I Cant Miss !!! - Chapter 29

Published at 21st of November 2019 10:12:26 AM

Chapter 29

After the game I told everybody that I had to head out because Sandra had came and watched the rest of the game and was cheering for me while giving me signals that we needed to go so we left the gym and caught a cab home . When we got home we immediately ran around to make sure nobody was home and headed up to my room .

I told her that we need to stop meeting in this house because there's an emergency key to every room here and I don't want anybody walking in on us, she quickly asked where can we meet then and I told her we can get a hotel room for a few hours and she looked at me in shock saying "can you afford it", I laughed and said" more than you think" making her confused and saying" why are you rich or something" and I said" not yet but I'm pretty comfortable she smirked and said "yeah right you are just a high-school boy" .

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I said "yep you're right I'm just a high-school boy lets it go" right after we finished our conversation I heard Opal come into the house and I said" see this is what I'm talkin about" . We called for a cab and headed to a hotel I got us a room which excited her and got her more horny since now she will be able to make as much noise as she wanted .

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XXX scene please skip if not interested

She straddled me . Her hair was loose . It was cut straight across at the level of her shoulders . It was hanging forward, hiding her face, except for her eyes, which she was holding shut tight . She was being careful about his cock, leaving it alone so far . On my back meant fun for me, Sandra taking her time .

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Some of their best sex had been with her on top, using me as a dildo, taking her sweet time . One thing I loved when she sometimes aligned our nipples and rub . Hers would be hard and mines would be too . I didn't know if she would do that . She was dragging her hair across his eyes . Kiss me, i thought, anguished, because she wasn't going to, i knew . She lightly bit my shoulder . She was lowering herself more . She was brushing her breasts across my face .

I wanted to take one of her breasts into my mouth, either one . I was frantic . I wanted to get as much of one of her breasts into my mouth as I could . Her breasts were killing me, her blunt instruments . I had called them that and she had laughed, I drove himself harder into her . She was whining with pleasure and that was good . She would climax again right away .

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I kept on, slowing myself . I pushed her knees up higher . I was almost there and so was she, again .

And then the knot at the root of I cock dissolved in fire, melting . I shouted when I came . Then she was snorting, trying to say something . She was telling me to stop . She had come a second time and she wanted me to stop . They disengaged, shaking .

After we were done we took a quick nap and headed home after to get some sleep for school next day .