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Chapter 3




A knocking sound was heard . The next second Xu An Huan’s face also hit the nearby chair .


Xu An Huan steps on the chairs leg causing it to fling and hit his nose . He screams in pain . He felt something was broken .

Han Yixue’s hides her mocking face . The original Han Yixue suffers many humiliations . Having these two kneel in front of her was merely the start of her pay back!

Xu An Huan clutch his nose, now it’s already bleeding . Moreover, he feels a severe pain .

“Crown Prince, how are you doing?”

Han Yuyan’s pig like face has a touch of concern as she quickly got up to help Xu An Huan .

The two were now standing face to face . One’s face was swollen, the other with nosebleed creating a hilarious piture .

“Damn . ”

Xu An Huan cursed . He give a glare in Han Yixue’s direction . His hands reach to grab her neck .

“Han Yixue! Isn’t this your fault!”

Han Yixue grasp Xu An Huan’s hands while looking in daze and apparently innocent . “Crown Prince, I… . I didn’t do anything!”

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Xu An Huan’s anger only heighten but he didn’t this blind woman can do anything . He flings his hands against Han Yixue and growled: “Unlucky!”

Clutching her neck and constantly coughing, Han Yixue asks: “You also feel unlucky?”

She continued . “I heard earlier that this place is haunted…It seems to be true then . ”

Han Yuyan hesitated and asks . “What do you mean?”

“When I was brought up in this place, I hear many strange things to point that things seem common . ”

“In my opinion, maybe I’ve been revive because of this weird place…”

Han Yixue’s was mixed with freight and hope as she asks . “Sister, can you help me talk to Dad about the situation so he can let me change residence?”

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Listening to her words, Han Yuyan’s face slightly changes . The General Government’s yards are generally good except for Han Yixue’s run down place .

Every time she came here, she felt uncomfortable . Maybe it’s really haunted!

If it’s true then isn’t that wonderful?

Moreover, Han Yixue cannot stand up . How can she easily move away?

“Sister, I will try to mention this thing to Dad…But with Dad’s temper I don’t think it will work…”

Han Yuyan’s face show difficulty and frustration .

Listening to Han Yuyan’s hypocrisy, Han Yixue sneers . She quite clever, all things are push in General’s body while she maintains a kind and gentle image in front of Xu An Huan .

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“Yuyan, you don’t need to care about this b*tch . ” Xu An Huan look with disdain . “Let’s go!”

At the moment, Xu An Huan simply don’t want to stay here any longer .

He, a dignified prince, has never been so humiliated before . Most importantly, the pain of his fractured nose is simply cannot be tolerated!

After they left, Han Yixue’s face eyes become fierce cold . Since she occupied this body, from now on she is the General Government’s Han Yixue!

She will reciprocate the pain given by Han Yuyan and Xu An Huan by thousand times!

Today’s bitterness is merely an interest .

She’ll let them know, Han Yixue can never be bullied!

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