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Published at 27th of June 2018 06:10:14 AM

Chapter 30

Before Ruri’s eyes, a number of large bird cages had been prepared, big enough for Ruri as a human to stand inside .

"What is this?” - Ruri

“They are for escorting the King and the Priests back to the Dragon kingdom . ” - Joshua

As soon as Joshua explained, the King and Priests who were tied up where brought out, and were loaded one by one into the big bird cages .

A soldier who had transformed into a dragon grabs a cage with his feet and flies towards the Dragon Kingdom .
It seems that it is easier to transport the enemies by flying and carrying them than taking the land route .

However, if the enemies were afraid of heights, their time travelling will be full of fear .
It would be better if it was so, Ruri secretly thought .

“Right, Ruri . The baggage that was summoned from the other world has been collected, so please check it . ” - Joshua

Joshua pointed in front of him, where luggage that had been carried from the castle had been collected, and the pile contained the wooden box in which Ruri and Asahi’s luggage was kept .
It was good that Ruri had heard from the King that Asahi had kept her luggage, but it seems that no one knew which was her luggage so they brought the entire contents of Asahi’s room .

Not only did Ruri have to find her bag she took when she was travelling to the university, but also the luggage that she had kept inside the bag .
Even so, there wasn’t a huge amount of collected luggage, and when Ruri looked inside, she could find her bag right away .

Ruri opened the bag to check the contents inside and she evoked the memories of a few years ago .
Textbooks and notes that where only used a little . She feels nostalgia and enthusiasm as she finds the pocket watch given to her by her parents as a present for getting into university .

Only two years ago . Ruri had felt happy when she entered college .
She’s come to such a far place .

Ruri shut her eyes tight trying to get over her strong emotions, then she felt something soft on her cheek .
When she opened her eyes, Kotarou’s face was in front of her, and Kotarou rubs his forehead against Ruri again .

Ruri felt that Kotarou was anxious, and she stroked Kotarou's head and told him that she was okay, and she continued to check the contents of her bag .
Meanwhile, Kotarou sat down and wrapped himself around Ruri .

Writing utensils and notes in textbooks . There seemed to be no problem with them, but she took out the pouch containing makeup and medicine and was a little worried .

(Makeup supplies ……… is somehow ok, depending on things . But medicine . . . . . . … it is dangerous to have brought this here is not it?) - Ruri thinks .

Then she took out her smartphone and immediately dropped her shoulders discouragingly .

“Say . It doesn’t have any charge . . . . . . . . . haha” - Ruri

Her pocket watch was a screw type, so there is no problem, but a smartphone cannot keep its charge for so many years .
There is no way to charge phones in this world without electricity .
With her dead smartphone in one hand, Ruri sighs and gives up .

. . . . . . . . . Ruri thought, but one of the faeries that had been with her the longest called out to Ruri .

"Ruri . I am able to charge your phone,” - Faerie

"Yeah yeah, thanks but . . . The feeling is enough . ” - Ruri

"I really can charge it” - Faerie

Ruri did not believe the faeries words, but the faerie put its hands on the smartphone without question .
With a little smile, it said “I got it", and Ruri tries turning her phone on still doubting .
The phone had all its power, and Ruri’s eyes widened .

“It worked! How?!” - Ruri

"Ehehe . 'Cause I am a faerie of thunder .
I have been able to practice a lot . Praise me!” - Faerie

The faerie puts his hands on his waist and brags .
Ruri decides to praise it, but the surprise hadn’t left yet .

"Practicing, but there are no appliances in this world to practice on?” - Ruri

"Because I was am a faerie of the world where Ruri was originally, I know both mobile phones and PCs . ” - Faerie

"What do you mean!?” - Ruri

This fact is a shock . Moreover, it was not only that faerie of thunder but a lot of faeries had been by Ruri’s side for a long time, since she was able to see faeries, and they raised their hands one after another .

"We were all around Ruri, and we were brought together with Ruri when you were summoned . ” - Faerie

“Right~” - A faerie

“Right~” - A diffrent faerie

“Ehh! Always?” - Ruri

"Yes, all the time” - Faerie

"Since you where born” - Faerie

Ruri is speechless, and she stares at the faeries stunned .
She was shocked when she heard they where with her since she was born, Joshua raises a question from beside her .

"If you where together with Ruri when she was summoned, you could have helped to stop Ruri coming here?” - Joshua

Ruri looked at the faeries startled .

"Well, Ricia said that Ruri's education should not be disturbed . We where only allowed to help when Ruri's life is in danger .
We cannot prevent the danger if we cant see it coming . ” - Faerie

“Ricia?" - Joshua

As Joshua looked at Ruri, she held her face in her hands and uttered .

"………my mom” - Ruri

The prediction that her mother can see the faeries was defined .
However, It wasn’t as big of a shock because Ruri had predicted it to some extent .

"Why didn't you tell me till now?” - Ruri

"Because Ruri didn't want to talk to us about the other world . It's painful to remember . ” - Faerie

“Right~" - Faerie

Is that something Ruri wanted? Ruri couldn’t go home, so the faeries didn’t talk about it - afraid of being told off .
If she had listened to the faeries without ignoring them forever, she may have got in touch with her mother sooner ……… .

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Ruri could see the faeries now, and the faeries are nice to her . If it is Ruri’s wish they will try to grant it as best they can .

Surely her mother saw Asahi, who was surrounded by people tending to her, and she worried for Ruri’s future, and told the spirits not to spoil her .
Asahi was spoiled by attention and grew up in a situation where all her wishes where granted, and she has grown up to be stubborn and unruly .
Ruri appreciates her mother .

Her mother would never have thought that Ruri would be summoned .
Therefore, the spirits who judged that there was no danger to her life did not help Ruri, and where summoned together with her .

. . . . . . . . . . . . They have bad luck . The faeries who had the power to evade being summoned have all come over to this side, it is bad luck after all .

“I don’t know anything, but go for it” - Joshua

Joshua comforted Ruri while she is depressed, and she put the bag she checked into her dimensional space .
Then Joshua puts the luggage thats to be sent to the Dragon Kingdom into his space, then turns into his dragon form and flies to the sky .

Ruri did not return to her cat form, and she straddles Kotarou's back, and he follows Joshua into the sky .

"Haa . . . it's fluffy . . . I will be healed” - Ruri

"Do not fall” - Kotarou

“Im stuck, so it's okay” - Ruri

Ruri straddling the back of Kotarou clings to him with her upper body and rubs her face on Kotarou’s soft fur .
Joshua's voice from beside them seems amazed .

After they had flown for a  while, Joshua thanked Ruri .

“Oh that was it, Ruri . Thanks . ” - Joshua

“What for?” - Ruri

“You told Rin to help in Finn on the battlefield .
Thanks to her Finn and other soldiers haven’t been injured . ” - Joshua

"Oh, good .
But I did not ask her to do anything . It was Rin who helped Finn .
I didn’t ask Rin, but I would have wanted her to help after learning the horrible things the King and the High Priest have done, I was lucky . ” - Ruri

"Ruri has contracts with the strongest faeries and you do not stand against the Dragon King . The faeries are neutral and do not give favour to either side .
Moreover, because of the Faerie Killing magic, the weaker faeries were not in a situation where they could lend power .
It was definitely thanks to Ruri that we could have help from one of the strongest faeries . ” - Joshua

"I received your thanks, but thank Rin for being a hard worker . ” - Ruri

“Thats of course .
. . . . . . . . . . . . Even so, those guys are really bad . ” - Joshua

Ruri immediately realised that he was talking about the King and the High Priest, and she nodded .

The King did not invade the Dragon Kingdom without thinking, he thought that the Faerie Killing magic would be able to oppose the dragon kin .

If Rin wasn’t there, the Dragon soldiers would have been hit hard, so the King wasn’t reckless .

But, that way of fighting was the worst .

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Many of the soldiers who invaded the Dragon Kingdom were farmers and the aristocrats soldiers .

The King told the aristocrats who had lost their power to send their soldiers to war, and in doing that the aristocrats managed to avoided banishment . The King didn’t tell the soldiers how the stones where made and used however .

And after Asahi's stone had been activated, it caused the others to trigger regularly .
You can imagine what happened to those who had stones .

Asahi’s purpose was to lead the soldiers into the Dragon Kingdom as far as she could .
It was thought that if they could cause damage to the Dragon Kingdom and its soldiers using the explosions, the nobles could abandon their soldiers and rebuild their houses .
Abandoning his son, the Prince and Asahi .

The priests were activating the summoning magic to summon the replacement for the Shrine Maiden who disappears in the war .
It seems that this was the reason that it was necessary for the intelligence worker to rearrange the attack on the castle .

However, with Ruri who can control the strongest faeries against them, their plan collapsed .
For the Kings and High Priest, there would be no more retaliation .

They return to the castle and land on a large terrace .
There was the large bird cages containing the King and Priests, and there were many soldiers .
The soldiers carried the cages where waiting for the new soldiers to take over, who seemed to be busy cleaning the cages, but the moment they saw Ruri, their eyes couldn’t leave her .

If you had to describe their expression, it would be ‘who?’ 
To them, when the soldiers who came back from Nadarsia they heard the story from them, but they saw Ruri as if they where surprised .

“I feel like a rare animal” - Ruri

“A Cherished one is rarer than a rare animal” - Joshua

Beside them, stood the Holy Beast from the Spirit Kingdom, it was even more shocking .

"Hey, is his Majesty in the Office?” - Joshua

Joshua calls out to the soldiers who are nearby .

"No, they are talking to that Shrine Maiden in the sixth sector . ” - Soldier

The sixth sector is located under the military training grounds and is a district that monitors criminals and those who have sinned .
As Joshua heads there, Ruri decides to follow him .

“Ruri you are coming to see Asahi? I thought you didn’t want to see her?” - Joshua

"Yes, but I want to know as soon as possible what the situation is after the war .
So, I wonder if I could hide myself until they have finished telling Asahi everything?” - Ruri

"If so, you could stay in the next room? I will call you when the talking ends . ” - Joshua

“Please do, thank you” - Ruri


The summoned men and women, including Asahi, were brought to a room in the sixth sector .

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Other than Asahi, it seems that everyone was quiet and frightened of the situation, they where uneasy about their future 

In front of them, was Jade with a stern expression his main aides; Euclase, Finn, Klaus and Agette .

Jade had a headache .

Although he have heard about Asahi from Ruri and Joshua, he wanted to listen to Asahi's story, and he set up a place so they could talk, but he kept being asked, "Where is Ruri?”  "Please return Ruri-chan," and Asahi’s story has not progressed at all .

Jade wanted to talk to Asahi about what had happened in the castle with Joshua, but she didn’t trust him and still thought she hadn’t been deceived, thinking that Ruri had been kidnapped not exiled .

It seems that Nadarsia had treated them well, and Jade could  understand them feeling like they do not want to believe it, but  them not knowing the truth would be cruel .

The four other people who where summoned seemed to be a doubting Nadarsia, but Asahi wasn’t shaken .

Asahi’s reaction proved that she thought that there was no one who would do something against her .

Her reaction would be the same for anyone, without listening to the story she wants her wish to see Ruri fulfilled, her attitude is not natural .

It is unavoidable that Jades expression gradually becomes stern .
His aides where also feeling similar even if it did not appear on their faces .

" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Are you OK, your Majesty?"

"I agree with you . No more nonsense .
Since your anger against us is still there, why don’t you ask the others you where summoned with for the story when your fascination over Ruri has expired?” - Euclase

Euclase advised, Klaus agrees .

"Yes, Finn take them away . ” - Jade

Jade judges that he cannot take any more and looks toward Finn .
Finn responded instantly with a look of relief that they where to be liberated of Asahi, he approaches her . But . . . .

"Wait, Ruri-chan?!” - Asahi

"You do not believe our story .
Dragon kind are a villain to you . I don’t know why you would think a villain would grant your wishes . ” - Euclase

Euclase says sarcastically, Asahi is shocked and then turns on him in anger .

"Then admit that you kidnapped her!” - Asahi

A deep sigh leaks from both the King and his aides .

"I understand why Ruri would not want to see you . ” - Euclase

Euclase shakes his head with his head in his hands .

"Ruri does not want to see me? Ruri and me are best friends .
Not seeing her is evidence that you kidnapped Ruri-chan!
You are confining her somewhere!” - Asahi

At that time, the door of the room is opened with intense sound .
Everyone in the room has there attention taken from Asahi and their eyes are draw to the door . There was Ruri with a face full of anger .

"Then I’ll explain it to you, you stupid girl!” - Ruri

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