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Heavenly Castle - Volume 1 - Chapter 4

Published at 8th of April 2019 02:05:08 PM

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The end of the day

Translator: “Drey”

I look around inside the castle afterwards and found out that the second floor is lined up with rooms similar to a high-class hotel . By the way, there was a facility similar to a restaurant on that floor somewhere mid-way .

I was wondering if the meal will come out automatically, but it seems that there is no function like that . But it’s fine because I can cook for myself .

By the way, the third floor is where those innumerable robots are stationed . The dim floor became brighter when I get off from the elevator, the metallic robots which lined up orderly in large quantity was looking ahead while standing up calmly without making a move .

There was a mysterious room full of things I don’t understand in the innermost area and there was also a place similar to a room for medical use . In the medical room, I saw some medicinal herbs that I spotted earlier on the fields, I decide to take some with me just in case .

The fourth floor looks similar to a spacious dance hall . The vertical windows that surround the area are so clear to the point that I wonder if there are any windows at all . There is also a beautiful ornament added on the rim .

The room has a step in between the circular stage and floor, elaborate decorations are set on the ceiling, it is a luxurious room .

There’s also a bar counter and piano installed, but it doesn’t look like they have been used much .

And, I’m now at the tower which I felt curious about the moment I saw it from outside the castle . I found out that the tower can be reached from the first floor .

As I am walking, I see spacious rooms on the left and right doors on the floor, and there was another elevator in the innermost area .

When I get in the elevator, it only has one button and when I press it, I was sent to the highest floor .

I got off the elevator and climbed the spiral stairway, and there was a room similar to an observatory . The windows are lined up in equal intervals on the wall and stone floor . When I walk upstairs even more, it seems to be a small room but there’s no furniture in sight .

All the towers seem to be of similar layout .

I toured all around and went back to the operation room on the fifth floor, and inspected the fifth floor once again .

The fourth floor was a little narrower than the other floors, but the fifth floor seems to be even smaller than that .

However, I can go out to the other side of the wall where the screen is and there was a balcony that encircles around the outer circumference of the castle .

I go outside and when I gaze at the sky while being exposed in the night wind, a starry sky I have never seen before spread the entirety of my sight .

「Uooh …… . 」

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It’s a starry sky that spreads out in all direction, which also looks like a planetarium . I can also casually find a shooting star .

I think this is because there are a few lights within the surrounding . Neither the garden, the houses nor poolside has lights . Although the inside of the castle is bright, it seems that there is not much effect since the only lights leaking out to the outside is from the windows of the first, second floor and the fourth floor .

I enjoyed the castle exploration and returned to the operation room, and idly looked around inside .

Then, on the back side of the elevator, I noticed that there is a narrow spiral stairway as if lining up with the elevator . It’s a simple stairway with an iron plate where I can step my foot into and one long handrail that is as high as my waist . If I look at it from a distance, I can only see it as an object of artwork .

「Above this, is it the rooftop?」

A roof above of the Heavenly castle seems like a terrifying place to be .

But, I still climb the spiral stairway while feeling excited . The ceiling has a hole in the shape of the spiral stairway until I arrived in a pitch dark room .

「Is this the attic?」

When I finished climbing the spiral stairway, the lights also lit up automatically .

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And, what appeared inside was my room . It is the one-room apartment when I was living alone .

No, I wonder if it has become a little wider? My room which was 12 tatami mats, has probably become about 15 or 16 tatami mats .

「O, ooh……! What a nice touch!」

I reflexively raised a cheer .

Big bookshelves lined up on the wall, things such as mangas, light novels, game software, and movie DVDs gathered from the time of my student life were lined up .

And, a single size bed and 32-inch high definition television . The game console that became popular from olden days which have two, three or four plastic stations that can be played with friends are lined up .

There is a laptop on the table, a thermos flask and microwave oven on the small cupboard .

There are also a small refrigerator and a rice cooker of 60 liters, the kitchen is also installed, but for some reason, only the washing machine can’t be found .


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I thought that maybe the door close to the entrance of my room is the entrance to the bathroom and the toilet, I confirm it just in case, but the size has changed a bit in this place as well .

The bathtub which I had to bend a little my knees to get in has expanded about twice the size and the toilet has also became a new type of fully equipped washlet from a simple western style toilet .

「…… Thank you very much, Angel-sama」

I speak a word of gratitude from the bottom of my heart and decided to take a bath .

Moreover, it is installed with a water heater that was not there before . Just by twisting the faucet, hot water with just the right temperature came out .

This is a revolution .

After my bath, both my mind and body became warmer, I lie down on the familiar bed and close my eyes .

It was quite different from my expectation, but this is so wonderful, this is a castle life .

Good night .

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