I Cant Miss !!! - Chapter 9

Published at 21st of November 2019 10:12:45 AM

Chapter 9

Celebrating at Burger King was fun because I got to speak to Akua and tell her about my goals to go to the NBA and how I wanted her to be my second wife and we kept going back and forth about her being the only wife . I told her she will have little sisters she has to take care of in the future when I'm not around and she blushed .

Everyone saw me talking to Akua and tried to ignore us, but my mother approached us and asked if shes going to be her daughter inlaw one day and I say one of them so she should teach her how to cook and be a good woman to me and my mother laughs at me but notices I have a serious face on and shakes her head and leaves regretting she made her way over there .

Akua gets mad and tells me she's not going to marry me and I quickly tell her I want her to dream big and that after everything is done I'll help her get what she wants . She won't be one of those stay at home moms but will be very successful in the future and her eyes lit up in stars and tells me she wants to be a actress in the future .

I tell her thats easily accessible once I make it big I'll personally fund her first movie so she can make it big after . She gives me a hug and thanks me . She quickly says she doesn't mind being a second wife as long as I don't have more than four wife's, I blushed and quickly shook it off . After eating our fill and talking a little about the future we were all set to leave for home .

It's the weekend so my mom takes me and my sister out to a small birthday party where the girl was turning 16 . Her name was Fiona and in my past life I thought she was pretties girl in my church during that time . I was way younger than her so she didn't even give me a glance so I decided I wouldn't even pursue her in this life . The guys at the party decided to go play some ball after eating and partying up a little bit .

They wanted me to play but I told them I too good for their level and they immediately say if I could beat their best guy Herman who was like a giant standing at 6'4 . They would give me $50 if I win so I agreed because every little thing counts . I told them I'm only playing to 6 points and that we shooting for ball which of course I won it and had the ball first .

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As soon as we finished checking the ball I took a quick shot in his face before he could react and had a two point lead . Herman got annoyed and came closer to play harder defense so I quickly run around him and was about to shoot the ball but he was right there in front of me so I pump faked the ball to get him in the air and jumped back to the three point line and took the shot from there and since he was already in the air he couldn't make adjustments and watched as the ball flew slightly over his finger tips .

Two more points and I can earn my easy $50 and at this point Herman and the kids were pissed and cursing me out for being shameless and doing tricks to win . I paid them no mind and checked the ball, Herman won't leave me alone so I walk slowly to the half court and he smirks and let's me do that thinking there's no way this kid can make it from there but to his surprise I take the shot and walk off to get my money .

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The kids get mad and yell that the game is not over until they hear the net make a sound and see the ball go through the hoop and their jaws drop . "Time to pay up" I gladly accepted the money and went to sit down and watch them play their own game . They sometimes come ask me to join and be on their team but I tell them if I joined it will be a cheat .

After eating food and birthday cake we head to mall to walk off the food and do a little shopping I ended up getting some new Jordans for me and Opal . When we got home it was evening so I went to the court to practice a little before coming home to sleep . Next day we went to church nothing special happened except that I was being talked about as the best basketball player in the church .

I ignored them and fell asleep during the sermon . Next day at school I met Akua during lunch and we had a little chat about current musicians and their life styles . I told her I could sing and rap and she laughed at me saying that it's not true so I quickly told the kid next to me to give me a beat and the whole cafeteria got quiet to listen . I started singing some Chris brown songs than rapping some lil Wayne lyrics and everybody was impressed .

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It was than it hit me like a brick I could easily retire my whole family real quick by writing songs . After I was done performing everyone clapped for me and Akua gave me a peg on my cheek while blushing hard and quickly ran off making everyone laugh . Darrel who saw all of this was beyond jealous and decided to go talk to his friends around his hood to come teach me a lesson the next day after school since he knew the area I lived in .
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While I was getting plotted on I had a carefree expression on in the classroom thinking of what songs I can steal from in the future . Drake, Chris Brown, Eminem,Lil Wayne and maybe do some Sean Paul . I'm excited just the thought of getting famous but I know basketball is the main thing I want to do but I'll just do some music on the side .

After school I decided to go check on the team and watch the practice . As soon as I sat down Momba asked me for a one on one match which I told him I didn't feel like it so he offered me $50 to play him and that I would get it if I win or lose and I quickly agreed smirking in my heart that I would definitely not lose . We started the game and everyone stopped to watch including Coach K .

I got the ball first and took the shot right away but to my surprise momba was quick and blocked the shot . For the first time I was blocked and shocked beyond belief about how this guy could block my shot but than I realized he's like two of me tall as hell and we played together alot . He smirked and quickly went in to make a dunk while I was in my shocked moment .