Heavenly Curse - Chapter 92

Published at 10th of August 2019 09:04:41 PM
Chapter 92


Qiu Yuetong wasn’t just a leader for Qiu Zhu . She was like a sister, a member of her family . She wouldn’t let anyone criticize her in front of everyone . She wouldn’t allow anyone to tarnish her reputation .
When she heard Li Hu insult Qiu Yuetong, she lost it and charged at him . Two slender hands grabbed her arm and prevented her from attacking .

“Chief,” said Qiu Zhu .

She didn’t understand why Qiu Yuetong would stop her . Why was Li Hu criticizing her anyway? How could she just accept it? None of what he said could be true .
Qiu Zhu had grown up with Qiu Yuetong . Nobody understood her better than her . Even though the former leader had died suddenly, it couldn’t be Qiu Yuetong’s fault .
“There’s no need . Let people believe what they want to believe,” said Qiu Yuetong indifferently .
“You’re trying to kill me using this excuse? Kill me in one sword strike if you can,” said Li Hu .

He was even angrier now . Qiu Yuetong didn’t react at all to what he was saying . She ignored him completely .
“You can take him . He’s here,” said Qiu Yuetong to Mu Yi .
“Qiu Yuetong, you can’t do this . I’m the second brigand chief . I’m like a brother to you . Your world will collapse if you do this,” said Li Hu .

He finally realized what kind of situation he was in . He knew that Mu Yi was strong . He didn’t want to leave with Mu Yi . He had just been trying to convince Qiu Yuetong to protect him with every word he had said . He wanted to influence her . Qiu Yuetong wasn’t easy to influence though but he wouldn’t know because he had never understood her .
“Alright,” said Mu Yi with a nod .

He had come only to kill Li Hu . Li Hu begged on his knees but Mu Yi just threw an evil spirit slaying charm at him . Lights flashed around Li Hu . Mu Yi had made sure to aim for his head .
There were no miracles to save him . Li Hu’s head exploded into a thousand pieces like it was a watermelon . Blood and pinkish-yellowish pieces of flesh flew into the air . The two people who were next to him were terrified after witnessing it up close . They burst into tears, knelt down, and looked at Qiu Yuetong .

“Chief, please, let us off . We made a mistake . Please . We shouldn’t have escaped,” one of them said .
“That’s right . Chief, please, Li Hu forced us to do it . If we hadn’t followed him, he would have killed us .
“Chief, please, let us off . I beg you . I know where the coins Li Hu stole are .
“I know that Li Hu also gathered more people in the village that were going to betray you . He wanted to cause trouble and create a new group . Those people were supposed to set the fortified village on fire,” the other said .
The crowd burst into an uproar . They would have never thought that Li Hu, who they thought so highly of, was a deserter and betrayer . He would even date to have people set the fortified village on fire . Was he even the Li Hu they knew?

They didn’t doubt the two people’s words at all . They were begging under a lot of distress . How could they lie? It wasn’t the first time the people in the village had experienced people in this type of situation .
“Ingrate, no one should regret his death,” the crowd yelled .
They were all angry at him . They knew why Qiu Yuetong had made him come back with his arms tied behind his back now . He was the kind of person who would bring calamity to the fortified village . He deserved to die .

All of the people who had almost defected a few moments before were embarrassed . However, they blamed it all on Li Hu . It was his fault . If he hadn’t deceived them and tried to make them doubt the chief, they would have never had any doubts about Qiu Yuetong .
“Alright, release them,” said Qiu Yuetong .

She wanted to be fair to the people so she let them off . The two captives started crying even louder .
“You’ve already killed him . So what about you and me?” said Qiu Yuetong to Mu Yi .

The people in the courtyard were shocked, so was Mu Yi .
“What do you want?” said Mu Yi .
“Li Hu made a mistake . You killed him and he deserved it . However, you killed a dozen other people from Little Frost’s fortified village . Shouldn’t you give us something in compensation?” said Qiu Yuetong .
The entire area became tense . Everybody had thought that Qiu Yuetong had handed Li Hu over to smooth everything over . They didn’t think she’d have a request after doing so . They couldn’t help but be worried . However, they were also touched . It seemed that Qiu Yuetong really cared about them .
Qiu Zhu just looked nervous . Her sister was still unconscious . She had thought them turning over Li Hu would be enough to ask Mu Yi to save her . She never thought the brigand chief wouldn’t let Mu Yi off for what had happened .
“What do you want?” asked Mu Yi good-naturedly .
“You and me will fight . If you win, you leave . If I win, you stay,” said Qiu Yuetong coldly .
“Alright,” said Mu Yi .

He didn’t ask what staying here meant . Whether it meant that he would die in Little Frost’s fortified village or it meant that she would make him live there, he didn’t know . He was convinced he was going to win so it didn’t matter .
Qiu Yuetong recently had a breakthrough and was a good martial artist . However, Mu Yi was about to reach the second difficulty on the path of Taoism . He was quite strong and he kept getting stronger . He was very confident .
No matter how strong Qiu Yuetong was, Mu Yi wouldn’t flinch . The battle wasn’t something he could avoid . The entire crowd heard Mu Yi’s response . The people around them moved away to give the two fighters space .
“Please!” said Mu Yi gently .

Qiu Yuetong was holding a sword in her hand . She seemed to disappear because she was moving too fast for them to catch . Mu Yi put on the Ghost King Banner and also seemed to disappear . The sound of metal hitting something resounded in the air and a white light flashed .

Both figures appeared at the same time . Mu Yi stepped back while moving both hands . He was holding two evil spirit slaying charms which he threw . Qiu Yuetong was still holding the sword . She looked like a banished immortal, not human at all .
Evil spirit slaying charms could kill ordinary people instantly . However, against Qiu Yuetong’s sword, they broke apart and the white lights quickly dispersed . Mu Yi had expected the battle to be difficult .
He realized after watching her first move that he had underestimated his opponent . Qiu Yuetong’s sword moved as fluidly as a snake . They weren’t close to each other but Mu Yi felt a chill witnessing it in motion . He couldn’t fight her in close combat so he stepped back to take out the copper lamp .