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Published at 8th of September 2019 09:31:16 PM

Chapter 27

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Fu Sheng stares into the darkness, thinking deeply about Huang Qiuyan's words . He remembers her each word . She is different than he expected her to be .

The woman can't be killed by the enchanted wood . The new vampires can't be killed by the enchanted woods either . He's alive because she didn't die . She even fed him the blood to help him heal faster .

She's strange . She's not like the other converted vampires . If she was really turned when the apocalypse began, then why she is different?

Her family didn't know that she was a converted vampire . No human would sit closely to him without any fear if that human is aware that he is a pure-blooded vampire . Her brother and mother were quite accepting of him . No matter how deceptive they are, a predator can sense the fear in its prey . He did sense it in rookie vampire hunter who stabbed his mate .

She's not an assassin . Then, is it really just a coincidence that her family is linked with the vampire hunters?

He wonders if he should go back and take care of that rookie vampire hunter . Then, she might not like it if he does that .

Why did she say that she will break the bond with him? It's impossible to break the bond between the true mates . She's his true mate . She will remain as his true mate for eternity .

Her faint scent is lingering in the air . He feels the chill of the forest . His dark hair is slightly disheveled, falling over his eyes . In the dark, his eyes gleam red . He sculpted face hardens as he recalls the resolution in her voice when she said that she wanted to break the bond . The pain in his body isn't gone . But his heart is beating steadily . He licks his lips . The taste of her blood is still lingering in his mouth . He inhales the cold wind .

She wants to get married to an ordinary man .

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She doesn't want to stay as his true mate .

She thinks that she was 'sick' when she seduced him .

She will find a way to get rid of the true bond .

She won't appear before him again .

Fu Sheng laughs in the dark . His eyes twinkle in amusement . He puts his hands in the pocket and looks in the direction where Huang Qiuyuan disappeared to .

Let's say that she is really innocent and unlucky . Nevertheless, she did several offenses when she said those things . Even thinking about breaking the bond with him is a great sin . And, Fu Mian wants her as her mother . No force in the world can stop it . Whether the woman likes it or not, she will come back with him .

He takes lazy steps into the darkness . His intimidating aura shrouds the area around him . The young and wild insane vampires are repelled away instinctively . The vampire king is not in a hurry . He knows that the woman is incapable of escaping him .

Somewhere far away, Huang Qiuyuan is standing in a fighting pose . She has her arms crossed in the front of her chest like a fierce martial artist who is ready to lunge at his opponent and a zealous look in her eyes . She clenches her jaw hard as she waits .

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[System: Dear Host, you can win . ]

[Host: You have high confidence in me . ]

[System: Dear Host, I don't have confidence in you . I have high confidence in my ability . I have installed all the fighting skills in you . It's a zero rank vampire zombie . ]

"He's so scary . " Huang Qiuyuan doesn't share his confidence . She bites her lower lip . Her knees are trembling . The zero rank vampire is the occupies the most bottom place in the food chain . Zero rank vampires are akin to newborns with little to zero intelligence . They are mostly guided by instincts and the need to drink blood or eat flesh . Even humans are ranked higher than a zero rank vampire .

[System: Dear Host, if you defeat it, you can earn points . You will have a higher chance of finding a good husband on the interdimensional marriage site . I saw some men profiles who are okay with different species . If you want to meet them, you need to earn points . ]

Huang Qiuyuan exhales loudly . She will do it . For the sake of her future, she will strive hard .

[System: Dear Host, you also need points to break the bond . You can't marry another man before you take care of the true bond . ]

She grits her teeth . "I know!"

The rank 0 vampire zombie sniffs the air . The vampire in front of him smells wrong . But the lure of blood clouds his mind . It hasn't been long since this man turned into a zero rank convert .

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Both Huang Qiuyan and the zero rank vampire zombie man stare at each other for a long moment under the full moon .

[System: Dear Host, you can do it!]

The system is sure that she can beat the rank 0 vampire zombie to death . She nearly defeated one when she was human . Defeating one should be as easy as breathing .

The system seems to have forgotten that Huang Qiuyan can't breathe .

When the convert screams madly and charges in her direction, she spins around on her ankle and runs in opposite direction .

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[System: Dear Host, you are running in the wrong direction . ]

"I am scared to shit . I can't beat it . " Huang Qiuyan might have beaten the zero rank vampire zombies before she was converted .

[System: Dear Host, you have done it before . Why can't you do it now?]

"It was adrenaline . " Huang Qiuyan shouts loudly . She's actually a coward . When there is another person involved, she might forget about being coward . It's not the same when she's alone .

The system in her head doesn't count .

The bad luck activates just then . She trips over a stone and falls right on her face . The zero rank vampire zombie jumps over her .

"OHMYGOD!" Her scream attracts all the vampire zombies in the area . "System, it's trying to **** me . "

[System: Dear Host, can you stop thinking pervertedly? He's only trying to eat you literally . ]

The rank 0 vampire zombie has only one arm, but he doesn't lack strength . Blinded by hunger, he bites into her shoulder . Her warm blood fills his mouth . Huang Qiuyan grabs his neck and pulls it away from her . Her flesh is torn away by the vampire zombie . She kicks him on his stomach . The vampire zombie doesn't fall on the ground . He is barely pushed back . Her blood is dripping from his mouth . He sucks in the blood out of the flesh . When the blood is gone, he begins to savor the taste of the raw meat of another vampire .

Huang Qiuyan gapes at him with amazement . She forgets about the pain of her shoulder or the blood . Half of her clothes are drenched in her blood . Her body begins to heal . The wound is being filled up .

"What was that?" She blinks her eyes in awe . "It can eat meat too . Then, can I also eat meat?"

[System: Dear Host, you only think about food in this situation?]

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