I Cant Miss !!! - Chapter 28

Published at 21st of November 2019 10:12:27 AM

Chapter 28

Next day at school I went to the library to get anything that deals with Cuba and Spanish just to learn about what and where I will be going . I was able to find a couple of good books to read, I also ask Sandra to give me Spanish lessons during practice that way I could be training while learning at the same time which stimulates the brain even more . I got through all my classes and after school had training .

Coach was surprised to see Sandra there and ask what is she doing there and I quickly told him about everything with the trip to Cuba . He surprised by this but then says "this would be an opportunity to see how they ball out there" . I shook my head saying "I doubt they evem play basketball over there maybe they play soccer but basketball I don't really think so" .

Coach just shrugged and said "you never know" so I just let it go and continued on with the training until it was time to go . Rasta came and picked me up and we dropped off Sandra and headed home . While we were going I finally broke the news to him saying that during the Christmas holidays I'll be going to Cuba with Sandra's family to get to know them better . He stopped and shakes his head and says okay but make sure you tell Flo first I'm sure she won't be okay with this .

I laughed agreeing to what he said because it sound like her . After her mother had passed away she became the motherly figure to all of us and she was very strict and I doubt she would let her little brother go to a different country with people that she's never met before so I had to set up a meet and greet with Sandra's parents and my family before this all happened so I quickly called Sandra to see weather she couldn't set that up for us and told her that " you know nobody has to cook we can just go to some fancy restaurant and I'll take care of everything " .

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She got excited and thanked me and said okay that's the best way so she quickly went to her parents and they agreed to meet at a restaurant . Her parents weren't well-off so they quickly agreed that I should be paying the bill after Sandra had told me . I just chuckled and now I had to inform Flo of the setup we just made .

So later on I gave her a call but she didn't pick up so I just did my homework and went to bed . The next day when I woke up I saw that Flo had called me . I called him back to let him know everything that was going on and he liked the idea of meeting them first before going on the trip . so we official would meet and greet them at a restaurant down in DC this Saturday .

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After hanging up I went and got ready for school when I got to school I notified Sandra . Flo agree to meet this Saturday which excited her because everything was falling into place she kissed me and whispered in my ear that she needs her daily medicine today so she'll be coming over after school which cause my pants to bulge up a little bit but I quickly tried to control myself causing her to chuckle and run off . When school was finally over I went to training .

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Iso called me out and asked for a one-on-one match . I agreed and we shot for the ball which of course I was able to receive it first but it didn't become a shootout because nobody was missing until like the 11th shot which I finally missed . I got the ball and I checked it up to him . I started dribbling the ball and he also stepped up . But while we was playing I didn't know why he was stepping up so I quickly jumped up and shot the ball before he could even set his feet to jump up . He didn't even turn around to see if the ball went in . He quickly backed up and asked to check the ball again causing me to laugh because he didn't even go for the rebound or anything . So one of the guys on the side pass the ball to me and ask him when are we playing to end . He told me only seven I said okay, I have two points so far so we still going to play .

This time he was all over me and didn't give me any breathing room so I quickly drove it in with him basically filling me but I hit the brakes on him with a man crossover and he fell on the floor the whole game erupted he was very embarrassed I couldn't even get back up so I made my way to the 3-point line and shot the ball . I felt bad for him so I said come on buddy you can't give up that easily you got to get back up right away and defend if you had gotten back up and defended right away I would have got those three points I would have just settled for two points right then and there he shook his head and said thank you so at this point it was already game point for me because even though it was a 2 or 3 I'll still win it so I decided that I do a drive on him . I drove in but his defense was pretty nice he wouldn't give me any chances .

This time when I hit the brakes he was still right there with me this time he was on me and I couldn't get a shot in so I quickly did a step back and try to shoot it but he blocked it . But unfortunately I've got the rebound back and took another shot he jumped up in the air with me but this time I did a rainbow shot and it went straight up in the air which caused him to say no way . Right after that, he heard the net make a sound like water splash sound causing the other teammates to say oooooohhhhhh .