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Published at 23rd of May 2020 02:20:06 AM

Chapter 137: 137

She looked at the time and saw that it was only three o’clock in the afternoon .

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 With no hurry to go back, she strolled around and bought a gift for the Chi Dali family . Then, she drove over to Misty Street .

When the little bastard in the Misty Street saw her get out of the car, his eyes lit up and he greeted her by shouting, “Beinian, you’re back!”

 Lan Mao, who was beside Zhong Taiba, smiled brightly at her and said, “Our Brother Ba missed you to death!”

 Hearing this, Li Beinian looked at him with a smile and said, “Is that true? Did you miss me or my fist?”

“It doesn’t matter . Brother Ba prepared a surprise for you . Come, let me bring you there . ”

Lan Mao smiled flatteringly and walked ahead .

 “What bad deeds have you all done?” Li Beinian felt like Lan Mao was being too diligent today .

 “Why would you think that? Can’t we do something good?” Lan Mao walked in front of Li Beinian and turned to walk backward with a smile on his face when he said that .

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Li Beinian felt even more suspicious, but Lan Mao was indeed heading towards Chi Dalijia .

 As soon as she entered, she heard Zhong Taiba’s voice .

 “If I told you to do it like this, then do it like this, don’t spew so much nonsense!”

 “No!” Chi Hailang’s anxious voice sounded . “Beinian is afraid of balloons!”

 “No, it’s okay, Beinian is afraid of balloons and not bombs?”

Li Beinian felt a little weirded out . Weren’t the two of them in a bad relationship?

Now the two were actually trying to blow up a balloon . One of them was holding the pump and they seemed to be fighting over who would fill it up .

“Brother Ba, Beinian is back!” Lan Mao shouted .

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 Chi Hailang and Zhong Taiba looked at them and their expressions suddenly changed .

 “So sudden!”

 “We are not ready yet!”

 Li Beinian laughed and looked at their strange behavior . She asked, “What are you doing?”

 After asking this sentence, Li Beinian noticed that there were two bags of balloons that hadn’t been pumped up, as well as various beautiful fireworks and small bombs .

 She walked forward and dismantled a small firework bomb .


 Colorful sequins burst out and flew around .

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 “Is it someone’s birthday?”

 Hearing this, Zhong Taiba exploded . He stretched out his hand and lunged at Chi Dali, saying, “You said that today is Beinian’s birthday, are you playing with me?”

 His arms were thick, muscular, and hairy .

Chi Hailang was frightened and quickly avoided it . He shouted, “How could I? Beinian has always had this birthday . This is the day she came to our house!”

 Li Beinian was slightly startled, and then she remembered it .

 Her birthday registered in the orphanage was her admission date .

 After being adopted by Chi Dali, her godmother had said: Why should you live according to them? Now that you have arrived at our house, your previous birthday doesn’t count anymore . You have been reborn!

Since then, this day had been used as her birthday .

 However, no one remembered her birthday since she broke off her relationship with the Chi Dali family .

 Regardless of whether it was this day or her real birthday two months later .

She never celebrated it again .

 Chi Hailang was chased by Zhong Taiba . He ran up the room and yelled, “Beinian, tell him, this guy will hit me!”

“Enough . ” Li Beinian’s lips curled up unconsciously and she felt a warm fuzz in her heart . “There have been too many things happening and I’ve forgotten about it . ”

Chi Hailang looked at Zhong Taiba in grievance and said, “Look, I didn’t lie to you! My parents have even ordered a cake!”

 Zhong Taiba then withdrew his fist . He looked at Li Beinian with an obsessive, affectionate expression .

 Immediately, he twisted his sturdy big muscular arms and shyly said, “Beinian, it’s been a long time!”


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