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Published at 21st of January 2020 09:46:18 PM

Chapter 42

Translator: Lady Black

Editor: Aqua, Mr . Peerless420

Proofreader: EndlessSkyRain

With Jade’s request, he and Ruri went to Lydia together .

When Jade told her that they are going to leave, he went to his office while Ruri headed to the garden .

Kotaro was waiting patiently with Rin on his head .

『Ruri, did you finish making the cookies?』– Kotaro

“Un . ” – Ruri

『We’re waiting patiently . 』 – Rin

Ruri smiled as she saw Kotaro wagging his tail at her, saying as if he cannot wait .

“Thanks for waiting . Here are the cookies . ” – Ruri

After placing it in front of Kotaro and Rin, Kotaro couldn’t stop wagging his tail and Rin flew in circles with joy .

『Thank you, Ruri . 』– Rin

『Our Ruri’s cookies are still the best . 』– Kotaro

While living with Chelsea, Kotaro didn’t just eat cookies but also had several other dishes and sweets .

“Thank you . ” – Ruri 

Such a direct compliment was different from receiving one from a stranger . It was one that would make you smile .

After Kotaro and Rin finished eating, Jade appeared .

“You sure are late, Jade… sama…?” – Ruri

She thought it was just Jade, but behind him was Euclaise, Finn and Agete .

Jade bitterly smiled at the surprised Ruri .

“Sorry, Ruri . But can you take them with us?” – Jade

“All of you? Well, there’s no problem as long as you don’t stay for too long, but what is happening? Finn-san is Jade-sama’s bodyguard so I understand . Even if there’s no danger the king still needs to be with him . But Euclaise-san?” – Ruri

“Klaus is coming, so it’s fine . Actually, I originally intended to leave it to Agete but…” – Euclaise

 Euclaise glanced at Agete who was right next to the door .

“You’d rather see the Spirit from the legend than to work?” – Euclaise

Agete was more excited than anyone else . He was like a child anticipating a long awaited excursion . He was even wearing a luxurious suit with a bow tie .  

“Well, there will be an endless stream of people coming since it’s really big, right? But it seems that staying for too long will gonna make you crazy . So, be careful, okay?” – Ruri

The people who hadn’t heard of it were startled .

“I-is it going to be alright…?” – Jade

Jade asked while pulling her cheeks .

“As long as you don’t stay for too long, it’s going to be alright . ” – Ruri

Though she said that, Finn and the others looked uneasy .

Then, Ruri opened the entrance connecting to the space .

This time there were a bunch of people, so she made it bigger than usual .

“Let’s go~ . ” – Ruri

Despite the hesitation in Jade’s group, Ruri hurriedly went inside the space .

Euclaise, on the other hand, wondered what to do with Agete’s expression when Jade walked ahead through the entrance .

Then Finn shortly followed after .

“As long as we don’t stay for too long, as Ruri said, we will be alright . ” – Euclaise

Though still hesitating, Euclaise turned away from Agete and disappeared through the door .

After going back to guide Euclaise in the dark, Finn followed them . Euclaise and Agete opened the door as they entered .

The space is a place where you store things in . Everyone was very curious, and afraid at the same time upon entering the mysterious place .

If it wasn’t for Ruri, they might not be able to enter it for the rest of their lives .

The other side of the door was unexpectedly wide .

Though the large room showed Ruri’s abundant magic, but calling it ‘vast’ would still be an understatement for it . Not only that, they were also struck dumb seeing a large amount of treasure that filled it .

Finn and the others, who entered after Jade, were staring blankly at it .

Jade wanted to ask various things, but Ruri was nowhere to be found .

“Lydia, I’m here to see you!” – Ruri

In the empty space, a woman, who was as transparent as a ghost, came out of nowhere .

『Welcome back, Ruri . 』 – Lydia

Lydia greeted Ruri with a smile and saw Jade and his people at the back .

『Ara~ ara~ it seems like there are many guests today . 』 – Lydia

“Jade-sama wanted to meet Lydia . Even if they don’t have a contract, they could still stay for a little bit, right?” – Ruri

『Yes, just a little bit』 – Lydia

As Jade and others heard this, they breathed a sigh of relief .

『Hmm . This table seems to be small since we’re bigger in number . Do you have a bigger table?』 – Lydia

『Then…』 –  Lydia


Translator: Lady Black

Editor: Aqua

Proofreader: EndlessSkyRain 

『Then…』– Lydia

As soon as Lydia’s hand touched the space, a big table suddenly appeared .

Lydia can move everything in the space . Even if it’s in another space .

At this moment, Euclaise and Agete had a chance to shift their attention from the treasures without difficulty .

Due to tons of jewels and ornaments that were popular to the aristocrat ladies, as a capable chief minister of the Kingdom, Euclaise determined their value from fake to genuine .

As a member of the dragon-kind, who lived for a long time, he quickly found some items that were similar to the long lost treasures that disappeared due to various reasons .  

Without noticing, Ruri was already seated at the table .

Lydia also turned to a real person and sat next to Ruri .

In the first place, a spirit cannot have a body unless they inhabited somebody else like Rin and Kotaro . But since Lydia is the owner of this space, she can .

When she animated into a real person, she was not too different to a real human .

If there is something different, it’s probably because she doesn’t have the liveliness of a real person .

Even if Lydia looked like a human, the aura she creates was still sacred and made others felt that she was detached from the world .

“Here, I made cookies . ” – Ruri

She gave the cookies to Lydia who could eat them when she became a human .

『Thank you, Ruri . 』 – Lydia

After being satisfied by seeing Lydia happy, Ruri made some tea .

Of course, the hot water and the tea leaves came from the space .

So to make today’s tea party complete, they had to do whatever Lydia always like .

After serving them tea, Ruri started to introduce them .

“Lydia, this is Jade-sama, the current Dragon King . ” – Ruri

“It’s an honor to meet the Spirit of the First Dragon King . ” – Jade

When the Dragon King wanted to thank her, Lydia stopped him .

『You don’t have to be formal . After all, spirits are not interested in the matters of the humans . I accepted my two contractors because they are friendly . It has nothing to do with my previous contractor . 』 – Lydia

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While complaining as she spoke about her previous contractor, Lydia was calm .

“Are you the lover of the First Dragon King?” – Jade

In the room of treasures, there is a picture of a woman .

It was a mystery for so long, but Lydia recognized who it was .

Although no race had ever been in love with a spirit, Jade instantly regretted what he said .

『I have never been in love with him . 』 – Lydia

Lydia laughed sadly .

But soon, she changed her mood as if nothing happened .

『Why did you ask about that?』– Lydia

“There is a line of your paintings next to the portrait of the First Dragon King in his treasure room inside of his castle . Before his life ended, he said that he would not marry because of this lady, but there was no one around him that looks like the person in the painting and it was always been a mystery . ” – Jade

『I see…』 – Lydia

“I’m sorry . ” – Jade

Lydia chuckled at Jade who was apologizing .

『Fufufu~ why are you apologizing? I heard a very good story, so thank you . I don’t really know much about him when he’s outside . If you could, can you show me the pictures? I’m really curious as to how he saw me . 』– Lydia

“Sure, I’ll give it to Ruri next time . ” – Jade

Looking at Lydia who laughed so happily, the atmosphere cleared up and peace took over .

After calming down, Ruri remembered her initial purpose .

“Lydia, is there something that I could sell?” – Ruri

『I think there’s a lot of things in here, but do you want to get something to sell?』– Lydia

“Yes, I want to buy a big house in the city . My parents and grandfather will come here . So, I’d like to put everything that’s necessary in the house so they could live there . Furnitures are some of them . But to buy a big house in the kingdom, one cannot pay enough for a dining room . ” – Ruri

As expected to the capital of the kingdom, the land price was high . It was not enough to work at a restaurant for a short time .

So Ruri asked Lydia if there was something that she could sell for .

『If you’re short on money, why don’t you use the money left by Vito?』– Lydia

Lydia looked for the pile of money .

This was by the will of the First Dragon King, that all of this are to be inherited by Ruri .

If you want to buy a house, there’s no problem, but…

Translator: Lady Black

Editor: Mr . Peerless420

Proofreader: EndlessSkyRain 

“But that’s the old currency of the Dragon Kingdom . It’s not the same as the current one . ” – Ruri

『Is that so? Then…』– Lydia

“Wait a minute!” – Euclaise

As he interrupted the words of Lydia, Euclaise fell into silence .  

『What’s the matter, Euclaise-san?』– Lydia

“I want to ask something . Is that alright?” – Euclaise

『Sure . 』– Lydia

As they listened, Euclaise’s eyes became serious .

“This is Ruri’s space, right? So every thing here is Ruri’s property, right?” – Euclaise

『Yes . 』 – Lydia

As Ruri was mentioned, Jade asked .

“Why is it that you have so much fortune? It hasn’t been a few years since you came . ” – Jade

“Most of the things in here are from Lydia’s former contractor, the First Dragon King . He kept saying that all of this should be given to the next contractor of Lydia . So, I accepted it . ” – Ruri

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“The founder’s inheritance?!” – Agate

Everyone was surprised . Especially Agate, who stepped forward unknowingly .

“Well, Lydia also brought a lot from other spaces too, you know?” – Ruri

Jade asked confusedly .

“What do you mean?” – Jade

“Since the owner was the only one who could open their space, Lydia was gradually erasing those . So, I brought in the things that I could use or just threw them into someone else’s space . ”– Ruri

“You’re entering other people’s spaces?” – Jade

“Not everyone can, okay? Only the Spirit of Space and Time and her contractor could . ” – Ruri

“In other words, Ruri could enter someone else’s space?” – Jade

“Yes . Sometimes I also help Lydia erase some space” – Ruri

Whenever Ruri comes to the space, only Ruri and Lydia could walk through the spiral stairs floating in the dark, connecting to the people around the world .

Some of Vito’s inheritance came from the spaces that Lydia erased by the time of Vito’s death . And now, some of them were brought by Ruri herself .

“Then, can the space be touched by the living?” – Jade

“I can… Ah! But if you’re misunderstanding me, I haven’t stolen anything from them!” – Ruri

As you opened a door from the spiral staircase, you could enter but one of the boundaries separated you from the space .

Ruri hastily explained after seeing everyone’s weird expression .

But Jade was thinking differently .

To be able to enter someone else’s space, that was the ability the creators have .

And even if you take something, there would be no evidence .

Since the space could only be opened by the owner themselves . Many put their important things inside of it . If there were some that could enter it, then anyone would go in .

“Ruri, who else have you talked about this to?” – Jade

“I only told Chelsea-san . I’m not a fool . I know it is dangerous and so I could only talk about it to someone I trust . ” – Ruri

Jade breathed a sigh of relief as he heard of it .

At the same time, there were a lot of unexpected things . Like how Ruri became a cat .

“I see . Then it’s alright . Never mention this to anybody else in the future . It’ll be a big problem if an avaricious person found out about this . ” – Jade

“Yes, I understand . ” – Ruri

After Jade finished, Euclaise followed next .

“And about the old currency of the Dragon Kingdom I mentioned before…” – Euclaise

Ruri stood up and took several sheets of gold from the mountain of treasure . She then placed it on the table .

“Here it is . ” – Ruri

The old currency of the Dragon Kingdom, placed on the table, caught Jade’s eyes .  

“Can you exchange the old currency to the current one?”  – Ruri

In Ruri’s world, there are collectors collecting antique money . She remembered that they were only buying rare kinds of money that weren’t always available .

Maybe you could exchange it to the bank and get money .

“Worst comes to worst, we could just let the Fire Spirits melt it and make it into some kind of armor for the Kingdom . ” – Ruri

(I didn’t know what material it was made of, but it was a little bit different from an old gold coin . At least the raw material . ) – Ruri

But as she was thinking about it, Jade and the other two’s face tensed up .  

Then, Euclaise raised his voice .

“No!!” – Euclaise

Euclaise’s sudden cry surprised Ruri and Lydia, who then shouted in shock .


“You surprised me there, Euclaise-san! . ” – Ruri

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“You said you’re gonna melt them! What are you thinking by melting such precious treasures?!” – Euclaise


“Hei? It’s precious?” – Ruri


She stared at their faces, finally landing her gaze at Jade, who smiled bitterly .


“The old coin of the Dragon Kingdom was made of materials way back in the time of the First Dragon King . But after the death of the First Dragon King, the Next Dragon King changed it into the current coins . The material that was used is good for making weapons and armor . So, the coins ended up being processed . And now there were only few of them remaining in the form of coins . ” – Jade


“Then, if you take it to the blacksmith and melt it down into something, the price will go higher . ”  – Ruri


“That’s why I said it’s no good! If you want to sell it, please sell it to the kingdom! It’s part of the kingdom’s precious history . ” – Euclaise


Euclaise was angry .


(I don’t really care about whom I sell it to as long as it gives me money to buy the house and stuff . ) – Ruri

So, she gave the money on the table to Euclaise .


(It seems like it’s expensive . I will check the price of a few, then get some more if it’s not enough . ) – Ruri


“But why can’t you take it away right now? Dragons used this money before . Is it because you can get a certain amount of money in the future?” – Ruri


“Is it the era of the First Dragon King? I can’t really understand you . ” – Ruri


“Exactly . ” – Euclaise


The story of Vito’s lover that has been told together with his portrait . Until now it wasn’t known who was in the portrait . It caused a disaster and chaos . For the first time, Euclaise, the prime minister, didn’t know what to do .


But, Lydia knew the era of the First Dragon King .


『I’m sure . Vito was dead and Kai isn’t here anymore . 』 – Lydia


“Kai?” – Ruri


『Vito contracted the Earth Spirit King and I . Kai and Vito protected the Dragon Kingdom and the land was affected by it . Upon the death of Vito, Kai didn’t stay here much longer . It’s natural that you couldn’t get ahold of the minerals . 』 – Lydia


Except for the ridiculous reply, Ruri listened to Lydia’s story .


(Anyhow, this filled the money that was needed for buying a house in the capital . ) – Ruri


Ruri guts pose .


(Next time I go to the town, I’ll look for a house . ) – Ruri

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