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Published at 29th of May 2018 09:46:42 PM

Chapter 25

CHAPTER 25 - It seems to have been heard


Ruri, Jade, Klaus and Finn arrive back at the castle .
Because three of the party where still dragons, they had to land on a spacious terrace, Ruri jumps out of Jade’s hand’s .

As Jade changed into the figure of a person, Agete arrived and waited patiently .
His lower back pain seems to be cured .

"I have been waiting for you, your Majesty” - Agete

"Oh, I know . . . It was bad of me to leave my work, I’ll head back to the office straight away . ” - Jade

As soon as Jade had come home from the Spirit Kingdom he had jumped out in search of Ruri, and there was a lot of work left that had to be done .

“That's not the case !! Joshua has returned . He came back with the news of the girl .
Please check if the girl he found and the girl you remember are the same!” - Agete

"……Oh, he’s back” - Jade

Agete was fired up hoping that Jade would take an interest,  then Jade replies in a present voice .

“Lets postpone that, the war with Nadarsia is the top priority” - Jade

Jade walked in the direction of the office quickly . Agete’s underlining motive became obvious and so Jade ran away from the troublesome problem .
Agete follows Jade to the office .

"Oh, are you okay? You may finally meet someone you like . “ - Ruri

Ruri asked Jade about the person he liked, but she had a pretty candid look, and Klaus responded with a wry smile .

“Only Agete is enthusiastic . If Agete didn't tell you, you would have gone in oblivious .
But it seems Ruri, who ran away from home, is more important to his Majesty than the woman he only met once .
It seems it will be a while before a love interest will appear in front of his Majesty” - Klaus

"is that so………” - Ruri

Ruri was secretly relieved .

But Jade is the king . Even knowing that Jade does not have someone he loves, Ruri decides that giving up is not a big deal . If she and the Dragon King where together it would be improper .

Still Ruri’s heart hurts to see Jade looking happy with another woman .
It's a relief to at least have a reprieve .

(My love is too new for heartbreak, right?) - Ruri

If I live here forever, let's get the boyfriend of my fantasy .

Eventually, I will be married to someone and give birth to a child, I will put my heart and soul into a beautiful future .

(My child . . . . . . . . . . . . that would be good)

While Ruri’s mind was drifting thinking about a child she had not seen yet, She was lifted up by someone .
It was Finn, and he had a serious look on his face .

"Ruri, please be sure to tell someone where you’re going from now on .
I was worried when I heard you had runaway . ” - Finn

"Yes, sorry” - Ruri

When Ruri obediently apologises, Finn’s expression becomes relieved and he gently strokes her head .
Then, he heads to the office while holding Ruri in his arms .

“I can walk?” - Ruri

"No, as it is, no one can touch you in the presence of his Majesty” - Finn

As he says so, he lookes at Ruri like he was looking at a pet animal .
However, it was not just Finn, when Ruri passes by the soldiers, civil servants and side workers she realised that they all looked at her the same way .
And that made it even harder for Ruri to say she human, for the Cherished one, it was a troublesome situation .

Following Jade, who had already arrived at his office, Ruri, Finn and Klaus where just about to enter, she heard an impatient voice shout "Brother!" And a vociferous voice saying “Oh no” .

Finn looks back, and Joshua and Ewan come into sight, Ewan runs happily toward them .

As Ewan was running full speed towards Finn, he saw Ruri sitting in his arms, and he frowned .

"Hey, get away from my brother” - Ewan

Apparently, it seems that the brocon does not like that the Ruri is being hugged by Finn .
It was decided that Ruri might be hurt by Ewan if he tried to pull her out of his arms, so Finn strengthened his grip around Ruri .

But that put oil on fire .

“Brother, let go of her!” - Ewan

"Ewan, for heavens sake, be a little more mature” - Finn

Finn sighs, and Ewan glares at Ruri .

"What the hell are you planning!
What are you up to, approaching my brother?” - Ewan

"Eh . . . . . . . you said planning, but there is nothing in particular ………" - Ruri

Ruri had never thought of planning something against Finn . It's a complete accusation .
But Ewan continues to not listen to the words of Ruri .

“No, I know! You are a woman trying to sponge off of my brothers position . I won't allow it! My brother doesn't deserve a fibber like you . ” - Ewan

"Ewan, what are you talking about, Ruri is a cat?” - Finn

" . . . . . . . . . after all this time my older brother didn’t know,” - Ewan

Ewan is convinced by something, darting a sharp look towards Ruri like he could shoot her dead with his eyes .

"You sure are quiet . Perhaps your goal is his Majesty! What? This poisonous girl!“ - Finn

Finn and Klaus where astonished that Ewan had said something so crazy, and Ruri had a bad feeling .

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"Do not be deceived!
This thing is in the form of a cat, but in reality she is a human .
She was deceiving everyone, this woman!“ - Ewan

Ewan continued before Klaus tried to intervene .

"There is no mistake! I definitely heard Joshua talking with that woman . The Chancellor knows as well . “ - Ewan

Ruri was surprised, and Finn and Claus turned to look at Ruri .

For Ewan to talk about it with such exposure, just when she had decided to tell Jade herself, Ruri is shocked silent, the door of the office opens .

"You guys, please enter for the time being . ” - Euclase

Upon being urged by Euclase and entering the office, Ruri arrived at the chair in front of the desk . She quietly looks at Jade and Agete who are both gazing at her .

Ewan was making a lot of noise in front of the door to the Office, and Jade would have heard everything he said because Ewan’s voice was so loud .

Ruri jumped onto Jade’s desk, and sat down in front of jade .

"Is it true what Ewan was talking about before?” - Jade

Jade asks with a cool voice .

"It's true . Sorry for keeping silent, Jade . “ - Ruri

Ruri was afraid of Jade's reaction, and she could not raise her face .
She wanted to tell him herself if she could, but it is her responsibility because she had postponed it for so long .

It is true that she was deceiving Jade, so she can’t be angry with Ewan .
Ruri is sure Jade will be angry, or be amazed .

Contrary to expectations, however, the angry words did not come, instead a warm palm rested on her head .

Ruri raised her face fearfully, but there was the gentle smiling face of Jade, rather than an angry face .

"I'm sorry” - Jade

Jade's first answer was not anger or blame but an apology .
Ruri is amazed at the unexpected remorse .

"Why are you apologising? I am at fault, I was silent for so long” - Ruri

"You needed to do that, didn't you?
Before coming back to the castle Chelsea was angry with Klaus when he told you that he was glad the Cherished One was not a human .
Where you unable to tell us because of that?“ - Jade

After Jade's words, the startled Klaus becomes embarrassed .

“…………Yes" - Ruri

"Then, we are responsible for making it difficult for you to tell us the truth . You need not apologise .
If you're a human being, it's a natural act of self-defense . “

Jade glanced at Klaus and Finn who both understood his intentions, they both came forward .

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"Ruri, sorry for my careless words, my mind has been twisted wrongly by discrimination . ” - Klaus

"I'm sorry, please forgive me” - Finn

The two lowered their heads in front of Ruri, and she visibly panicked .

"No, its because I went to see Klaus in the form of a cat, you misunderstood me . Don’t bow to me!” - Ruri

"Can you forgive me?” - Klaus

"Of course!“ - Ruri

Shaking her head vigorously many times, Klaus and Fins relaxed their expression .

At that time the situation seemed to be resolved .

"Why does brother have to apologise!?
This thing was deceiving everyone!“ - Ewan

Ewan cried out, Euclase frowns uncomfortably .
Joshua spoke back to him like he had before .

"What have you been saying all this time?” - Joshua

Joshua’s voice was quiet, but his angry voice echoes around the room .

“You easily say others secrets . You do not know Ruri’s circumstances . What are you saying without permission?” - Joshua

Unlike usual joking way of speaking, Joshua becomes serious and turns his anger towards Ewan . With Joshua’s voice and piercing eyes directed at him, for a moment Ewan falters, but the feeling is there and Joshua prevails .

"Hmm, I just told the truth about the traitor who deceives his Majesty . You have the same sin! You are an intelligence agent but remained silent after learning that Ruri was human . “ - Ewan

When Ruri hears that Joshua has the same sin, she panics .
Ruri knows that it is not a good thing for an intelligence agent serving the King to have kept a secret from him .
He told me lightly to keep it a secret, but isn’t it quite a big problem . . . ?

Joshua laughs with his nose, not caring about Ruri's panicked looks .

"Then why didn't you report it until now?
You could have always been able to report to your Majesty though Finn because you are forbidden from entering this sector . ” - Joshua

"That is……” - Ewan

"You just don't like Ruri, you said it in this place to attack her .
It is for yourself in the end! Do not say that you revealed her secret it for his Majesty or Finn! !“ - Joshua

Joshua's angry voice reverberates .
There is no word of refutation and Ewan is silent .

In the midst of a silence and stinging tension, Jade opened his mouth .

“Finn" - Jade

“Yes!" - Finn

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Finn kneels before Jade .

"This is the third time that Ewan has been hostile toward Ruri .
The importance of the Cherished Ones is something that even infants know .
Ewan was swept away by a temporary emotion and attacked Ruri for the third time, he also does not obey the area restriction and entered the off-limit sector .
This is the management failure of his superior officer” - Jade

"There is no word to return” - Finn

"Therefore, Finn, I prohibit you from entering the first district and I am demoting you three ranks .
Tighten the discipline on your juniors once again . “ - Jade

Although Ruri did not know how bad that punishment was, she knew that a ban on entering the first district means that Finn can no longer be the king's escort .

“As you wish” - Finn

Fin accepts punishment without any objections .
On the other hand, Ewan was stunned to see Finn being punished, and he stepped forwards toward us .

"Wait, your Majesty!
Why must my brother be punished!” - Ewan

He is not convinced, and Finn tries to thwart Ewan’s rude attitude . He does not realise the situation and tries to refute the king, but Jade raises his hand and controls it .

"It is just as I said, the hostility you have towards this child is disadvantage to the state .
You are synonymous with trying to harm the country three times .
This is obviously the responsibility of the superior who did not discipline you .
Why do you ask, Finn must be punished because of you . “ - Jade

"Something like that . . . . . . but it was this woman and Joshua planning against you my Majesty . . . …" - Ewan

"There is always another Dragon King, but never a substitute for the  Cherished one . Which one is the priority for the country?
Ruri’s desire to conceal that she is a human is not enough to harm the country .
In that case, there is no reason to be against her wish and blame Joshua for being silent .
In the first place Ruri was only hiding it because of discrimination“ - Jade

“But!" - Ewan

“Act properly!” Euclase

When Ewan is not convinced even if he heard the word of Jade and tries to further refute him, Euclace argument flies .

"Can you anger the spirits more with your personal feelings and then take responsibility for the repercussions?
Or perhaps you want to make Finn's position even worse?” - Euclase

" . . . . . . tch"

Ewan’s expression distorted with regret .

"Even if Ruri was not a Cherished One, your behaviour so far has been a complete accusation . Ruri did not do anything to you, and be glad I stopped you speaking more, because I stopped the faeries from taking bad revenge on you . ” - Euclase

“Ewan I order you to take a few days of suspension .
Cool your head, don't come out until you have repented . Dismissed“ - Jade

After the harsh voice of Jade, Ruri looked like she was crying for a moment .
Ewan did not say anything more, he bowed and left .

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