clothes was too difficult for a cat, so she removes the bracelet and return to her human figure to look through the costume shelf .
She found the black clothes immediately because it was an all black full body piece of clothing . There was also a hood and a piece of cloth for hiding the face on the hood .
The strangeness of the piece of clothing stands out next to the other clothes .  
Ruri, who saw the foreign clothing, thought she had seen it somewhere before, but she couldn’t remember .
As she thinks, she returns to Jade with the clothes in her hand .  
"Is this it?" - Ruri
"Oh, that's it . Do you recognise it?" - Jade
"Well, lets see . I don’t think I do . . . . . . . . . " - Ruri
Ruri feels like there is something, but she can’t remember .
Jade waits for Ruri to remember, but realises she doesn’t remember and gives her a hint .
"When Ruri came to the kingdom, you were chased by two people? You met the person wearing this outfit at that time?" - Jade
She tries to remember what happened when she arrived at the capital in order .
She was before she became a cat, she immediately remembers .
She also remembers the suspicious person who interrupted at that time .
"Oh, it is the same clothes as the suspicious person at that time .
As they were able to see my hair, I was bothered, and I thought that they might be a slave merchant and ran away .
But why is this similar clothing here . . . " - Ruri
That she saw Jade grin, and Jade’s eyes and the suspicious man  overlapped in her mind .
" . . . . . . . . . surely, it wasn’t you Jade?" - Ruri
"Yes, the woman who I care about with the unusual hair is you and we met at that time . " - Jade
"Well, then did you mean you were looking for me?" - Ruri
"That's right . " - Jade
"The person you were looking for was here with you all this time?" - Ruri

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"That's it" - Jade
She was so shocked she couldn’t even swallow, but Jade didn’t seem to be lying .
Ruri remembered that she was jealous when she heard that Jade had someone he already liked, and there was a servant girl who was in love with him, she looked down embarrassed to find out she was the one he was looking for .  
At that time, Ruri felt a warm gaze on her back, and when she looked around, she saw Agete smiling warmly .  
"What is it, Agete?" - Ruri
"You have a really good relationship, really good .
I was wondering if he was going to live his whole life as a bachelor . No matter what I said, your Majesty would not listen . . . . . . .
This is really good . I cannot thank Ruri enough . " - Agete
His smile turned around, and Agete began crying into a handkerchief .
Ruri can tell how much trouble he had had finding Jade's partner .
After appealing to Jade with tears and grieving about how long he had been searching, Agete lifted his face .  
"When . . . . . . . . . when will the ceremony of marriage be?" - Agete
"Eh, marrige!?" – Ruri
Even though they had only just confirmed that they liked each other, the subject of marriage appeared and Ruri’s eyes widened .
"I don’t want to get marriage yet, it's too early!" - Ruri
"Eh! Is that right, Majesty?" - Agete
Agete had an expression of disbelief and he looks over to Jade for consent .   
Unfortunately, Jade’s opinion was the same as Agete’s, and he looks at Ruri with frustration .  
"Don’t you want to marry me?
I thought that was why I gave you the Dragon heart?" - Jade
"No, I don’t hate it . . . . . . . . . It’s just I’m hesitant to marry you before we even have time to be lovers . " - Ruri
"But Ruri wanted to get married early, didn’t you? You said that before meeting that guy on your date .  
Or are you saying you can’t marry me because you want to marry him?" - Jade
Ruri had doubts about who the man was, but she remembered Jet .
Anyway, she remembered the bad things she did to him, and she felt sorry .
At first she had thought that he was terrible because he had ran away after inviting her out, but if you think that it a date, because Ruri had appeared to the date with a dragon heart on her neck, which is a proof that she was a lover of a dragon, it would’ve been a surprise . It may have turned the dragon tribe into an enemy .
Looking at it objectively, Ruri is the terrible one for apprering with a dragon scale .  
Someday Ruri had to resolve the misunderstanding and apologize to him, she thought .

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No, now was not the time to be are thinking about such a thing . Jade was looking at Ruri with eyes that were not laughing at all, his eyes glimmered a little in the light .  
He was upset by what she said, then she saw Euclase desperately gesturing something, but she doesn’t know what he is trying to convey .  
Suddenly she remembers what Ewan had said . Dragons are jealous .
When she had met with Ewan after the date, he said that the dragon tribe where so jealous it was taboo to even talk about another man .  
That’s it! Ruri screamed inside .
Ruri felt crisis instinctively rather than a joyful gratitude toward Jade, and she quickly changes her remark .
"That’s not the case .
Of course, I want to marry Jade!" - Ruri
After hearing Ruri speak, Jade’s face become calm, and Ruri is relieved .
Then Agete’s facial expression becomes bright .
It was decided, and when a dragon mind decided to do something they followed through, and Ruri was swept along .  
If she thought it was a little premature, she looked at Jade, but he had completely relaxed, and the corners of his mouth were raised .  
“I'll make arrangements immediately!” Agete jumped up, triumphant, and everyone began to move to help .
Marriage of the Dragon King was a national event and they had to invite key people from their country and their allies . There is a lot to do .
Jade and Ruri where left alone in the room .
Ruri tried to put on the bracelet again to become a cat, but Jade takes her hand .
"Stay with me as a human when we’re alone . " - Jade
Jade smiles sweetly, and Ruri nods embarrassed .   
Jade sweeps Ruri up, and sits back in his chair while holding her on his lap .
Ruri didn’t mind being held when she was a cat, but she was in human form and she suddenly becomes embarrassed, Jade’s face cannot be seen clearly and she becomes quiet .  
Jared's word comes from above Ruri .
"It’ll be a while before we get married .
Agete is enthusiastic . The wedding will take time to prepare .
So you should decide your feelings before then . " - Jade
It was a gentle voice, completely different from earlier when he had almost driven her to a forced marriage .
" . . . . . . . . . Jade is sly .
When I think you tried to proceed forcefully, you then also respect my will . " - Ruri
As a result, even though he got his way, he also takes Ruri’s feelings into account .
She knows he cares about her, so she can’t complain .
"The dragons will do anything to get the one they love .
But, I don’t want to be disliked by Ruri because of that . " - Jade
"I don’t dislike it . I understand that I accepted the Dragon heart . " - Ruri

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Ruri remembered something she had been anxious about for a long time .
"I got it . I'd like to ask you a question, what should I do if I marry Jade?" - Ruri
If she became the Queen of the Dragon Kingdom, she will need to work for the country like Jade does .
She was afraid of making big decisions, she doesn’t even know things the dragons would deem as common sense .
Jared's response to Ruri’s fear is a single word .
"Nothing . "
The extremely concise remark makes Ruri shocked .
"No no, nothing? Is that right?
I’ll be the King's wife . Do I have any work? Social, diplomatic, politics . . . . . . . " - Ruri
"Well, usually the Queen will be given a job that suits you .
However, because you are a Cherished one, you don’t need to work .  
Even with diplomatic and social jobs, I cannot expose an important Cherished one carelessly in front of the other countries, I cannot even afford for you to be involved in the national affairs .
It is same in the other countries .
If a beloved child is involved in politics, her surroundings can only see that she is a Cherished one and will accept anything they suggest .  
Then it becomes a dictatorship and the country becomes confused . " - Jade
"Well then, what should I do?" - Ruri
"You can spend every day as you like, like you did before .
Because Ruri exists in this country, it benefits this country, so no one complains . " - Jade
Is it good? He seemed to know what Ruri was thinking, so he added a little more .  
"Besides, dragons don’t like for their lover to be in the spotlight unnecessarily .
You said you know we’re jealous, didn’t you? There are few married dragon women in this castle, and it seems that it was not unusual for the past Queens to seldom appear in front of people or go out in public . ” - Jade
Among the dragons who work in the castle, there are men from every generation, however the women are mostly young and unmarried or old and widowed like Chelsea .
It seems that dragons are so jealous they don’t want their lovers to be seen .  
" . . . . . . . . . Then, should I stop working in the cafeteria?" - Ruri
"As for me, I want to keep Ruri by my side for as long as I can, but as I said earlier, you should just spend your time as you like . " - Jade
Although he says to leave it up to Ruri, she can easily see that Jade wants her to quit .
It’ll be likely that Jade will get angry with something if she keeps working at the cafeteria .
Many people come from other countries to Dragon Kingdom . If a person comes into the cafeteria who does not know about the Dragon heart and starts messing with Ruri . . . . . . . . . .
She would like to continue working in the cafeteria, but she will cause trouble for the people there .
Ruri decided to quit saying that it’ll be better for the surrounding safety and peace .

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