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Henan Zhong - Chapter 71

Published at 22nd of August 2019 09:32:05 AM

Chapter 71

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"Are you are intentionally creating troubles for yourself or you trying to humiliate a Prince?"

Prince was visibly angry .

Maids were standing in rows on both sides .

"What do you think, I am going to forgive you again and again,?" he almost shouted .

"If you wanted to spare your life? do you have any say in this palace?" he wanted to make sure that she was only an ordinary being in the palace before he use her according to his wishes .

Henan was silent .

She was trying to comprehend the actual purpose of the second Prince and this all drama .

But she did not understand .

"Immediately call the executioner, I wanted to punish this girl, chopp her head in front of everyone's eyes as a lesson for them," he fluttered his changpao and humphed .

Executioner came .

Henan was forced to bent down .

"Do you have any last wish,?"

"She wanted to meet me before your drama ends," a threatening voice echoed and Crown Prince showed up .

Henan turned her head and ran toward Crown Prince .

"My savior Crown Prince, you came at right time either it will be too late,"

Crown Prince patted on her head .

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"I am sorry for the disgrace you faced in my palace," he was truly sorry .

"You better control your actions in future, either it will too hard for my nature to spare you," he warned the Prince .

"I did not know that my elder brother was interested in an ordinary girl, I will be more careful in future," he smirked .

'Ordinary your head, you cheap planner,' Henan cursed him in her heart .

Crown Prince looked at the girl .

She was indeed breathtaking younger beauty .

Henan thought that it was obligatory to smile when Crown Prince was looking at her and she smiled .

"Oh, if this goes on I might lost to her," Crown Prince shifted his eyes aside .

"Now I have some premonition," second prince smirked again .

Crown Prince brought her back and instructed to be careful and not fall for the tricks of his second brother .

He fortunately saw both previous day and at the time when she punched on his face .

He was well aware about the personality of his brother .

So he came to help her at right time .

"Do you wanted to travel and see the Royal state? I will send someone for you to carry, you will enjoy there,"

Crown Prince thought that it would help change her mind from the situation she faced just now .

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"Crown Prince is thoughtful, I dare not disobey, you are kind and considerate,"

It was good opportunity for her to check out Royal estate, because all Royal palaces hold their crucial things under their Royal estate .

She could find some clues about the secret prison cells designed for important prisoners .

Henan and her maid got on the carriage .

Royal estate was designed and divisioned in a very complicated way .

If you are outsider, you might get lost in the apparent beauty .

There were small castles .

In actual sense these were made to illusion, these castles were used for the guests from other kingdoms, and they hosted them well .

While beneath these castles were torture cells for the traitors and enemies .

Small and big exquisite market were also there .

Royals and palace necessities were bought from here .

A common person cannot pay the amount of a single curtain in his whole life, which were used to decorate the palace .

There were gardens surrounding the castles .

But they have less open spaces for anyone to be discovered if one was carefully venturing through them .

Only those castles were guarded strictly those have secret prisoners or special guests .

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She was looking around through the transparent curtain .

"Miss, do you need to buy something?" her maid asked because she thought that miss Diu was constantly looking outside .

"No, I don't need to buy anything, I am just surprised to see the grandness of the Royal estate,"

"Shall we walk around? It will be great experience for me," she came out from the carriage which stopped the maid .

"Miss we cannot venture far without permission," her reminded her .

"I know, and I have permission of Crown Prince," it stopped her maid for asking anything more .

Henan kept walking while her maid walked behind .

She saw that now she was far from the eyes of coachman .

"Oh, is there any public toilet? I can't hold on anymore," Henan bent down to show that there was urgency .

"Miss please wait, let me ask the shopkeeper," her maid ran and asked the nearest shop, he told the location and she ran back .

"Miss, come along, just hold for few breaths, we will be there in few moments,"

Soon they reached at the public toilet location .

"I'll wait for you outside," her maid beckoned her to go in alone .

It was good for Henan, she could easily skip her eyes this way .

She came out from the back door and started madly running .

She was learning a map which she stole from the study of Crown Prince .

She marked some places on it .

She was sure that Wan Hu could be prisoned beneath those castles, and she wished that her perception could go hundred percent right .

She ran and reached the nearest small castle, there were no guards surrounding it, it means it was empty or there would be only few servants for the cleanliness .

She walked through the bunches .

There was another castle .

It seemed that a guest came to visit from the neighbor kingdom .

There were guards .

Inside the royal state, there was less chance for any intruder, so security was not such strict .

She had to move .

She had less time .

Her maid must be waiting .

"Miss, you took much time, is your stomach upset? then lets go and I will prepare for you medicinal tea, you will be better,"

Henan took really long time .

"I think it too, let's head back first," she had no choice, she would come another day .

"Send someone to investigate the background of this girl," second prince ordered his half brother .

"Is it necessary brother? She is just an ordinary girl under the wings of big brother,"

"You are after all small, you did not notice her unusual expressions, she is something else,"

"This is my perception and my perception never goes wrong," his half brother nodded and hurriedly send someone to investigate the whereabouts of the girl .

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