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Published at 13th of June 2018 05:48:25 AM

Chapter 28

In the far distance in front of Finn, lay Nadarsia’s army .

Their numbers where about ten thousand .
As far as you can see the horizon is filled with people, the flag of Nadarsia held high .
Only one thousand Drangon soldiers standing against them .
Nevertheless, the soldiers expressions are full of motivation, not despair .
Nadarsia’s soldiers are fearful and terrified, not only had they walked a long way to reach the Dragon kingdom draining their physical energy, they have mental fatigue knowing they have to fight against the Dragon tribe, there are a lot of soldiers on the verge of collapse, their condition was completely opposite compared to the Dragon soldiers .
The dragon soldiers are rather motivated .
Finn thought it was bad that the soldiers where so motivated and raised his voice toward the soldiers on the front line .

“Okay! Don’t overdo it .
Most of these soldiers are general citizens who have no power and where forced here by order of the state .
A lot of the soldiers came here after being persuaded .
And, concerning the girl called the Shrine Maiden, she will have the Prince accompanying her so do not approach them, only stop them in their place and report their location .
I will send a second unit because you might kill them . ” - Finn

Then Finn finally ends his speech with, “Don’t overdo it!” and he then raises a war cry and raises his fist, the soldiers all raise their fists as well and their hearts race with excitement, but looking at their expressions they are anxious about the speech they heard .

“I'm anxious………” - Finn

The soldiers on the front line are dragon kin .
Actually, the Dragon kin were dropped from the front line, but it was opposed by the citizen who weren’t dragon kin and the Dragon soldiers protested saying “Let us fight!” .
There was a conflicting opinion, some said that it would be dangerous to release the battle frenzy Dragon kin against the humans, but a lot of political and higher ups in strong positions where Dragon Kin and it was hard to oppose their order to put the Dragon Kin on the front line .
So, Jade sent the Finn to the front line .
If Finn had the power to succeed the Dragon King, even if his head is occupied with battle he should still be able to stop the rebellious Dragons .
To have a war against Nadarsia, it is pathetic that in order to stop their allies, a powerful Dragon such as Finn or Jade have to oversee to make sure the Dragon Kind don’t go on a rampage .

The war began, with anxiety still hovering over the army’s heads .

The outcome of the war was frustrating .
At first the difference in number of soldiers was big, and Nadarsia's army was running forward gaining momentum, but to crush the army, you only had to attack the middle and you will break through to the center of Nadarsia’s army at once .

Even when Nadarsia’s army threw boulders they where crushed by the Dragon Kin’s fists . Even when they released attack magic, the Dragon Kin ran straight through without defending . Even when they threw spears, the Dragon Kin manipulated it with magic to shoot it back .

The Dragon Tribe who can blow ten people away in one sweep and can use magic effortlessly . It seemed like there were no differences in the number of people .

Many soldiers were lost in war because of the intensity of the Dragon Tribe .

This is a one-sided slaughter .
But, their soldiers where too weak to be human, shaking like newborn deer, only the soldiers that came forward where different, the Dragon soldiers were fighting relatively calmly, and weren’t losing themselves to the pleasure of fighting .

The dragon who undertook the rear support, calls for Nadarsia’s soldiers to surrender while circling in the sky .
After those words that promised the guarantee of life, those who originally thought that going to war was disagreeable, threw down their weapons submitting to the country’s defeat .

Finn had predicted who would win .
As he was watching over the land he sighed deeply .

"It's so stupid . . . . . . . . . . Did the King of Nadarsia truly think that he could win the war?” - Finn

They won so easily that he started to doubt if there were other reasons to have waged a war .

As a result, the Dragon Kin who had been so obedient started feeling dissatisfied and angry and started to fight their allies .

As the fights started here and there, Finn sighed deeply again .

Their fighting it is the same as usual training, even more realistic than training, then a report saying that Prince and Shrine Maiden had been found, and Finn leaves for them immediately .

As Finn arrived flying at low-altitude as a dragon, he spotted an open space .
There was several people in the centre and surrounding them where soldiers of Dragon Kingdom .
Finn lands in the area and transforms into his human form .

A well-dressed man was shaking and trembling . Perhaps it was the Prince of Nadarsia, Finn considered .

And beside him, a girl whose age is between that of a girl and a woman who is glaring at her surroundings .
The woman isn’t wearing clothes that suit the battlefield, she is wearing high quality clothes that flutter in the wind .

Behind the prince are several men and women who are not likely to be fighters, who wore the same scared expression as the prince .

"Who is the shrine maiden?” - Finn

When the question was asked by Finn, the girl who was glaring at everyone stepped forward .

"You guys, you’re kidnappers who took away Ruri-chan .
Return Ruri-chan! ! “ - Asahi

Hearing of the suspected kidnapping makes the Dragon Kingdoms’s soldiers  uneasy and slight commotion runs through the crowd .
It wasn’t a small thing to claim the Cherished One was kidnapped .
However, as soon as Asahi claimed that their Cherished One was kidnapped, Finn stood against her phrase .

"We have not kidnapped her . ” - Finn

“You Lie . ” - Asahi

“Ruri was not kidnapped but thrown away by Nadarsia who thought Ruri was an obstacle, and we just protected Ruri . ” - Finn

"I will not be deceived with such words!” - Asahi

Finn wants to talk to her to make her understand, but it’s not the time for a story .
In the first place, Asahi has no will to listen to him, she has already made the decision that the Dragon Kingdom is evil .

Before going to war, Finn recalled Ruri saying "Asahi does not listen  to others because she thinks she is always right, I think it is impossible to persuade her," Finn sighs .

That's exactly right .

If it was true, it means Asahi was aware that she was being deceived, Asahi was going to have to come to the Dragon Kingdom against her will, Finn judged that he could not convince her of the truth .

Finn commands the surrounding soldiers and to "capture" .
Following Finn’s order, the surrounding soldiers gradually close in .
Magic that isn’t strong . A body without a weapon . After the soldiers surrounding them decide to capture them, they had no protection .

So, Finn was careless . Even if it’s insignificant, they resisted .

Asahi picked something out of the bag she had tied to her waist and threw it at Finn with great force .
It was a transparent stone smaller than a fist .
Is this the last resistance? However, Finn did not know what the stone was, so he defended using a magic barrier .

The stone is repelled by Finn’s barrier . Everyone is wondering what it is . When the stone hits the barrier the barrier disappeared as if it was sucked into the stone .

“Well!" - Finn

Finn looked amazed .
Immediately, a big explosion occurred so big that the blast could easily reach the soldiers who were at the back of the troupe .

Sand and smoke was blowing in, and their vision was dyed white .


Meanwhile, Ruri is at that time .
She was sneaking into Nadarsia’s castle as planned .
Ruri and Joshua where talking whilst hiding in the bushes outside the castle where no one comes .

"Okay, Ruri wait here” - Joshua

"Ehhh . I want to go too” - Ruri

“It’s useless . If something happens to you I will be killed . ” - Joshua

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After saying that, Joshua looks at Kotarou and the other faeries who are around Ruri .

"So, Ruri should be grown-up .
You can’t fight right? Leave it to us” - Joshua

“Yes" - Ruri

Unwillingly, Ruri obeys quietly .
She will make her nails perfect for the King and Priest .  
However, Ruri feels like she has been fooled out of the exciting part .

Joshua is giving instructions to other soldiers beside Ruri .
She thought it was only going to be Ruri and Joshua infiltrating the castle, but she was amazed at how many people where here to take over the castle .

A number of intelligence agents have already infiltrated Nadarsia's castle, and after guiding the soldiers to the right place, everyone was waiting outside, waiting for the signal to come in .

"Hmm, it sounds a bit confused,” - Kotarou

Kotarou, who had his eyes closed quietly, opens his eyes .

“What can you see?” - Ruri

"I am a wind faerie . My eyes will reach everything in the air . ” - Kotarou

"Oh, Kotaro is amazing . What is the situation now?” - Ruri

Kotarou is glad that he was praised by Ruri, and starts to talk with a  proud voice .

“There are certainly a few soldiers in the castle .
The king is on the throne . It is the people of the Dragon Kingdom that are moving around .
Suddenly a big arrangement has been decided, and the King is being protected . The intelligence agents are busy changing our plans to suit the arrangement .
However, it is going as scheduled . ” - Kotarou

While listening to Kotarou's story, Joshua came to listen, and the other soldiers also looked at them and where listening to the story .

"Hey, did you all hear that? Everyone prepare to rush in . ” - Joshua

Even though a plan has been made, it does not go as planned .
The time that we planned to invade was too late, and with the previous plan Ruri couldn't go in either .

After checking the situation inside the castle, Kotarou is reluctant to go inside the castle for some reason .

In the situation where there is no choice but to trust the intelligence agents, the atmosphere which had been irritated by uneasiness and impatience after waiting, had turned to relief when everyone could execute the strategy properly, the facial expressions were determined as they rushed to prepare .

“Hmm?” - Kotarou

"What's wrong, Kotarou?” - Ruri

"The Priest isn’t in the castle, his figure can not be seen” - Kotarou

"If so, is he in the temple?” - Joshua

Joshua points to the building next to the castle .
Kotarou concentrates his consciousness within the building, but there where only low-ranking priests and no high-class priests there .

"There is low-ranking priests over there . I can’t see any high priests in Nadarsia” - Kotarou

"Oh! What do you mean, did they run away?
No, we haven’t had such a report …” - Joshua

Joshua yells for everyone to hurry, the priests of the King where very important .

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It was necessary to reconsider whether to carry out the strategy as it is . And if he ran away, the strategy will need to be scrapped .
If he is no longer in Nadarsia, it would be impossible .

"Calm down . I have not said that, I only said that I can not see him . ” - Kotarou

Joshua and Ruri are confused with his phrase .

"I do not understand, what you are talking about?” - Ruri

"There is a place in the castle that I can’t see .
That unpleasant sign . That is………” - Kotarou

At that time, the signal they had been waiting for was shown .
Joshua cares about what Kotarou was saying, but now he had to  prioritise the strategy .

"Okay, rush in!” - Joshua

With Joshua’s shout, soldiers enter the castle all at once .

However, Ruri was left behind with Kotarou in the same spot .
When Ruri finally entered the castle, the armed protection was defeated and the King was caught and it all was over .
However, the Priest was still missing .

"Joshua, what should we do now?” - Ruri

"First of all, we have to secure Ruri’s luggage and then destroy the summoning magic .
. . . . . . . . . . . . Also, there was a difficult place for Kotarou to see which he was talking about earlier .

Joshua looks at Kotarou .

"The place is underground . For some reason it’s hard to reach with the power of the faeries . ” - Kotarou

At once, Joshua's gaze became sharp, and he frowned .

"Is there something there?” - Ruri

"Oh, the room that Ruri was summoned too is the place where we are heading” - Joshua

As Ruri recalled that time, the doubt appeared .

“That room? But the room we were in when we were summoned wasn’t in the basement?” - Ruri

"Beneath that room there is a summoning magic square .
Hey, is it difficult for the power of the spirit to reach it, is it related to why you where reluctant to enter the castle?
Why is it difficult place to go to? Is it possible?” - Joshua

"Impossible . There are no places where faeries do not exist, no places where faeries can’t go . ” - Kotarou

When walking into the room Ruri was summoned into for the first time, the faeries other than Kotarou stopped following . Ruri decided not to go any further .

"What's wrong, everyone?" - Ruri

"Impossible impossible”

"The power goes out”

Ruri doesn’t understand what they meaning, she looks at Kotarou .

"You guys stay there” - Kotarou

The faeries tried to accompany Ruri, but they seemed unable to proceed any further, so with regret they watched Ruri walk further away .

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Kotarou starts talking a little while walking faster .

"Magic calls for help from the faeries .
There is magic such as reinforcement and enchantment of the physical body which can only be used by a persons own magical power, but if you wish for strong magic you can not develop it without the assistance of a faerie .
There are only a few humans who can see faeries, and many humans do not believe in faeries .
We will not help those who do not believe us .
A long time ago the humans thought of a way to forcibly take the magic from the world . ” - Kotarou

Listening to Kotarou speak, Joshua who was thinking, recalled someone telling him .

“I have heard of it . . . The magic of Faerie Killing ……” - Joshua

"Killing faeries . . . . . . …” - Ruri

The magic with a disturbing name, Ruri’s face stiffens .

“The faeries respond to a persons wishes and lend magical power equal to the person’s own power .
However, humans have less magical power, and the magic of Faerie Killing squeezes that magical power from the world out through the faerie .
The power is absorbed, and the faerie becomes weak and disappears .
Therefore, it is called Faerie Killing .
This magic is said to be a wicked way that humans with little magic can gain power .
I thought that this magic that ignored the will of the faeries had disappeared in the flow of time, but someone must have uncovered a book from the past . ” - Kotarou

"Then, Kotarou must get away!
Kotarou may disappear . ” - Ruri

"I am okay .
There is a limit to the magic that can be controlled by the human body .
Even though a weak spirit would be deprived of power, there is no magic that can deprive me of my highest powers . ” - Kotarou

After hearing that Ruri is relieved .
Kotarou looks at Joshua .

"I feel a greater power I expected . It might be a good idea to increase the manpower .
The fact that the faeries do not come close means that the magic is being used right now .
Because the faeries and the magic are absorbed by the spell, you can not use magic . ” - Kotarou

“Seriously!?" - Joshua

"Since I will protect Ruri, I may not be able to look after you . ” - Kotarou

Joshua reinforces his soldiers in a hurry .
The fact that magic cannot be used means that someone is using the taboo magic .

After gathering sufficient manpower, they opened the door to the room where Ruri first arrived into this world .

There was no one there, contrary to expectation .

There was a slight pause as they all looked around the room, Ruri noticed there was a crack in one of the walls .

Joshua kicked the wall without any effort using the power of the dragon, and the wall collapsed showing stairs continuing down into the basement .

"Oh, hidden stairs” - Ruri

Like a mechanism in a ninja house, Ruri thinks unexpectedly .

"Okay, let's go . What about Ruri?” - Joshua

"Of course I will go!” - Ruri

It may be safer to wait, but she doesn’t want to be left behind after coming so far .

Joshua has a bitter smile knowing he has no choice, as he knew what Ruri would answer .
Just to be safe, Ruri walks in the middle of the group, as they walk the torch light shines on the dim stairs .

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