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Published at 21st of January 2020 09:46:18 PM

Chapter 41

Translator: Naruin

Editor: Aqua

Proofreader: Michi


The three ‘Cherished Ones’ who have been announced to the public are those from the spirit, beast, and dragon kingdoms .

Even if they are well-known, there’s nothing to worry about as their own kingdoms have the national power to protect them . Moreover, those two from spirit, and beast kingdoms are strongly patriotic to their own countries that even if other kingdoms tries to recruit them, there’s no need to fear that they will be moved .

Well, the ‘Cherished One’ from the beast kingdom is in love with the dragon king and is willing to marry into the dragon kingdom if there’s a chance, but the dragon king had no intention to do so . Also, the race she was born in is a highly esteemed race that it is unlikely for them to move to another country .

In addition to these three people, there are two more ‘Cherished Ones’ who have not yet been made public . They are from the kingdoms of Serlanda and Yadakine .

The one from Serlanda country is a girl still in her mid teens . She was kept in an orphanage from a town far away from the capital, and was only discovered when she was already a teenager .  

It was a human country with few people who could see the spirits, and unfortunately happens to be in a remote region where information from other countries could not easily enter .

It was only revealed by chance when the orphanage she was in was randomly selected for a survey and someone who could see spirits was there .  

Since there was no particular attachment to that country, there was a possibility that if another country offered a better condition, the girl would be willing to make a deal . So the people involved in the deal was hidden in the back of the castle of Serinda, protected by the state .

From a different point of view, she is having quite a cramped life, but she doesn’t feel any inconvenience . She can wear dresses that she never could when she was at the orphanage, have luxurious meal that she once couldn’t bear to eat, and live a pampered life surrounded by the splendid men that had been gathered to keep her from getting bored .

Today, she was surrounded by fine men selected from high-ranked nobles of Serlanda while having a tea party at the garden .

It was a typical tea party that had already become a regular routine since the time she came to the castle several years ago .

There, an uninvited guest appeared .

It was a small person in a black attire wearing a strange mask .

The mask hid the face and the clothes covered the entire body so it is difficult to know if it is a demi-human or a human, a man or a woman . If Ruri was here at this place, she might have been surprised, “Why is there a ninja in this place?”

The black-clothed person only looked at the ‘Cherished One’ .  

The men around the ‘Cherished One’ immediately called out those who protects her from the rear .  

The sentries who are standing guard nearby appeared in the crowd and separated into two groups . One group points their weapons against the black-clothed person, the other one escorts the ‘Cherished One’ to safety .

“‘Cherished One’-sama, this way!” -Escort guards

“Eh, yes…” -‘Cherished One’ of Serlanda

The ‘Cherished One’ began to move into the castle . Meanwhile, the person in black stayed calm despite the fact that he is surrounded by soldiers and never took his eyes off her .

“Capture him/her!!” -Soldiers

The soldiers closes in all at once . The black-clothed person who is surrounded by dozens of soldiers will be caught immediately . Everyone thinks so, but he shows off an unusual jumping power by leaping above the soldiers’ heads and landing behind them, he then ran to their ‘Cherished One’ without touching their side eyes .

The speed was so unearthly that the guards, who were going to confront him, got passed by one after the other until finally a dagger was thrown to their ‘Cherished One’ . She, who was frozen with fear, couldn’t avoid in time causing the dagger to go straight into her chest .

“‘Cherished One’-sama!” 

Screams come from the surroundings . When the black-clothed person saw that the dagger had stabbed the ‘Cherished One’s heart, he/she immediately disappeared from the spot in no time just like how he/she came .

“Doctor! Call a doctor !!” -Someone from the crowd


-Royal Castle of the Dragon Kingdom- 

Ruri’s figure could be seen in the kitchen of the 1st district, the place where the dragon king lives .

“Fu fu fūn fu fūn ♪” -Ruri

While humming a song, Ruri, who is not in her cat form, sprinkled powder on a table, placed the dough on it and stretched it with a rolling pin .  

Around her, the spirits looks with interest at what she’s doing .

The chefs of first district who were in charge of the dragon king’s and the ‘Cherished One’s meal were worried about whether she could really make something that could be eaten, but they watched too closely that they were driven out by Ruri .  

There’s still time before meal preparation so there wouldn’t be any inconvenience .

She molded the cookie dough and put it in the oven to bake .  

From here on, it’s the fire spirits’ turn . With their kind of heat control, Ruri’s baked cookies can make even the first-class chefs bow .  

After a while, a sweet smell spreads out .

“Ruri, we’ve done it” -Fire Spirit A

“Yes, it’s perfect! We’re geniuses! ” – Fire Spirit B


Translator: Lady Black

Editor: Aqua

Proofreader: EndlessSkyRain

After accomplishing their work, the fire spirits 『yay』’ed and clasped each other’s hands .

Then, suddenly, Yuan came out of nowhere as if he had been waiting for them to finish . He, who was banned, could now enter the 1st district after getting along with Ruri . It seemed that their former dark history was a lie as they became good friends .

“It smells delicious . ” – Yuan

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“Right, right?! I’ve never used such a big oven before but thanks to everyone it was baked well . ” -Ruri

『Ehem!』 – Fire spirits

Though the fire spirits aren’t visible to Yuan, the fire spirits who were praised put their hands on their hips and puffed their chest out .

“You can make sweets, huh . ” – Yuan .

Ruri was annoyed as Yuan seemed to suggest she couldn’t make any .

“Even you are saying that . I told Jade I want to make sweets and asked him to lend me the kitchen . But all he said was it’s dangerous and I should leave it to the cook . It’s so rude to assume something like that . ” – Ruri

“Why?” – Yuan

“When I was living with Chelsea, I made the meals everyday . ” – Ruri

“Don’t you have something good to eat?” – Yuan

“Try it!” – Ruri

She got a plate of freshly baked cookies and shoved a cookie into Yuan’s mouth . It was so sudden that Yuan opened his mouth and ate it . He even forgot to open his eyes as he bit it . He then held his mouth and his face turned red .

“Oh, oh, what’re you doing?!” – Yuan

“It’s delicious . ” – Yuan

“No, that’s not it!” – Yuan

Yuan supported his head, not knowing what he was so angry about when suddenly, a deep angry voice that was seemingly like a wrath that came from the centre of the earth could be heard .

“What are you two doing?” – Jade

Yuan looked behind him in cold sweat . There, behind him, was a figure of Jade, the person Yuan was most afraid of . Jade looked at Yuan as if he could shoot and kill him instantly .

“Ah, Jade . Look . Did I make it properly?” – Ruri

After noticing the tension, Ruri happily showed the cookies to Jade . However, Jade’s eyes weren’t looking at the cookies, but at Yuan .

“Yuan . Do you want to be banned from District 1 again? No . Do you want to get kicked out of the castle?” – Jade

A voice trembling in fear and cold sweat could be heard for some reason .

“God, no, I’m sorry!” – Yuan

Yuan turned pale at Jade’s words and he hurriedly ran out of the kitchen .

“Oh, that… Jade . Are you mad…?” – Ruri

Jade finally felt how cold he was and feared that she would be scared . Jade made his suffering into a bribe .

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“Ruri” – Jade

“Yes…” – Ruri

While Jade was getting closer, Ruri felt the danger and retreated . There was only one kitchen in the castle as it was a large kitchen for cooking in large portions for the people . But a kitchen is a kitchen . The escape route was blocked and walled . When the beauty gets angry, the power of cheek arises .

“Ruri, what’re you doing to Yuan earlier?” – Jade

“I just asked him to taste it…” – Ruri

She didn’t know why Jade had such a frightening look .

“Are you? But for the dragons, it was taught that giving food by the hand was an expression of love . ” – Jade

“Ah…” – Ruri

“Looks like you forgot . ” – Jade

“Hahaha . ” – Ruri

She pushed a cookie to his mouth without thinking it through . That was why Jade was jealous . Because the meaning of affection was sudden that he blushed . Now, she knew .

“It seemed like you want to fool around so much . ” – Jade

Jade’s hand touched her cheek and her face turned red .

“No, no! I’ll be careful after that, okay?!” – Ruri

She didn’t know anything about this world but she raised her hand to her forehead and saluted .

“Next time you do, Yuan’s neck will fly . ” – Jade

In such a threatening situation, joking like that wouldn’t be good . Ruri nodded her head until it hurts and prayed for Yuan’s safety . Jade’s anger was quelled by her reaction . His gaze turned to the cookies made with rose . She breathed out a sigh of relief .

Jade took one of the cookies and put it in the mouth of Ruri . After seeing how she ate them, Jade took another and put it in his own mouth .

“It’s surprisingly good . ” – Jade

“… Jade, did you make me a poison tester?” – Ruri

This time, Ruri glared at Jade .

“Just in case . ” – Jade

“That’s why you said I could make it again!” – Ruri

While angry, Ruri packed the cookies into the bag .

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“In the first place, my mother was terrible at everything . When my father was back home, he made it for me . But since he’s a diplomat, instead of staying at home, he often goes to another country . So, to avoid having her make inedible rice, I had to cook it myself . ” – Ruri

Even though she was supposed to cook it while looking at a cookbook, the ability of changing taste was truly mysterious .

At cleaning, she always destroyed something . When washing clothes, it changed the original colour .

Suddenly, Ruri began to understand .

Fortunately, her mother was a model and was often not at home . Her grandfather visited frequently when she was little . This was how the damage was minimized .

When Ruri grew up, she didn’t need her grandfather’s help anymore and was able to do everything by herself .

“It didn’t bother me when I started living alone . ” – Ruri

“Maybe that’s the reason why Ruri is so strong . Wait, your father is a diplomat? I hope he could work in the castle . When will they come?” – Jade

“I think I left it over there, when will it be? But I have to prepare… Yosh, I’m ready!” – Ruri

After packing the cookies in a large bag and a small bag, Ruri looked back at Jade .

“Well then, I’m going out for a bit okay?” – Ruri

Jade then made an ugly face .

“So you didn’t make it for me?” – Jade

“I didn’t think I could make it…” – Ruri

“I’m confident that I could eat anything that you made as long as you’re the one who made it . ” – Jade

“What was that? I’m sorry, but this is for Rin, Kotaro, and Lydia . As for Jade-sama’s, I’ll make it next time so forgive me . I’m going to have a tea party with Lydia . But Rin and Kotaro cannot enter the space, and they’ll go crazy if I don’t give any sweets . ” – Ruri

Kotaro really wanted to come but she couldn’t let him go because of sanitary .

No matter how sacred the body of the holy beast was for the country, she didn’t want a cookie full of hair .

Rin was also waiting with Kotaro in the garden .

“Lydia is the Spirit of Space and Time . ” – Jade

“Right . ” – Ruri

Jade thought for a bit .

“Can I also go in the space with you?” – Jade

“Eh? Jade-sama too?! Ehto… I think it’s fine if you stay for a little bit . Chelsea also entered before, once . ” – Ruri

“Then, it’s decided . ” – Jade


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