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Heavenly Castle - Volume 1 - Chapter 28

Published at 27th of May 2019 06:25:15 PM

Chapter 28

Translator: Drey         Editor: Sherminator

【Imperial Army】

The young soldier who advanced while hiding behind the golem, grasped the handle of his spear tightly and raised his head.

He looked at the towering castle walls and gritted his teeth.


Hearing a voice suddenly, the young man looked behind and gasped.

「Your getting too stiff. Those who can’t move well will die immediately.」

When a man in his early 20’s who was wearing a worn out iron armor said that, the young man opened his mouth with a frown.

「Please don’t lump me in with mercenaries like you. I, we were invaded by the Empire and forced to become soldiers. In addition, all of us have to fight in the front at most, so we will surely die.」

When the young man said that with a pale face, the man sighed greatly and pointed at the front.

「This time, no matter how you look at it, it’s our victory. Look, that flawless golem. That one new golem is equal to three golems.」

When the man said that, the young man raised his head while knitting his brows. Seeing his appearance, the man sighed again and shook his head from side to side.

「Most countries are making golems, but they can’t prepare a new golem every battle like the Empire. That’s their difference in power. If you only think about how to survive desperately and last for three days, they will probably surrender. You may even take the King’s head as a souvenir.」

Hearing the man say that while laughing, the young man became relieved and looked at the golem.

At that time, someone raised a voice behind them.

「O, oi……」

A commotion was occurring and when the young man surveyed the surrounding, the people were looking up. When the young man shifted his eyes above, something black was obstructing his sight.

That something black had a shape similar to a big person.

「…… Eh?」

When the young man let out a flat voice, screams and shouts began to resound in the surroundings.

While the uproar was growing, the young man hurriedly lifted up his spear and looked up at that black something.

「It, it’s the enemy’s golems!」

Someone shouted.

Immediately after that, countless spears are pushed out simultaneously while preparing their skills. They pushed their spears into the bodies, heads, and limbs of the mysterious golems.

And, the tips and wooden handles broke as they hit the mysterious golem.

「Th, there’s not even a wound!? It doesn’t even have any armor!」

「Where’s the magicians!?」

「This is bad! There still in the back!」

Even though they were confused by the sudden appearance of the mysterious golem, the soldiers managed to cope with it somehow.

Meanwhile, the Empire’s golems turned around to the newly appeared mysterious golem, they set up each of their weapons and attacked. As expected, it has a powerful movement like a giant that matched its body.

Facing towards that Empire’s golems, the mysterious golem started to walk calmly.

The moment when the mysterious golem and the giant golems collided, the mysterious golem’s arm became blurry and the head of one of the Empire’s golems was blown away.

The Imperial soldiers stiffened at that scene.

The sound of cutting through the wind and the sharp sound of metal being cut resounded, and the golem who lost its head split into two.

Unlike the soldiers who became unable to move, the other golems faced the mysterious golem without slowing down their movements even though they lost their comrade.

However, one lost its arm, one lost its leg and the last one had a hole in its chest.

And, in the blink of an eye, the bodies of the four golems scattered on the ground.

When the young man looked around as if asking for help, the strongest golems, which the Imperial Army were proud of, had already been defeated.

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Instead, the mysterious golems are lined up in rows and facing them.

「…… U, UWAAAAA!?」

When the young man turned towards the soldier who screamed, everyone started to run in order to escape from the mysterious golems.

「Wh, what happened….!? Those…… those golems that came down from the sky are……!?」

On the hill far behind the army that attacked the Royal Capital, Violette said that as if groaning.

Even from a distance, it can be seen that the Imperial Army’s front line is collapsing and Violette gritted her teeth.

Flames due to magic rises in several places, but the soldiers were scattered and fleeing in every direction without minding the collapse of their formation.

「…… Our army’s golems seem to be quite ineffective. And, the infantries, who are supposed to risk their lives and hold their ground, have lost their will to fight and are fleeing.」

When a cavalryman informed that, Violette stood up from her chair and narrowed her eyes.

「What are the commanders doing…..!? Although there’s only several soldiers gathered there, aren’t they too incompetent!? Don’t tell me, something happened to the commanders……?」

When Violette muttered that, the cavalryman shook his head hesitatingly.

「No, I counted the battle flags, but the commanders seem to be safe.」

Hearing that words, Violette’s face distorted in anger.

「Even if they know that they will be punished if they withdraw, they still run away…… Did they feel a greater fear than our Empire? Just what is that, that golem……!」

「I think they need reinforcements from us now……」

「…… It’s frustrating that we need to secure our superiority with advantage in number, but let’s attack in a cone battle formation from the west. The heavy infantry in the center, the cavalry on both sides and they will charge in that form. The moment when the heavy infantry which taking the lead collides with that golem, the cavalry will split to the left and right, and immobilize the other golems. Our objective is to destroy the golem, which the heavy infantry collided with, intensely with magic.」

Violette gave instructions while looking at the surrounding cavalry and looked at her back. The surrounding soldiers also shifted their eyes in awe to the big golem that walked in order to follow the carriage.

「If it is one-on-one, my golem will be stronger. If it is difficult to stop even with a heavy infantry unit, I will personally fight it with my golem.」

The moment when she said that, a black shadow descended from the sky.

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That dark shadow landed in front of Violette with a rumble.

Seeing its smooth appearance and slender body, Violette trembled.

「Go, golem……? I, I haven’t seen this kind of……」

「Ge, General! Please get away!」

Violette heard a voice from the surroundings and she raised her face in surprise.

「Do, do you want to make fun of us, by attacking our stronghold with a single golem!?」

When she said that and raised her hand, the golem behind the carriage moved at speeds not suitable with for its huge build and drew near to the mysterious golem.

Lightly raising overhead its huge double-edged sword, Violette’s golem showed a slash with a smooth movement similar to a human.

However, even though a fierce sound of metal hitting each other resounded, the mysterious golem was standing still as if nothing happened.

After a few seconds, a sound of a huge double-edged sword piercing the ground resounds.

On the hilt of the double-edged sword that pierced through the ground right beside the carriage, the arm of Violette’s golem was left gripping it lying limply.

「That, that’s impossible…..」

In front of Violette who said that and turned around, the golem, which was the pride of Violette, was divided into three and destroyed.


「Re, retreat! Lead the general and retreat!」

While Violette was stunned, the surrounding soldiers threw themselves to the mysterious golem while raising their voices.

However, both their spears and swords were destroyed by the golem’s hands, and even the elites of the Imperial Army have staggered.

During that situation, the golem moved its head slowly as if looking around the surroundings and naturally floats up to the sky despite its large build.

「Wa, wait! Wh, who’s the magician who made you!? Which country do you belong!?」

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Violette tried to chase it while shouting, but the golem didn’t look back anymore and flew to the sky while slowly increasing its speed.

【Royal Capital】

Seeing the overwhelming power of the golems that descended from the sky, the soldiers, who were at the top of castle wall, raised their shocked voices.

「Wh, what, are those golems……!?」

「The Imperial Army is driven out in no time…..」

While hearing the soldiers’ voices, Dukel groans.

「… If those golems attack us, then this Royal Capital would be…… No, any city would be instantly taken. Is it an enemy, or an ally……?」

「Ge, General Dukel! Wh, what are we going to do!? Against that golem, our chances of victory are……!」

When a man in white robes said that with his face turning pale, Dukel looked up at the sky and sighed.

「There’s nothing we can do…… Even thinking about winning or losing is foolishness.」

When Dukel said that and folded his arms while glaring at the sky, the man in white robes raised his face and gasped.

Seeing the figures of golems which were looking down at the Royal Capital from the sky, the man’s knees lost strength and knelt down.

Glancing at the surrounding soldiers who became frightened, Dukel let out a loud voice.

「…… We have no intention to oppose you! Could you send an envoy? I want to talk.」

When Dukel said that, the man in white robes raised an objection despite his teeth is chattering.

「We, we, we should ask first, to His Majesty……」

Hearing the man’s words, Dukel snorted and said.

「Is there anyone here who would like to become the envoy? If no one will step up, I will personally go as the envoy. Though, to be honest, I would like to meet the magicians who made this kind of golems.」

In front of Dukel who laughs while saying that, one of the golems landed.

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