Heavenly Curse - Chapter 35

Published at 10th of August 2019 09:05:40 PM
Chapter 35

Many days later, the Mountain God Temple at the top of Funiu Mountain had changed completely its interior and exterior . It was almost impossible to recognize the place . However, it could’ve been worse . Initially, Su Chongshan had wanted to destroy everything and build everything again .
However, Mu Yi found that too inconvenient . It was just a place to live after all, and he wasn’t a materialistic person . Of course, he didn’t tell the old man that he was happy with the dilapidated temple .
Even though everything happened naturally, Mu Yi understood Su Chongshan’s goal . Su Chongshan wanted to be close to him . After all, even rich and powerful people needed Taoist priests . Taoist priests could handle things that they couldn’t .
Clan leaders like him were also polite and friendly to people when they needed them .
In the past, the Su Clan didn’t believe in ghosts because they were a family of scholars, and nobody followed Buddhism or Daoism . They only went to temples to burn incense because it was tradition . However, everything had changed now, and Su Chongshan had started believing in the paranormal .
Mu Yi had perfectly understood Su Chongshan’s stance, but he put in effort to convince him because he needed support, financial support .
If he needed to get a normal job to earn money, he would never have the time to cultivate .
Without money, it was impossible to practice cultivation .
Apart from a companion, Mu Yi had everything he needed .
Because he was involved in the Su Clan’s affairs, he couldn’t ignore them anymore if they needed help .
But he didn’t mind helping as long as he wasn’t asked to go against his own beliefs .
He looked at the resources he had and saw that he had enough food to eat for half a month . Conserving food was an important factor . Initially, Su Chongshan wanted to send a servant to him every day to send him good food, but Mu Yi had adamantly refused . Because he was a cultivator, he didn’t want to relax every day .
Su Chongshan had thus decided to send him food every two weeks . Mu Yi could also tell the servant what he needed, and Su Chongshan would send whatever he required .
Behind the temple, there were many bamboo trees because they had put the bamboo forest next to the old Taoist Priest’s tomb . There was also a pavilion that Su Chongshan had made his clan build for Nian Nuer . Mu Yi hadn’t refused .
Mu Yi planted Nian Nuer’s tree behind the forest . In one evening, it returned to its original state .

Nian Nuer liked her new home . At night, she could walk around the mountains and wasn’t worried that people would notice her . She didn’t have to be worried about the sun either .
However, what Nian Nuer loved the most was to watch Mu Yi cultivating . Every evening, Nian Nuer looked at Mu Yi when he was meditating . She liked the atmosphere .
During the day, she would go back to the forest and sleep in her bamboo tree .
She didn’t need to cultivate because she just needed to sleep insider her tree . This was the way she progressed, which impressed Mu Yi .

However, he wasn’t envious because he was determinedly walking on his own path .
These days, Mu Yi cultivated a lot and finally reached the third level of the Heart Stage, understanding himself .
He needed to stabilize his cultivation level now, and after that, he’d start attempting a breakthrough to the second stage .

Time passed, and the first snowflakes appeared . It was very cold at night, and a layer of ice appeared on Funiu Mountain .
Mu Yi was seated in the pavilion, and there was a table with two bowls of pickles and a jar of alcohol on it . Mu Yi was taking the time to enjoy solitary pleasures .
Mu Yi didn’t like drinking alcohol, but when he was in a good mood, he would drink a few glasses . It was cold outside, but because Mu Yi was wearing a cloak and drinking alcohol, he couldn’t feel the cold . Of course, it was also because he had become stronger .
He had been practicing the fighting technique every day, and he felt a warmth in his body, each time . He also sensed that he was becoming stronger with every practice . It wasn’t something one could see from his appearance since he didn’t have huge muscles . Instead, it was something he could sense from the inside .
He didn’t need to go down the mountain, so he never put on his hat . He would always have his hair in a ponytail and was now dressed in a new Taoist robe and a cloak, which the Su Clan had given to him .
During those two months, Su Chongshan hadn’t come to disturb him, just sending someone every two weeks to bring him food . Initially, it was the same servant, but over time, Su Yingying and Su Jinlun would occasionally replace the servant .
Mu Yi was happy to see Jinlun because he had no friends, so when Su Jinlun came, they would always have pleasant conversation and quickly became friends .
Su Chongshan was happy to see that Su Jinlun became friends with Mu Yi, but he also wanted Su Jinlun to learn from Mu Yi . After all, Su Jinlun was a successor of the clan, so Su Chongshan spared no effort to raise him .
Mu Yi understood that, but he didn’t say anything . He was just detached from the prospect .
“Hihi, hihi . ”
Suddenly, Mu Yi heard a sound . A person appeared and jumped onto Mu Yi’s back and put its arms around Mu Yi . They seemed to be very happy .
“Brother, play with me too,” Nian Nuer said .
Nian Nuer had opened up to Mu Yi since they had been living on the mountain . Mu Yi was good to her, and he spent time with her and they would often play games .
Nian Nuer was very cute, and Mu Yi didn’t feel as lonely with her to keep him company . It was as if he had gained a little sister .
“Alright,” Mu Yi said . He put his glass down and walked out of the pavilion . They ran after each other and played at the top of the mountain .
Two days later, when Mu Yi finished practicing his fighting technique, he saw Su Jinlun and frowned . The weather had gotten much worse, but Su Jinlun had still come to pay a visit .