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Chapter 4


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Allen attempted at summoning .  

(Alright, let’s see, I can summon a beast or an insect, right?)

Insect and beast were listed on the 2nd page as the creatures which can be summoned .  

(I am indoors so, I guess I will try summoning an insect . )

He had no idea what would be summoned . However, he assumed that at first, he would only be able to summon some low ranked monsters .  

That being said, it would be greatly troublesome if a big wolf or a bear were to be summoned if he chose beast (H) . The summoner class is supposed to be even higher ranked than the demon king . After taking utmost care and being even more careful on top of that, he chose to summon the insect .  

A year had passed since he was reincarnated in this world . This past whole year rushed through his head like a revolving lantern . Memories of sucking his beautiful mother’s breasts . Memories of his mother giving him showers and wiping him . Memories of his mother changing his diaper — all of these revolved in his mind .  

(No good, no good . I had completely switched to idle thoughts mode . Alright, let’s summon! Insect summon!)

Allen hoisted his hand up in the air and thought of summoning an insect in his head, just like how he moved the book .  

However, nothing happened . The child’s room Allen was in remained silent .  

(Hmm? Nothing’s happening . Is it on the floor?)

As there had been no changes whatsoever, he got up and looked around the room . He had already finished dinner . The serfs’ nights were early and it was already starting to get dark .  

If possible, he wanted to finish his inspection now, when it’s dim .  

(Hmm? Was my wording wrong? ‘Summon Insect’) [TL note: said in English]

Seems like nothing is happening still . He changed up his word choice and tried several things .  

“Com porth, inset!”

Thinking that just ‘thinking’ about it won’t do it, he tried saying it out loud, despite his lisping .  

Even then, nothing came out .  

(Ah man, now this is a bummer . What to do?)

He decided on looking at the grimoire once again, thoroughly . Nowadays, if you go to a walkthrough site, they would have walkthroughs even for very detailed games . If you visit an anonymous bulletin board site, you will find threads where the users would answer your question . Generally, no one is troubled when they do not understand something these days .

(Perhaps I can’t summon something if I don’t create it first?)

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It would appear that he built up his first hypothesis about the skill . As he had summon, create and delete, he thought that maybe he could create it .  

(Insect, creation!)


The grimoire shone faintly . It wasn’t the page portion which lit up, it was the front cover . As the room got dimmer, he noticed the dim shine better .  

(Oh? There’s something written!)

[Which rank of insect would you like to create?]

On the cover of the book, a question appeared in silver letters .  

(Which rank… that means this ‘H’ really is the rank, eh? H rank creation!)

And right that moment, something glowing started appearing in front of him . The light settled and a card-like object appeared .  

(Oohh! It’s a card!! There’s a drawing of an insect on it!! This is a locust, isn’t it?)

[1 H rank insect created]

A card about one-fourth the size of the grimoire’s cover was created . It had a nice locust drawing on it and ‘Insect H’ was listed at the top left .  

(locust, eh? It doesn’t seem strong at all . Ah, I see, so the hollow cut-offs at the end of the grimoire is basically a holder for these cards . So, I would normally just make the summonable beasts into cards and store them in the book . )

From the fact that he was able to create a card, he understood most of the things related to summoning .  

(I guess I will continue on this tomorrow . It’s gotten all dark here, after all . )

The dim room had gotten all dark now . As there was nothing to light up, he put away the card in the holder without a choice . He decided on doing the rest tomorrow .  




“Good morning, Allen . ”

Intense light came entering the room . Seems like Theresa completely opened the wooden window .  

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“Good morning, mama . ”

The sun had risen .

(Looks like this world also follows the 24-hour setting . It’s about 8 AM now, eh?)

It seems his parents were also serfs from birth and didn’t receive any education as they seem to have difficulty with units and standards . It would be a bit early to start asking questions being only 1 year old but he noticed that such topics didn’t quite come up in his parents’ conversations . He only found out about the time system recently but he still doesn’t know about the money, weight or distance .  

Pondering all this, he thought to himself, “all those cheat-like situations where the guy gets reincarnated into a noble family and gains all the knowledge from their library seems impossible for me in this situation” .  

The serfs’ mornings were early . Speaking of how early, Allen hadn’t seen his father once in the morning . He probably heads out at about 6 AM or even earlier . Moreover, Allen had heard from one of their conversations that Theresia would be helping out at the field as well while Allen sleeps as he is a bit older now .  

(It would probably be bad summoning here in this narrow house while my mother is present . She comes to check up on me every now and then when I am awake too . I guess I will have to try it out during the afternoon nap time . )

Allen hadn’t said anything about him being from a different world or being a summoner to his parents . He was acting the role of a baby . And he thinks that there’s no need to tell them himself going forward .  

It’s because they might think that he is possessed by some demon or fox .  

While spinning his grimoire continuously, he waited for the opportunity to summon .  



He was breast-fed by Theresia after she finished the household chores . He was quite embarrassed about it at first but he had gotten more or less used to it by now . He feels like a wise man or a sage who doesn’t have any sexual desire .  

“Sleep tight, Allen . ”

“Ok, mama”

(Here it comes! The afternoon nap time . )

He was carried to the kid’s room . And then he was put to sleep on the wooden bed . She also closed the wooden window, leaving Allen alone in a dim room .  

(Alright, she’s gone . Now then, let’s start on from where we left off yesterday . )

He got the grimoire out and had it float in the air . Then, he took out the insect H card from the holder .  

(For now, I guess I will try and see if I can summon without saying it out loud . Summon, insect H!!!)

Thrusting both his hands into the air, he went into full ‘summon mode’ . And just then, light started leaking out of the card . It was a faint light . The card crumbled and disappeared, leaving a locust behind .  

“Ooohh! locust!!”

He said it out loud reflexively . His eyes were glued to the locust which naturally fell down outside the bed’s wooden fences .  

(Hmm, hmm, it’s somewhat big, about 15 cm? I wonder if it’s a migratory locust? It looks like the big-eyed locusts which live in Southeast Asia or Africa . )

He observed the locust . The locust seemed to lack a plan and a course of action as it kept leaping around . Their gazes never aligned either .  

(I summoned it so will it listen to me? Come here, come here . )

In that moment, the locust’s eyes met Allen’s .  

(Oh, did it notice? No matter, come here . )

He tried to guide it towards him by flapping his arms .  

However, the locust looked away and started leaping around without any destination again .  

(Ah, no good, it’s just a normal locust . Not a single bit of intelligence . Is there nothing written about it on the grimoire either? Mm? There’s an extra page . )

As he was successful in summoning for the first time, he went to check if the number of pages increased and to his delight, the 3rd page which wasn’t available was now there .  

(I see, so when I do something new, this page also gets the info on it, eh? Hmm, hmm, this is the locust’s status, eh?)

The locust’s status was listed on the 3rd page .  

[Type] Insect

[Rank] H

[Name] None (please give it a name)

[Strength] 3

[Magical Power] 0

[Offense] 2

[Stamina] 5

[Agility] 5

[Knowledge] 1

[Luck] 2

[Divine protection] Stamina 1, Agility 1

[Special ability] Hopping

(Hoho, it’s quite weak but it’s relatively good compared to the baby me . I mean, it has more offense than me? Mm? What’s divine protection? Can it be that I get divine protection? Wha?! My status has increased!!)


Allen’s status had increased from the last time he saw it — +1 stamina and agility .  

Being surprised seeing that summoning also increases my status, I spontaneously did a triumphant pose and roared .  

“Now, now, Allen, you have to sleepy-sleepy, alright?”

Theresia, who was in the garden, returned after hearing Allen’s voice .  

(Wha?! No good, she is already inside . Would it be bad if I took out the locust now?)

“Chorry, mama . ”

“Fufu, it’s alright… eh?”

The locust and Theresia’s eyes met .  

“Noooooooooo, an inseeeeeeecctt!!!!!”

Theresia’s leg attacked the locust .  

(Ah–my summoned insect is being trampled upon!! I-it’s disappearing…)

The locust disappeared like a shining bubble . Theresia, who thought that she lost sight of it, tried tracking it down . Although shocked by this situation, Allen didn’t let it show on his expression . He kept his composure and went back to sleep . And like this, Allen’s activities as a summoner had begun .  



Translator: Tsugane


Our boi Allen here is starting from the very rock bottom, it seems .  

Thanks for reading!