Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife?

Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife?
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Is there hate at first sight?

When Kamiyama Kiyohira meets her for the first time, she is cursing him to rot with genital diseases at his father's funeral.

He is the wicked CEO. She is the hateful Hikikomori.

She is the wicked Hikikomori. He is the hateful CEO.

Who is the wicked one here? It depends. Who is at the bottom and who is on the top?

They are quite a match in words, bed, and hate.

They hate each other so much that they keep sleeping with each other?

By the way, if MC and ML are mutually sexually harassing each other, is it sexual harassment? 


The interview with The Wicked CEO:

Author: How do you draw a Hikikomori out? 

CEO: Demolish her house. 

Author: How do you trick a Hikikomori to sign a legal document?

CEO: Use difficult vocabulary. If she didn't study hard in school, she won't understand a word.

Author: I see. How do you make her so mad that she tries to kill you right after she wakes up?

CEO: Tell her that you have slept with her. Make sure that she misunderstands. 

Author: How do you seduce a Hikikomori? 

CEO: Read the novel and find out.

Hikikomori: How dare you throw me in bed with my enemy? Come here, Author. I won't beat you to death. Definitely won't beat you to death.

Author: Have fun in bed. 

Mr. CEO drags his Hikikomori wife away before she kills the author. 


Author's note: Can't promise regular updates.

Warning: Explicit language, 18+ scenes, NSFW


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