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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Hypocritical Slut

Han Yixue sneers in her hearts, but maintains the facade of a blind and feeble girl . In a weak voice she says, “Sister, I…”

Xu An  Huan pulled Han Yuyan in his back, eyes flashing with a mocking smile, his hands hold Han Yuyan tightly .

“Yuyan, everyone thinks this waste is dead and we’re finally free, why care about her?”

Yuyan gave him a look saying as if “I didn’t want to stay here anymore”, and he didn’t really want to waste time against this waste .  (Pun unintended . )

His reputation as the dignified Crown Prince was great in the surface, but many people mocks him behind his back all because of the engagement with Han Yixue!

Now the engagement was finally invalid, he’s freed from seeing this waste, he didn’t expect that this woman would actually go as far as committing suicide!

For going as far as performing such drama that he definitely detest, all acts to try to capture his favor!

A blooming smile escapes on Han Yuyan’s face while letting Xu An  Huan hold her body, his mouth is constantly blabbing affectionate words to her, mocking Han Yixue at the same time .

“His Royal Highness Crown Prince, Han Yixue is my sister, how can I let her continue doing such silly things?”

“Yuyan, you’re really too nice for your own sake . I really love you . ”

Xu An Huan smiles .  His mind thinking: Han Yixue is blind, too bad she can’t see our happy faces right now!

Han Yuyan chuckles in her heart, while matching Xu An Huan’s action, she continue playing her part as the “good sister” .

“Prince, don’t say such things! My sister will be sad…”

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“Why care about her!” Xu An Huan gives a disdainful look at Han Yixue .

“My marriage partner should have been you from the beginning, ah . ”

Han Yixue continues to watch this hypocritical drama, constantly sneering in her heart .  This Han Yuyan really a down-right bitch!

The presence of this people in front of someone who’s just fresh from attempting suicide, even to go as far as saying such shameless lines, WOW!

Fortunately, the original was really dead, otherwise she might really commit suicide this time!

For Miss Han to feel affection for this Xu An Huan guy, Han Yixue really admire her!

In her point of view, this guy is simply a lecherous idiot, she feels sick just by being around him!

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Now that this body has been restored (unexplained why but her eyesight was fine when she woke up), she must make this lecher know why people should mess with girls!

With a nasty smile, Xu An Huan pulls Han Yuyan close to him and go nearer to Han Yixue’s side . He lands a kiss on Han Yuyan’s lips .

Obviously, he wants Han Yixue to hear it as close as possible!

Han Yixue’s eyes flash with a clear disgust, she picks up the nearest flower beads, throwing it right on Xu An Huan’s feet .


Xu An Huan steps on the flower beads, his body leans forward pulling Han Yuyan at the same time .


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Han Yuyan screams, her face hits the chair nearby .  Her face is now full of bruise with a constant flowing nosebleed .

A proud person like Xu An Huan slips, with his face on the floor, how can he ignore it?

“Sister, what happen?”

Han Yixue was laughing in her heart, but puts a flustered look on the surface .

Xu An Huan immediately get himself up . He quickly move to help Han Yuyan .

However, as he steps forward, he’s foot suddenly feels weak, causing him to slip forward again!

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