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Chapter 64

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"Excuse me! How dare a mere guard talk about me in such a way?"

"My guard is quite tired, like myself, from all the traveling please be a little understanding, Miss Lixiss . "

Mika drew her 'obedient young miss' persona out to combat this young miss arrogant and bossy nature .

Though not as daring as Kaze to put it on the ground, complaints started to raise from the servant about the hold-up; left with no choice Lixiss huffs underneath her breath before walking herself into Mika's house uninvited .

"Hmm . . . father is going out of his way to make sure you are taking care of . This is house was meant for the head clan's family to stay in . "

As she prowled around the house, Mika watched the expressions on Lixiss face change constantly . When Lixiss saw something she liked, she would smile . When she saw something she didn't, she would frown . Miss Lixiss was an open book . One could tell what she is thinking just from her face alone .

As Lord Tasar's only daughter and with her personality, she probably has given him tons of problems over the years . Was this the reason for his warning, he was afraid she was like his daughter . Did he think all daughters are this way?

*Pfft!* Mika couldn't help the laugh that escaped her mouth .

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What kind of terror did miss Lixiss put Lord Tasar under for him to look at all other daughters the same way?

As the pieces of the puzzle fell into place in her head Mika watch miss Lixiss as she peered at the luggage being bought in . Mika could tell from Lixiss's face she wanted to open up the boxes to see what was inside .

No longer willing to put up with this fiasco any longer, Mika decided its time to stop Lixiss before her actions get out of hand .

"Miss Lixiss, I must be rude and ask that you leave . We haven't had time to familiarize yourself with our new home, so we are not prepared to entertain guest right now . I will be sure to invite Miss Lixiss at a better time for tea and snacks . "

Mika kept up with her 'obedient' persona, with this card she was playing at will allow miss Lixiss' and her personalities to look like day and night . Sure enough, the servants who brought in Mika's luggage gave a shake of the head towards Lixiss' behavior .

Someone must have run to alert the head steward for no sooner did Mika words leave her mouth, Lord Tasar's steward came rushing in .

"Miss Lixiss, what are you doing here? Isn't it time for your studies?" Steward patted away sweat from his forehead as he tried to regulate his breathing .

"Durlan, why do you make it seem as if I'm causing problems? I'm just here helping Miss Mikaela move in her things . "

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Steward Durlan looked at Miss Lixiss leisure posture sitting down not helping to move or carry one thing .

"Miss Lixiss, Miss Mikaela came here as your father's personal guest, for health reasons . . . "

*Cough* *Cough* Mika let out two small coughs .

" . . . we mustn't disturb her rest . "

Hearing the steward bring up her father and Mika's health, Lixiss gave in .

"Oh, so she sickly . I guess the women from the capital have weak bodies, to begin with . Fine, I'll hand back the duties to the servants to finish helping her with her things . "

Everyone on the room wore a 'three line frown' on their forehead from the audacity of this young miss' words .

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After sending young miss Lixiss on her way the steward came back inside . "Miss Mikaela I'll apologize on young miss' behalf for anything discourteously done to you . "

Durlan knew first hand what young miss was capable of, the things she has put the family through would have made her father's hair turn completely white already if it wasn't for his healing gifts .

"It's quite alright, no harm was done . Besides I'm going to be here for some time I will need to face Miss Lixiss at some point . "

Mika bright smile made Dulran blush in embarrassment, 'Ah why couldn't young miss Lixiss be more like this Miss Mikaela . '

When the servants had finished their task, Durlan took them back with him, leaving Mika, Saavi, and Kaze by themselves .

Sensing the coast was clear, Kaze looked at Mika .

"Hmph . . . I guess your face is one that's dislikable at first sight . "

" . . . . . "

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This personal guard of hers was getting more bolder by the second .

Ignoring Kaze brass comment Mika went about working to get their new house in order .

Picking up the freezer box her mother gave her, Mika entered her room and crawled underneath her bed . Plucking the floorboards out one by one Mika placed the freezer box, neatly inside the hole made .

Replacing the boards and rearranging the rug, no one would be the wiser .


Lixiss' personal maid couldn't help but wonder why her miss needed to go over to that miss Mikaela house .

"Young miss, I think you did more harm than good going over to Miss Mikaela house . " The maid whispered into Lixiss' ears .

"What do you mean? I got to see what kind of person this Mikaela is and how much well Father treats her? Plus I now know she's here for treatment . "

Turning towards Mika's dwelling Lixiss sighs .

"Kasra . . . Father been acting weird lately, and now he has bought this Mikaela . Do you think he knows about me?"

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