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Heavenly Castle - Volume 1 - Chapter 1

Published at 8th of April 2019 02:05:07 PM

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – An invincible castle flying in the sky is a man’s dream

Translator: “Drey”

Chapter 1 An invincible castle flying in the sky is a man’s dream

「I want a castle . 」


To my words, the girl before my eyes tilted her beautiful face diagonally .

She’s a blonde hair girl cladded in white dress . Her limbs are long and her fingers are slender and pretty . It is a mysterious beauty worthy to be compared to fairies .

And, the eyes of the girl who is like a fairy were golden .

The girl is in confusion, however she looks hard at my face intriguingly .

「Interesting, it is the first time that a human said he wanted a castle . Although, there was also some miserable wish, for example when someone requested to drink a warm soup…… . 」

She said so, and I laugh boldly .

「Of course, it is not an ordinary castle . Heavenly Castle…… Right! It is a Heavenly Castle that flies freely through the sky! Furthermore, when you say Heavenly Castle, in the movie I saw… . 」

「Ah, yes, I understand . It must mean, there are defense facilities, there are strange operation rooms, there are also golem-like guard… . 」

「That’s it, that’s it . Ah, but the destruction magic word is not necessary . I won’t be able to laugh if the castle were to collapse by mistake in my sleep-talk state . 」

When I say so while laughing, the girl pondered through my words while nodding several times .

「Uh-huh uh-huh… then, should I also do an extra service like supplying your necessary things for your daily life? Are you okay with that? I am sorry, but you have only one wish okay, that’s why…」

Asking in order to make a confirmation, I consents deeply . Looking at me without hesitation, the girl opened her mouth with a bitter smile .

「You are an interesting person, aren’t you . Normally, people I encountered wished for an eternal life or money enough to lasts for a lifetime, there are many things in that direction, you know . 亅

「Eh? Is there someone else who went through something like this before?」

When I reflexively asks that to the few words of the girl, the girl looked away and gave a dry laugh .

「Ha, haha… . no, well, that…… Maybe about one person in several hundred years, would experience something like this too by mistake…」

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「Oh, such is life, isn’t it?」

When I answer so, the girl hangs her head in shame with teary eyes .

「But, since there are more than ten worlds under my management, it’s about one person in a few decades if you were to look at it overall… thanks to that I got used in concealing my mistakes like this when it happens, you know…… haha, in order not to become a fallen angel…」

While muttering such disturbing things, the girl looked towards the sky, entwined her fingers in front of her chest .

I also found out earlier that this girl seemed to be a ‘Middle Rank Angel’ .

Oyaoya, although no matter how much I think, there is a clear memory that I seem to have died .

In addition, this is a space where there is nothing but pure white . Both sound and wind is nonexistent . I can hear only the moving sounds and voice of myself and the girl .

No matter how hard I think, this can’t be a reality, so I think this is really heaven, something similar, or at least a lucid dream .

When I try listening to the story of the girl calmly, she said that somehow she made a mistake and let me die .

I was mad at first, but then she said that I can’t be revived even if I got angry . Furthermore, if I just go to the world of afterlife as it is, the girl’s mistake will be discovered .

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Therefore, it appears that she’s sending off my soul to a different world and want me to live to my liking there .

No no, won’t the Balance of Records becomes incorrect in the side of another world if I go there?

When I asks that, I was told that she will also adjust the Balance of Records over there with a very complicated expression .

Surely, a lie will just invokes another lie . It’s only my prediction, but this girl would probably go to hell if her lies are exposed to God in the near future .

Looking at the girl’s troubled face while I’m thinking such things, she turned her face towards me .

「…… It can’t be helped even if I’m worrying, huh . Well then, I will prepare the best castle I can think of, so I hope you enjoy your new world . Ah, also when you fulfilled your natural life span over there, it will be confidential to God… . I think there is no chance for you to meet him, but just to be sure do you understand this condition?」

「I understand, I really do」

「…… you are too carefree」

The girl who muttered so with an anxious expression, raised her arm and pointed it at me .

The feeling of the ground under my feet disappeared, my body is floating lightly and it feels uncomfortable .

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Uwa, I’m not really good with such thing as an airplane, though……

Such contradictory thoughts came inside my mind .

Immediately afterwards, my body rises to the surface with ‘hyuuh’ as if being pulled up by a string .

「Well then, Shiihara Daiki-san, live well and……」

The voice of the careless Angel is getting far away, looking down, the girl is smaller than a bean grain inside of the pure white space .

By the time I noticed it, the feeling of gravity which I felt until now fades away, replaced by a sense of floating underwater .

This is a terrible dream if it is actually a dream .

But, if I really go to a different world, I’m pretty excited .

I would also like to see if there is such thing as dragon .

I closed my eyes while holding that thoughts in my head .

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