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Heavenly Castle - Volume 2 - Chapter 37

Published at 24th of June 2019 03:11:56 PM

Chapter 37

Translator: Pink Tea      Editor: Ryunakama

I want to talk with a person from the Imperial Country of Fleida .

With such simple thoughts, I was about to dispatch a group of A1 to the ground, but Ayla stopped me .

「If you suddenly use the golems to break into the fortress, which serves as the base of defense, and then kidnap someone resembling a military official… It would probably fuel hostility and fear even more . 」

Saying that Ayla apologized「It was rude of me to speak beyond my expertise」but I agreed that what she said was certainly correct .

Indeed, the sight of a UFO abduction will become a cause of fears . Furthermore, were a UFO to attempt establishing contact on behalf of a nation, it is bound to raise suspicions .

Thinking about it once again, I voice an idea that suddenly occurred to me .

「Then, let’s secretly have someone, who is familiar with Imperial Country of Fleida, come out?」

To these words, Ayla cutely tilted her head to the side .


I heard that the black object came down from the sky today as well .

I rode on a horse while trying to calm down my racing heart by breathing deeply . Since I prepared from early in the morning, I, as always, was the first one to arrive at the scene .

Recently, soldiers lost their wariness towards that black object and appeared on the spot quite slowly .

Personally, I cannot comprehend how one can have no interest in something so unusual, but if it meant that I can observe it by myself that it’s all the more convenient .

I bring my face close to the black object floating in the sky and analyze it .

「It made of metal after all . However, it’s different from iron or black iron . And it’s not mithril as well… The wings are also strange . Round, wings moving at high speed… Since they form a round shape with their movements, it means that the shape of the wings…」

As I was wrecking my head groaning, I spot a horse carriage flying at an incredible speed .

「…Those airheaded siblings . 」

I murmur such words, but there is no one to stop those two . And before long, the carriage transporting the two of them arrived here .

「Ooh! It’s flying today as well!」

「You are right, Yanual-niisama . Do you want to fly too?」

「No, today I want to observe it carefully, so it’s fine this way . 」

As they were having such a strange conversation while looking up this way, they exclaimed in weird voices .

「Hmm? What is that!」

「Something seems to be fluttering . 」


Hearing those simple words I frown and look at the black object from below .

There, something like a small paper package is swaying on a string attached to the black object .

「This is…?!」

Involuntarily, a loud voice came out . Isn’t this a proof that this object is indeed an artificial object created by someone?

And it seems deliberately tied to it .

It’s a great find .

Unable to contain myself, I snatched that paper package . I was well aware of the boundaries of that mysterious barrier, so there is no problem .

The string was tied in a beautiful knot and it easily came undone when I pulled on it .

「Ditzen! Bring it over here!」

I heard something from below, but I pretend not to hear it .

「Ditzen-sama, what is that?」

I can’t hear, I can’t hear .

A frighteningly clean paper package without a single stain . It’s smooth to the touch, without any rough parts . It’s understandable from this paper alone that this person has far more advanced technology .

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Without restraining my excitement, I immediately tried to open the paper package .

The package contained a sheet of paper of similar size . With a tint that suggested the use of ink, the following characters were written on it .

『Tomorrow morning I would like you to come in a small number to the coast southeast from the eastern fortress . 』

The moment I saw that letter, I screamed while tightly grasping the paper .

「I’m coming!」

It was a scream that came directly from the soul .


「Oh, Ditzen-sama is coming…?」

I hear idiotic voices coming from below, but I ignore them .

Most likely I will have no regrets even if I won’t be able to return to these lands .

If I’m able to talk with the person who made this black object . If I can touch even a fragment of that technology .

I am prepared to bet my life .


Ditzen, who somehow finished preparations by forcefully loading research material onto the cart, walked through the town before the sun is even up .

Looking around and confirming that no one was around, Ditzen quietly followed along the edge of the street . Giving money to the gatekeeper, he secretly escaped the city and went straight for the southeastern sea .

Two figures were following behind his back .

「…Kukuku, that Ditzen . He chose such a time so we won’t find out . 」

「I’m sleepy, Yanual-niisama . 」

「Yuri, do not speak my name . It might ruin our disguise!」

「Oh, Yanual-niisama . Are you not calling me by my name?」

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「Oh, shoot . Now, let’s leave the city before we get discovered . 」

While having such a conversation, the two waved their hands to the frightened gatekeeper and left the town .

The gatekeepers and peddlers were saying something behind them, but the two weren’t aware of that .

「Now, Ditzen, where did you go . 」

「There is only a sea in this direction . Could it be that Ditzen-sama is in love with a mermaid…」

「Then instead of money let’s give him a ship as a congratulatory gift . 」

「Oh, how marvelous . As expected from Yanual-niisama . 」

Dressed in robes with stunning embroidery that made passers-bys do a double-take at them, the two walk towards the southeast with a somewhat jolly laugh .

Arriving at the southeast coast a short while before them, Ditzen looks into the sky, narrowing his eyes due to the rising sun .

「…Not yet?」

Fidgeting uneasily, he kept intently looking into the sky .

「…Not yet?」

He muttered that every five minutes, and after waiting for about two hours, Ditzen spotted something in the sky and raised his voice .

「…It came! It came, it came, it came! It really came!」

Two people dress in luxurious robes called out to Ditzen, who was jumping from joy .

「What came?!」

「Good morning, Ditzen-sama . 」


Ditzen turns around with wide eyes and stares and the two, who had their faces concealed by hoods .

「I-Impossible… Airhead siblings were tailing me…?」

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「Whom are you calling airhead here?!」

「Fufufu . The sight of Ditzen-sama jumping with joy was very lovely . 」

Ditzen glared at them but then suddenly raised his head and turned his gaze to the sky once again .

「It wasn’t the time to be concerned with idiots! Finally, a contact…」

Following Ditzen, Yanual also looked upwards and then opened his mouth .

「Muh? It’s different from usual?」

「Say what?」

The silhouette descending from the sky steadily grew bigger and gradually its appearance becomes more and more clear .

「Oh, today it’s a really golem-like golem . 」

「Golem-like golem?!」

Perhaps due to her good eyes, Yuri distinguished that silhouette right away . Hearing those words, Ditzen strains his eyes in astonishment .

「Oh my, there is more than one today?」

「More than one you say?!」

「No, it’s one, isn’t it?」

「Look, they overlap with each other, but there is probably three of them…」

The moment Yuri said so, the black shadow descending from the sky split into three .


「Oh, there really were three of them!」

Mysterious golems descended in front of the surprised trio of Yanuel, the absolutely ecstatic and speechless Ditzen, and the happily smiling Yuri .

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