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Heavenly Castle - Volume 2 - Chapter 39

Published at 26th of June 2019 05:58:41 PM

Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – It seems that, some important people came that I expected.


Translator: Drey         Editor: Ryunakama

「Nice to meet you. I am Taiki.」

「I’m Yanual Fleida. I’m the younger brother of the Imperial Country of Fleida’s Emperor and I’m also the lord of the Eastern Fortress.」

「Nice to meet you, Taiki-sama. I am Yuri Fleida. I am the younger sister of Yanual-niisama, which means I’m also the sister of the Emperor.」

「Ah. And the man who exposed his stupid side earlier is Ditzen. Unfortunately, he’s one of the best practitioners of the Imperial Country of Fleida.」

When Yanual said that while pointing at Ditzen who collapsed on the ground, Ayla smiled wryly.

It was a conversation with the authority of the Imperial Country of Fleida that began from such self-introductions, but I was quite nervous deep down inside. Certainly, I thought that someone like nobles had come, but I didn’t expect they are royalty.

「Thank you for coming along on a long air travel. Once again, welcome to the Heavenly Country. By the way, is Ditzen-san okay? It seems like he lost consciousness……」

「Don’t worry. If you let this guy sleep, he’ll be fine on his own.」

「Is that so? Then let’s take him to the castle at the very least. A1.」

When I called his name, A1, who was waiting diagonally behind me, moves slowly and carried Ditzen who was laying down on the ground. The image of A1 carrying Ditzen, whose eyes are rolled back, in princess carry is surreal.

After watching that scene, Yanual surveys the surroundings. They are in the space between the tree-lined road and the castle above the hill, but Yanual is looking fixedly in the trees and not at the castle.

「The golems are one, two, three, four…… Taiki-dono. How can the practitioners move these golems from a great distance?」

Yanual seems to be doubtful that there is no sign of people in the surroundings. Ayla reflexively looks at me after hearing his words.

Actually, Torraine and the others are lurking in the surroundings, but it seems like he didn’t notice them.

「Yanual-niisama. I can not sense a magic that connects the golem and the practitioner. Maybe, the practitioners went inside the golems one by one?」

「Wha, what did you say!? They’re probably a very thin people! However, if they move the golem in that kind of method……」

Yanual and Yuri becomes struck with admiration on their own for some reason. I don’t know them well, but they don’t seem to be bad people.

「Um, do you usually see that something called magic that moves the golem?」

When I tried to ask Yuri that, she shook her head from side to side.

「No, I am a little special. How do I say that I can faintly sense the magic for some reason…… Is it a feeling like I can sniff out the roasted smell of delicious meat? Do you understand what I mean that I can smell it from here?」

Hearing Yuri who made an indescribable analogy, me and Ayla reflexively look at each other.

「Did you understand it?」

「Ye, yes. I feel like I understand it somehow……」

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I smiled wryly at Ayla who gave a vague reply and look at Yanual.

「Well then, let’s go to the castle for now. Allow me to treat you.」

「Hmm? Is that so? I’m happy about that.」

「A meal above the sky is a first isn’t it, Yanual-niisama.」

The two frankly express their joy without any particular doubt. While feeling a favorable impression for such a pair, I turn towards the castle.

「Come, please this way.」

I said that and invited the important people of the Imperial Country of Fleida to the castle.

While they enter the castle, Yanual’s eyes becomes round.

「O, ooh. It’s very……」

「Oh my, it is spacious! And it is also luxurious to use two golems to open and close the gate, isn’t it?”

“Nuoh!? A golem really opened the gate!?」

Yanual becomes surprised with round eyes and Yuri puts both her hands together happily.

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「There’s still something more interesting, you know.」

When I said that and rode in the elevator, the two make another fuss.

「The door closed by itself!」

「Wow, it opened by itself!」

「Where is this place!?」

「Oh my, the scenery has changed!”

The two reacts with tension like a reaction to performers, when we arrived at the fourth floor, they roam around in the hall as they please before I guide them.

As I look sideways at the two who are enjoying the interior of the luxurious hall and the scenery from the window, I gave instruction to A1 to lay Ditzen on the floor.

Ditzen is put down while looking happy with his eyes rolled back.

While Ayla is setting out glasses of water on the table which is arranged in the center, Yuri noticed it with her eyes wide open.

「Oh my, what a beautiful glass. It has a great degree of clearness, doesn’t it?」

「Ooh, certainly, this is amazing!」

I nod to the two who look at the cup and speak.

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「Shall I give it to you as a souvenir—?」

「I will certainly accept it!」

Yanual gave his answer without waiting for me to finish. I managed to get the two, who are really lively, to sit in their chairs and I sit on the opposite side of the table with Ayla.

At this rate, the talk will not advance at all. Judging that, I decided to bring up the main subject ahead of time.

I speak to two who still keep looking around while seated.

「You will probably understand it if you look at this flying island, but our country has little to do with the other countries. So, we are interested in the Imperial Country of Fleida which is the powerful country in the southwest.」

「In the Imperial Country?」

「Oh my, I am pleased.」

While we are having such conversations, that person woke up.

「…… This, this place is……」

While muttering that, Ditzen raised his upper body.

Then, he saw A1 and his eyes shine. And he scanned the surrounding and noticed me and Ayla.

「O, ooh…..!」

After that, the storm of questions of Ditzen has begun.

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