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Published at 29th of May 2018 09:46:42 PM

Chapter 26

CHAPTER 26 - What I noticed .


The office after Ewan left .

Ruri who was concerned about Ewan’s expression when he departed, is now worried about Finn, and she jumps off Jade's desk and stands in front of Finn who was still kneeling .

"Finn, sorry . You didn’t do anything bad . ” - Ruri

Ruri wanted to ask Jade to not punish Finn, but she could not say anything because she didn’t know any of the country’s laws .

“As His Majesty said before, it was my responsibility to stop Ewan” - Finn

Even if Finn says it that way, Ruri thinks he is too nice to his brother .

Joshua, as usual, opens his mouth after seeing Ruri depressed .

“It doesn’t matter, Ruri . Although it is a punishment, it's also not a  punishment” - Joshua

"What do you mean?” - Ruri

"You know we will be at war with Nadarsia soon, right?” - Joshua

“Yeah” - Ruri

"It seems that his Majesty wants Finn to lead the army fighting the war against Nadarsia’s, because he can be trusted .
But to be the commander of the army, it is necessary to be dismissed from his Majesty's escort . He has been demoted from the King’s Guard to being at the forefront of the war, it’ll be dangerous . ” - Joshua

Even if he says danger, human beings do not pose much of a threat to Dragon kind . From the appearance of Joshua laughing while he speaks about the war, the imminent crisis is not felt . That alone made Ruri’s heart lighter when she thought about the war .

But there was one more thing…

"But Finn can not go into the first district” - Ruri

“He will be busy preparing for the war and won’t have time to come to the first district .
Then, once the war is over, Finn will return to his former position next to his Majesty, with a credit for attending the war .
The attendants around him will think that Finn’s demotion is only a necessary measure making him able to participate in the war .
Its only Ewan thinks that Finn was punished because of his wrongdoings .
It is better to punish his brother than Ewan himself . He reacts and learns better this way . ” - Joshua

“Oooh" - Ruri

Jade was thinking so far ahead, and Ruri admires Joshua who understood it immediately .
However, it seems that only Ruri did not notice his intentions, and she becomes a little depressed in a different way .

"So, Ruri do not worry” - Finn

“Ok" - Ruri

Finn stroked her head a bit roughly .

“An even stronger punishment would normally be okay . I have only been given a light punishment so far because Ruri has stopped it . That’s what it is . ” - Finn

"But . . . . . . . . . "

The ones angry at Ewan's words were not Ruri herself, but the surrounding faeries .
Ruri herself does not feel any anger towards Ewan .

Ruri did not mind because since early childhood she had been subjected to sarcasm and jeers due to Asahi being with her 24/7 .
She is confident in her ability to ignore people . Even the noise of a whole town .

Rather, Ruri had only thought about Ewan and Finn’s brotherly relationship .

It hurts Ruri’s conscience to punish the victim even if he doesn’t think before he speaks . Ruri didn’t mean for it to get out of hand .

……… Talking about what Ewan said, Euclase voiced, "What kind of life were you living over there?” And Ruri was pushed into a shameful and merciless story .

From there, Ruri moved onto her own story .

Joshua played an active part helping her .
From the room where Ruri was summoned to, to the forest she was exiled to where she met Chelsea, she told Jade everything .

Joshua adds information time to time, information that Ruri did not know herself, Jade’s eyebrows lower as he frowns, Ruri remembered the anger she had at that time and was surprised at the wrath she had held .

Ruri happened to hear Joshua’s side of the story when he and Euclase found out she was human .
It was not thought at that time, but the story had been heard not only by Euclase, but also by Ewan .

" . . . . . . . . . . . . I see, I got it .
Ruri is not one of this world?” - Jade

"It was not common sense because you are in the form of a cat . ”  -Agete

Agete following Jade's words nods with convincing face .

"I feel this is quite terrible, if Ruri was not a Cherished One, the beast of the forest would have killed her . ” - Klaus

Klaus’ eyebrows come together, he seems angry .
Jade is in agreement with Klaus, and he turns his eyes towards Finn while saying "Punishment is necessary for the King and the Priest," Finn understands his look and nods .

Ruri felt something black from Jade, but she decided not to see it .

"The King and Priest continue to support a Shrine Maiden who thinks that Ruri was kidnapped by the Dragon Kingdom .
Does Ruri know the Shrine Maiden?” - Jade

“She is my childhood friend . But if you asked if were close, I can only answer one-sidedly . ” - Ruri

Next, Ruri will tell Jade the amount of damage she suffered by Asahi in the other world .
Everyone has pity in their eyes, but Ruri doesn’t stop .

" . . . I feel that . . . . . . . . . . . . .
To be falsely punished and exiled, makes me feel subtly happy when I think that I am able to get away from Asahi . ” - Ruri

"It’s not the same without that familiar relationship” - Jade 

Jade’s expression turns serious, and he calls Ruri’s name .

“Ruri . From now on we will be at war with Nadarsia .
The aim of the war will be to evict the current King and to recreate the country .
The Shrine Maiden became a flag of war, actively calling for approval of war .
Because the citizens and the Shrine Maiden where compelled by the King’s greed, I will not take their lives, but they will either have to live their lives quietly in Nadarsia under our surveillance or they will receive some kind of punishment .
If they are acquitted, those who have been affected where wrongly convinced, and it is necessary also for them themselves to learn from this .
Do you mind?” - Jade

Ruri nodds quietly .

"I would like you to help me in the war against Nadarsia,” - Jade

"I can’t fight well . . . . . . …?" - Ruri

"I will not let you fight, I want you to help Joshua behind the scenes” - Jade

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"If that is the case . . ” - Ruri

She thinks she could do it, Ruri nods while feeling a bit uneasy .

"I can not avoid giving punishment to the Shrine Maiden, but is there something you wish for? You are one of the victims, I will do as much as possible for you . ” - Jade

Ruri thought for a while

“All my personal items are still in the castle, I would like to have it back .
And I overheard the King say that he would summon others from another world again if necessary .
I do not want for there to be similar victims . That's why I want to erase that method of summoning from this world . ” - Ruri

Ruri’s smartphone will be out of charge and will not be usable anymore . Ruri was on her way to the university when she was summoned, so she did not have many possessions, but they are one of her few memories of her previous world, she wants to get them back if she can .

Rin told her that roads between the worlds open fairly regularly, however a road the size of a human is quite rare, even for a faerie who’s sense of time is skewed .
It is impossible to do anything about people who have already fallen through, but the method of summoning people can be erased .  
So it is not used in the future .

"Then you have to hit the King and the Priest in one shot . ” - Ruri

Jade smiled at Ruri, she lifted her eyes and Jade clenched his fists .

"Let's hit them until you feel better, lets not say just a single shot, you can scratch them badly with your claws . ” - Jade

Indeed that is a good idea, Ruri decided to sharpen her claws to the limit before the battle .

" . . . . . . . . . . . . By the way, how did you transform into a cat?” - Jade

Jade radically changed the conversation .

Looking at all of Ruri’s body, Jade wonders how she is different to a cat, Ruri raises the arm with the bracelet on .

"If you put this bracelet on, anyone will turn into a cat,” - Ruri

“Even Dragon kind?” - Jade

“Yes” - Ruri

When Ruri was testing out the bracelet, Chelsea put it on and as Ruri recalled Chelsea’s ugly cat appearance, she flapped her tail trying to remove the thought from her memory .

“Could such an object exist?” - Jade

Jade muttered admiring the bracelet, he then said "Please show me Ruri’s human form . ”

At that moment, the gaze of everyone in the room pierces Ruri .
Joshua and Euclase who already know Ruri’s appearance are satisfied, but as for the other four interested eyes . . . . . . . . . .

" . . . . . . . . . . . . I will stay in the form of a cat for a while . ” - Ruri

“Why?” - Jade

“When I am stared at by so many people, it is difficult to return to my original form . ” - Ruri

"Okay, so I'll try not to watch . ” - Jade

“No" - Ruri

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After that, Ruri denied Jade's persistent requests and finally ran out of the office

Ruri thought she had escaped . . . . . . . . . , but at night Ruri was in Jade's room for some reason .

"Erm, Jade .
Why I am in your room? … . " - Ruri

"What's wrong, you always sleep in this room,” - Jade

Although it was Jade who made her sleep here, but that was when Jade did not know that Ruri was a human .
It is different now .

“Because even though I am a cat, I am human and I understand humans, I think a man and a women sleeping in the same room, will be misunderstood . ” - Ruri

"Whether you are a cat or not, I have slept in the same room with you many times already, so it does not matter .
Besides, Ruri is now in cat form, not human . ” - Jade

"No, but it is … . " - Ruri

"Does Ruri hate being with me so much?” - Jade

“Uuu ………” - Ruri

Don’t be fooled . Don’t be fooled .
Ruri thinks, but she falters .

Ruri was weak to the expression Jade occasionally shows when she tries to leave his side, Jade lowered his eyebrows and turned down his eyes looking lonely .
Jade recently learned that, and seemed to be using it to his advantage here .

Ruri thinks so, but for Jade to show weakness with usual confidence and unwavering face, Ruri had no choice but to say .

" . . . . . . . . . I do not dislike it” - Ruri

As soon as Ruri acknowledges, Jade smiles and the corners of his mouth raise dramatically, Ruri sighs as his face caught her .

"When Jade gets his wife, you will have to be alone in this room . ” - Ruri

"In that case, that can wait” - Jade

Jade smiles satisfyingly and reaches for the Ruri’s head .
Ruri thought that he was going to stroke her head, but he stretched out his hand to the arm wearing the bracelet as if it was natural behavior .

. . . . . . . . . But, Ruri sensed the crisis and instinctively withdraws her hand quickly .

Jade’s advanced was avoided, and he clicked his tongue .

“I am never off-guard, there is no chance” - Ruri

"Someday I will see, so why do not you think it would be better to get it over and done with?” - Jade

"Really, its hard to show you when you’re so keen!" "

Even though Jade was disappointed, he gave up and did not touch Ruri much more and went to bed as it was .


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Late at night .
Jade slowly rises, beside him was Ruri sleeping comfortably .

When Ruri is asleep, the faeries are also away, so only Ruri and Jade are in the room .

In other words, there is no one to disturb .

While breathing silently, he approaches Ruri who is sleeping on the opposite side of the room, he gently pokes Ruri’s cheek pry to confirm that she is asleep .
Although her whiskers twitched, Ruri is fast asleep .

When he confirms that she is not awake, Jade reaches for Ruri’s arm .
And slowly withdraws the bracelet from Ruri’s thin arm .

Then, Ruri who had had her bracelet taken away returned to her human figure .

A smile appears on Jade’s face naturally as he sees the sleeping human appearance of Ruri .

The room is dark and the color of her hair is unknown, but dragon kin’s eyes are good at night, so Ruri’s appearance is visible .

She was younger than Jade thought .
He is relieved to see she that she isn’t old, and doesn’t have an appearance similar to Chelsea .

Next, Jade tries to see Ruri’s face, which is hidden by her long hair . He moves the hair, looks at her face and takes in a breath .

The room was dark and it was impossible to see the color of the silky hair that was nice to touch and the color of the eyes that were closed, but Jade knew their color .
Her hair is a shiny platinum color, her eyes are deep blue .

The girl he met just once .
This is the girl that Agete is looking for in a frenzy .

It is the girl who he completely lost interest in due to the presence of Ruri the cat, but he had not forgotten her face with its rare coloured eyes and hair .

No way, she was the same person as Ruri . . . … .

He was surprised as well as convinced .
Ruri visited Klaus, the day after he met the girl .

No wonder she couldn’t be found .
She has been a cat all this time .

Suddenly Jade remembered what Agete said before .

It is because there is something that Ruri emits, something that attracts you only by having a small conversation .
Dragon kind are a type of creature that can be effected .

It certainly is true, Jade thought .
He feels that his emotions towards Ruri have evolved since he found out she was human .
No, even when she was a cat, it may be that he was restricting his feelings .

The feeling of loss when Ruri is not by his side, and the emotions he felt when he heard she had run away from home expresses everything .

"Agete is going to be pleased” - Jade

Jade is sure that, Agete will be pleased you are the bride and wife he has been searching for .

Jade took a wisp of hair that had fallen off of Ruri’s lips .

And as Jade returned the bracelet onto Ruri’s arm, he fell asleep beside Ruri as if nothing had happened .

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