Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 487

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Chapter 487

Chapter 487 – Qin Zuzong

Acropolis City, Cloud City Hua Manor’s first class mansion!

Liu Wen Jing had just finished her work and hurried back from the Flying Sky Bar . She parked Qin Feng’s cool and dazzling Lamborghini and took the keys back to the villa .

“Elder sister, you’re back . Little Jia has already prepared a sumptuous dinner, quickly wash your hands and eat!” Liu Xiaojia is only 16 years old this year, but she is diligent and capable, the household chores and washing and cooking are not a problem, often evening snacks for her sister to eat .

Liu Wen Jing washed her hands and sat down in the living room with a smile . On the tea table, there was a plate of freshly baked beef pizza .

“Little Jia is really getting stronger and stronger, whoever marries you in the future will truly be blessed for eight lifetimes!” Liu Wen Jing patted Liu Xiaojia’s head, praising her .

Liu Xiaojia was very happy, but her mood suddenly dropped . When she heard her sister say that she was going to marry someone in the future, she unexpectedly thought of Qin Feng first . Liu Xiaojia hadn’t seen Qin Feng for over three months, and when she heard that something had happened to Qin Feng, she was extremely worried .

“Little Jia, what happened to you?” Liu Wen Jing asked while eating the delicious pizza .
“Sis, I miss Big Brother Qin Feng!” Liu Xiaojia didn’t want to hide anything from her sister, so she pouted .

Liu Wen Jing’s heart ached . She put down the pizza and pulled her sister into her embrace . She suddenly laughed: “Little Jia, big sister will tell you some good news!”

“What good news?” Is there any news of Big Brother Qin Feng? ” Liu Xiaojia suddenly became excited .

“Yes… Not only is there news, but your Big Brother Qin Feng has already returned to Acropolis . We even met before, but he said he had something very important to do . After he was done, he came over to our house to play with Little Jia . ”

“Really? Big Brother Qin Feng is fine?” Then Xiao Jia will be relieved… But did he have anything important to do? Is it more important than seeing Little Jia? ” Liu Xiaojia was extremely excited when she found out that Qin Feng was alive and that he had returned safely . However, she quickly started to complain that Qin Feng didn’t pay enough attention to her .

Liu Wen Jing was also speechless at her sister’s worry for loss and gain . She carefully took out two blood-red pills from her pocket .

“Elder sister, what kind of sugar is this? “Is it sweet?” Liu Xiaojia took a Blood vitality Pill and swallowed it .

Liu Wen was immediately stupefied . He looked at his sister in a daze, not knowing what to say . ”Sis, are you dumb?” “Why do you look so senile? Didn’t I just eat a candy from you? Just look at how much money you have . If worst comes to worst, Little Jia will pay you back!” Liu Xiaojia complained to her sister .

The corner of Liu Wen Jing’s mouth twitched . She truthfully said, “Five million!”

“What?” Five million? “Big sister, you even tricked your own little sister, you don’t have to play like this!” Liu Xiaojia was scared silly .

Liu Wen Jing said seriously: “Xiao Jia, this is the Blood Energy Pill your big brother Qin Feng gave us each . He said that as long as we ate it, we would become great experts . ” This pill is very precious . It’s really worth five million per pill .

Hearing Liu Wen Jing’s explanation, Liu Xiao Jia’s expression changed and she said unhappily: “Sis, you actually joined up with Big Brother Qin Feng to trick me . Do you take me to be a child? I wouldn’t believe such a childish lie . ”

Liu Xiaojia clearly didn’t believe it, but Liu Wen Jing believed it because after seeing Long-hair eat the Blood Qi Pill, she followed him .

He looked like a different person . Liu Wen Jing originally wanted to take out the Blood Qi Pills for her sister to see and tell her that Qin Feng actually cared a lot about her . She didn’t think that Liu Xiao Jia would directly swallow the Blood Qi Pills .

“Xiao Jia, you … . “How do you feel?” Liu Wen Jing carefully asked her sister .

“I don’t feel anything . Sis, I’ve already said that I’ve grown up and that I’m already an aunt . Don’t take me for a child, I can get pregnant and give birth now!”

Liu Wen Jing jumped in fright . She immediately patted her sister’s head: “Girl, what nonsense are you spouting? Who are you trying to have children with? See if I slap you to death! ”

“Hehe, I just want to be with big brother Feng, but big sister definitely won’t agree!” Liu Xiaojia snickered . Liu Wen Jing didn’t think much of it . She thought Little Jia was just teasing her on purpose .

After regaining her senses, Liu Wen Jing didn’t dare to delay any longer and hurriedly swallowed the Blood Qi Pill in her hands . She didn’t know what sort of side effects the Blood Qi Pill would have if she swallowed it, but since her sister did, how could Liu Wen Jing not eat it? Either she was safe and sound with her sister, or she died together with her sister!

“Sis, it’s not your style to eat a five million pill like candy . ” Even now, Liu Xiaojia still couldn’t believe it . She looked at her sister with disdain .

Liu Wen Jing didn’t argue with her sister . She focused on feeling the changes in her body .

“Xiao Jia, do you feel a sudden surge of air in your body? It’s so strange running around!” Liu Wen Jing quickly felt the spirit energy in her body . Liu Xiaojia also felt it, but in order to expose her sister’s lie, she stubbornly shook her head: “I don’t feel anything at all . Sis, did you hallucinate?”
“Illusion? But that feeling is very strong, Little Jia, do you really feel it? ”

“No, of course not . ” Liu Xiaojia didn’t even want to bother with this matter any longer . She felt like Big Sis and Big Brother Qin Feng had insulted her intelligence . This sort of small trick was more like fooling a three year old child .

Although Liu Xiaojia refused to admit it, the surge of qi inside her body became more and more intense, so much so that she could barely breathe . Liu Xiaojia was also stubborn, and she had been holding it in, until now, when suddenly, there was a ‘boom’ from her body, as if something had exploded .

“Aiyah… Little Jia, why did you fart so loudly? I don’t know how you did it in advance, but you scared big sister to death . Liu Wen Jing was caught off guard and directly jumped in fright .

Liu Xiaojia was so scared that she cried and fell into Liu Wen Jing’s embrace: “Wuwu! Elder sister, I didn’t fart . Something exploded in my body . Elder sister, what exactly did you give me to eat? Am I going to die! ”

“Ah?” Why would he die? Little Jia, what happened to you? ” It was Liu Wen Jing’s first time consuming a Blood Qi Pill, so she didn’t know that her sister’s normal reaction was to break through . This would scare Liu Wen Jing to death .


Suddenly, an explosion came from Liu Wen Jing’s body, giving the two sisters a fright .
“Sis, your body exploded too? It’s so strange! ” Liu Xiaojia slowly came back to her senses . She realized that her body didn’t feel painful or uncomfortable after exploding . Instead, she felt like she had been suppressing the pleasure out of nowhere for too long .

“Could it be? Could this Blood Qi Pills really make a normal person into an expert? Have we broken through?

“…” After Liu Wen Jing said this, she couldn’t believe it .

Liu Xiaojia suddenly sprinted across the room . Her speed was at least three times faster than before .

“Sis, look! I’m flying away!” Liu Xiaojia shouted excitedly . She felt like she was running with the wind blowing by her ears .

Little Jia, what are you doing? Stop! ”

Liu Wen Jing saw her sister suddenly run in front of the excellent trophy she had obtained . The trophy was made of bronze, so Liu Xiaojia didn’t hesitate to smash it with her fist .


Liu Wen Jing wasn’t able to stop her sister . She threw out the bronze trophy with a punch, which even had a dent in it .


Liu Wen Jing was so scared that her eyeballs popped out . She suddenly dodged and discovered that her speed had also increased a lot . In just a few moves, she had grabbed her little sister .

“Xiao Jia, stop for a while!”

“Sis, let me go first, Little Jia suddenly became superhuman, I’m going out to fight bad people, to protect world peace … …” The pill that Big Brother Qin Feng gave was too amazing . Sis, how long can this pill last for? ” Liu Xiaojia was dancing with joy .


“Wow!” That’s great, Little Jia really became a superwoman! ” Liu Xiaojia’s voice was hoarse with excitement .

The two sisters chased each other around the house for a while . Finally, Liu Xiaojia got tired of playing around and returned to lean on the sofa . Liu Wen Jing finally let out a sigh of relief .

“Sis!” I’m so hot! ” Liu Xiaojia sat for a while, then suddenly tore off her nightgown . The two sisters were wearing nightdresses at home, but there was nothing inside . Liu Xiaojia was completely naked .

“Aiya! You’re really not ashamed . Quickly put on your clothes, don’t catch a cold! ” Liu Wen Jing’s heart jumped when she saw her little sister’s exquisite and small chest . She found out … He actually felt it!?

“Sis, touch my body, it’s not cold at all!” Liu Xiaojia suddenly grabbed her sister’s hand and pressed it against her chest .

“Xiao Jia, you … . What are you doing? ” Liu Wen Jing’s delicate body trembled . Her body felt like it was being electrocuted . A strange idea suddenly popped into her mind: push down her sister!

“Sis, hug Little Jia, Little Jia wants you to touch me!” Liu Xiaojia consumed the Blood vitality Pill first, and the effects of the herb were already fully felt . Her vision was blurry, and she was already in a state where she was half drunk and half awake .

Liu Wen Jing’s eyelids also felt a little tired . Her thoughts blended together, and the reason she was supposed to have slowly disappeared …

Liu Wen Jing gently tore off her clothes and suddenly hugged her little sister . Her mouth uncontrollably stuck to hers, kissing every inch of her little sister’s skin .

“Sis, I want to be with you forever!”

“Xiao Jia, elder sister can’t leave you either, elder sister has to hug you tightly!”

Half an hour later, the medicinal properties of the two sisters had dissipated, and the two girls woke up from their stupor .

Looking at the other party’s naked body, the sofa, messy hair and their ambiguous posture, the two sisters let out a piercing cry .

“AHH!” Little Jia, what are you doing? ”

“Sis, you actually bullied Little Jia!” Wuwu, wuu, if big brother Feng knew about this, even Little Jia would not have the face to live! “

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