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Chapter 60

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While Mu WuShang was in deep cultivation state Mu Peng protecting him as guardian ,In another area a Old man with black spots on his face with half of his head is bald and his state is as ugly as it could be is rushing through the trees making his way towards the tribe ,Just like ape he is jumping one tree to another using their branches as stepping stones to move forward in an fast manner ,his movement was exquisite .

Without any info about what has happened to Mu WuShang ,Ren is worried and ran towards his father and Tribe Leader and asked " Uncle ,Dad what happened to Mu WuShang , Why are you retreating from the mountain and Who is the one infront of the cave "

" hahahah Ren don't worry Mu WuShang has met with fortune and he is in deep cultivation state and the one standing infront of the cave is his Uncle Mu Peng, he is the one who eliminated that Evil cultivator and saved us from him " said Ken with happiness .

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Listening to the words of his Father Ren sighed and said " When WuShang said that he is going to solve the Cave Master problem and get rid of him i got worried about his safety ,now he is fine and in good hands so i can be relieved "

While Ren his dad and Tribe Leader was discussing and chatting normally suddenly from the trees beside them shook and a blurry figure appeared and grabbed Ren and escaped in the same path .

All of it happened in a fraction of seconds ,both Ken and Tribe Leader was in shock of what is happened infront of them and they just got stunned and were unable to respond and the only thing they heard was " Brats Iam borrowing this kid for a moment and return him when the work is done "

After they got out of the shock both Ken and Tribe Leader looked at each other and said one world simultaneously " Head Priest "

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After contemplating some time Tribe Leader said " Lets follow them , I want to catch that old man who disappeared for so long leaving us in trouble and when all is fine he suddenly appears and took away Ren "like that both of them started to follow Old Man with their fastest speed .

The instant the Old Man captured Ren he used a trick to make him unconscious to avoid resisting and he didn't moved at high speed he moved as if he wanted to leave some clues to make them follow him ,as he needed them for something .

Like that the chasing continued both of the parties went deeper and deeper into the forest and no demon beast is blocking them as if the old man is escaping in a safe route where no demon beasts are present and they taken so many turns and reached a small mountain , one could say that it is has as much height as a hill and there is deep cut slashed the mountain forming a crevice one could not see how much deep is it .

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Standing infront of the small mountain the old man is waited for some time as if he is waiting for someone to arrive as he heard the bushes and trees move and two figures appeared . He looked at them and just leaped into the crevice saying " follow me "

Both Ken and Tribe Leader didn't know what to do they wanted to question him but that dirty old didn't give them a chance to say a word . They unwillingly followed him into the crevice ,they gone deep down in such darkness nothing but following old man foot sounds and his signals from time to time .

The wind is blowing at their face , chilling wind and temperature is getting cold and colder and white light is shining from down ,one would never believe them if anyone told them a white light is coming from this darkness underground . Like that they ventured following the old man deep underground about 3000 meters and finally old man stopped and called out for Tribe Elder signalling them to follow him into the cave .

The cave is over with white light and there are drawings of animals and humans hunting the beasts and some humans following a wolf and later they became his pack and the wolf is radiating with spirituality and like that the humans served the wolf and at the end it gifted them with its blood and turned them into half human and half wolf and they reigned in any battle they fought and win over them . Atlast the wolf ascended into heavens leaving them it is what etched on the walls of the cave .

Both Ken and Tribe Elder was shocked to see it and they didn't follow old man anymore but tried to understand what the pictures etched on the walls and the reason behind the old man bought them here . After some time both of them realized they weren't following old man and remembered about Ren and started chasing deep into the cave .

Like that after travelling for about a hour they finally arrived at the end and saw that Ren was still unconscious and the old man was sitting beside him and started a fire and roasting a meat of a demon beast .

While they wanted to shout at him he just pointed a finger in forward manner and they stunned at what they saw a huge skull and infront of it a pond with silver water .