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Chapter 65

Chapter 65 – Excellent

Chapter 65 – Excellent

side: Vilia 1)

(Vilia)「Nee, Aslin, Philia . Yuki-sensei2)… Onii-sama isn’t coming today?」

When they heard us talking about Yuki onii-sama, everyone around looked at me seemingly interested .
That’s no surprise . Because it’s strange for Yuki onii-sama not to come to school .
Everyone loves Yuki onii-sama .

(Philia)「Today we have self-study . Onii-chan and the others representative have a meeting today from the morning . He said something like, a great person is coming?」

(Aslin)「Yes, nii-sama is busy with meetings today . So we can take it slowly . 」

When they answered that, everyone became gloomy uniformly .

(Kid)「Hi Ku 3)…… Why… Is he abandoning us… Hummm」

(Some other Kid)「Eh!? That… No, that can’t be… 」

One person began to cry, and like something infectious, soon half of the neighborhood broke into tears .

(Philia)「Awaawa!? Please stop crying, onii-chan will never do such a thing!! Today he can’t help it because he had work . 」

(Aslin)「Yes he is . He is just busy for awhile and will neatly come tomorrow . So stop crying!?」

The two were confused, they hurriedly tried to calm everyone .
Well, this was inevitable .
Usually, Yuki onii-sama was calming everyone .
Though the other representatives could be seen around, Yuki onii-sama had been managing the school alone .
His wife, Seraria-sama, showed her face every one or two days .

If I know that my onii-sama is coming back, I had no need to be shocked .
I had to help Aslin and Philia .

(Vilia)「Hey!! Stop crying everyone!! That’s something Yuki-sensei hates!!」

After I said that loudly, everyone stopped .

(Vilia)「Aslin just said it . He has an important work today . So let’s study hard, and have a good praise tomorrow . Yuki-sensei would be in trouble if he heard you cried the whole day . 」

(Kid)「… If you work hard, he will praise you?」

(Vilia)「Of course . Sensei is kind, don’t you think?」

(Kid)「I know!!」

(Vilia)「Therefore, let’s work hard . 」


The person nodded this time and everyone returned to their desk simultaneously, opened a textbook, and started studying .

(Philia)「Vilia-chan!? Everyone somehow started studying!?」

(Vilia)「Well, why not?」

(Aslin)「Nii-sama said it was leisure time today and not study!? I’m playing!! I’ll study when I’m being told to . 」

(Vilia)「Why is that?」

(Philia)「I do not know exactly what onii-chan meant but he said「There are a lots of things you can do now . Playing with friends, doing foolish things… . . 」!」

(Aslin)「I’ll just tell you, he meant studying alone is no good! Many, many things are more useful to you!!」

(Vilia)「Hmm . Then, what should I do? Everyone, what do you think?」

Since I didn’t really know what onii-sama said, I tried asking everyone .

(Kid)「I don’t know . 」
(Kid)「Let’s play soccer!!」
(Kid)「You just did yesterday… You do that every day!!」
(Kid)「Ehh, but soccer is fun!」

They voiced different opinions .

(Kid)「…… Vilia onee-chan… . Let’s use the transfer field and visit various places . This Dungeon? I don’t know it very well . 」

One of the kids said that .

(Vilia)「That’s right . It’s a good idea . We still don’t know anything about this dungeon . I got a map of the Dungeon in the last class . Let’s get on a tour!!」


(Philia)「Somehow, Vilia-chan is reliable . 」

(Aslin)「Yes, like nii-sama . 」

Aslin and Philia praised me .

(Vilia)「I’m glad you said I’m reliable like onii-sama . I’m sure in the future, I will be a great lady4) that will be useful to onii-sama . ! Will Aslin or Philia contact the representatives?」

(Aslin)「Yes, but why?」

(Vilia)「Because, if they come to see our situation, and they can’t find us, it will make a fuss . And we also have to consult about lunch and other matters . 」

(Aslin)「Yes, you’re right . Wait a minute . 」

Aslin was using Call to contact someone .
That skill seemed to be usable by the representative . Of course, onii-sama could use it too .
I was a bit envious of Aslin and Philia .
They seemed to be together with onii-sama since forever when I met him .

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Oh, for now, I had to prepare thoroughly .

(Vilia)「Please everyone put a bottle of water, your name tag, and your identification card properly in your backpack . We may also go to Super Lutz so let’s bring some money . 」

With my explanation, everyone went back to their room to prepare .
Every child made a happy face . This sight would seem like a lie before coming here .

(Vilia)「Really, like a dream … 」

I am Vilia .

I was living in the slum of the Royal Capital of Roshuru .
I could only remember a little of my parents .
However, they were kind . Both my father and mother were warm .
But before I noticed, I became alone .
Driven out of the house, I joined people and we had to support each other .

Hungry everyday .
At that time, I begged to live, looking for something to eat .

The slum had a group of children .
The children who tried to live often resorted to thievery and became criminal . But a child who had to do that in order to live was still earnest .
But, most of those who could not bear the hunger and resorted to crime didn’t return alive .

(Hiiro)「… . . Hey . Vilia onee-chan . Onii… won’t move?」

Hiiro grasped me and asked .
In front of our eyes was our elder brother .

Even if my brother was the leader of the group
And we had no actual connection . For us, it was enough .
Everyday, he had desperately collected food that he shared with all of us… He was a good brother .

Our brother was hugging tightly the bread with both his hands but he wasn’t moving .
No, he was already dead .
On the wall in the other side were traces… of blood…

(Vilia)「Brother is just a bit tired . Let’s put him in the bed . Because brother brought bread, can you put it in the basket Hiiro and share it with everyone . 」

(Hiiro)「Yes . I understand . 」

Hiiro went Patapata5) and took the bread away .
The vibration made brother slump on the ground . Blood tainted the wall .
… Where did you steal that bread?
I can’t stand it . Naturally, in the end we’re criminals… But it’s sad .

I buried brother’s dead body in a place where the other brothers slept .

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Now, I became the leader of the group .
If we didn’t get any food, everyone will starve .
At that time, my head was full with such things .
So, I wasn’t afraid of the fancy clothes and the sword in front .
For the sake of tomorrow, I stretched my hand to grab foods .

(Seraria)「Ara? I guess that thief has quite the guts, doesn’t she?」

It was my encounter with Seraria, and the premise of my travel for the Dungeon .

While I was brought by Seraria, I heard various stories .
I couldn’t die in such a place, so I answered obediently, trying hard to please her into a good mood .
And when our talk ended, Seraria-sama said .

(Seraria)「Say, Vilia . Why don’t you come with us and bring the other children along?」


(Seraria)「There’s just a little work for the children . If you come, you can eat meals properly . 」

(Vilia)「Work… Will you give us?」

(Seraria)「Yes . Hopefully you will get to a place where orphans like you can live properly . Doesn’t that sound good?」

(Vilia)「Ye-yes!! I will tell everyone!!」

(Seraria)「Wait, just a minute . You!!」


(Seraria)「Follow Vilia and buy some food with these money . If a kid holds the money, it will get stolen, so accompany her for a bit . You should keep it firmly . 」

(You)「Ha!! Let’s go . 」

(Seraria)「… . . Kur, the number of orphans is abnormal . With this number of people, it would be impossible to cover them all… 」

(Kur)「… That’s a thing, but the minister Loire grasped the money related to helping the orphans .
…… 」

(Seraria)「That low life!! Check it as soon…… No, I’ll strike him . You come along . Because we have to depart tomorrow, let’s clean up and seize him today . If he resists, let’s cut him off . 」

(Kur)「Hey!? How are you going to cleanup!?」

(Seraria)「I will leave it to Aria ane-sama . If someone can do it well, it’s her . 」

Then, I decided to follow Seraria .

(Yuki)「Okay, everyone’s here? You’re training today… Now, I am Yuki, I will be your sensei at school . Nice to meet you!!」

The first impression I had from Seraria-sama’s husband was only so-so .

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Therefore, I remember that I only greeted him politely .

(Vilia)「W, well . Are you perhaps Seraria-sama’s husband?? Ple-please treat me well!!」

Since I was the leader of everyone, I squeezed the words I was desperately thinking .

(Yuki)「Ah, Seraria huh . That question is a problem~」

What Yuki-sama said had a taste of dissatisfaction .

(Vilia)「So-sorry!! Do you have any problem!?」

(Yuki)「Oh, no no . It’s not your fault . And you’re the one who greeted me, are you the children’s mediator or something?」

(Vilia)「Yes!! I am Vilia!! Please punish me if there is something you don’t like!! Please forgive everyone… . . 」

Before I was done with my sentence, a hand was put on top of my head and I was shivering .

(Yuki)「Sorry if I scared you . I want to get along with everyone . So I won’t punish . 」

Yuki-sama bent his knees to fit my height .
At the same time, he moved his hand lightly and gently stroked my head .

(Yuki)「Viria is excellent . You did that for everyone . Much more excellent than I am . 」


(Yuki)「Therefore, don’t exert yourself so much . From here on, I will protect you . 」

(Vilia)「Ah, ah… . . 」

The words sank into my body, my eyes brimmed with tears that I couldn’t stop .

(Vilia)「AaaaaaAAAHHHH…… . !!」

(Yuki)「Cry cry, let it all out . You tried too hard with this small body . Seriously… It’s way different than my childhood . 」

(Vilia)「Everyday, everyday , nothing to eat… My brother… and… I… did… best… . . 」

(Yuki)「I understand, I understand…… Wait, you all!?」

Everyone started crying as I cried .
From here on, onii-sama desperately wanted to get along with everyone .
We stopped crying now, because we had a lot of fun things to do and we could eat meals .

Then, days like dream began .
Everyone could go at the school, and we could all live together in the dormitory .
A house, a roof, a bed? Everyone had something prepared, and we could all eat meals together .
And we could study and play everyday at the school .
Just like onii-sama said, a lot of fun things……

(Vilia)「Even if it’s only one week&hellPlease download our sponsor's game to support us!