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Published at 14th of June 2020 05:15:15 AM

Chapter 249

Chapter 249: You Look The Best

He would be going against his conscience .

If it was someone else who was mature, he definitely wouldn’t say that . Were those disgusting words even something a human would say?

To be able to resist till now was already his limit

But he had no choice .

The pig-like teen was young and had the heart of a kid . If he used sharp and insulting words to tell him that he should become thin, that would cause a psychological blow .

At that moment, the furious gaze changed . He lowered his head and looked at his fat, grabbing a bunch before releasing it . It bounced up and down .


Was this what that guy called beautiful?

But he didn’t feel like there was anything special about it .

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up, “Have you noticed where your beauty lies?”

The fat teen looked at Lin Fan; he didn’t say a word like he was mute .

“You haven’t noticed?” Lin Fan smiled and reached out to grab his fats at his stomach . He pressed softly and his finger sunk in . He released it and the fat bounced up .

“Look, do you feel like these are like waves shaking . Listen, there is the sound of ocean water, does it sound good?”

He said words that normal people definitely wouldn’t say . He really respected himself for saying that .

The sound of ocean water made him think back to the movie Kung Fu, that sound when the fatty moved his fat .

Right, the sound that this fat teen gave off was even more exaggerated than that of the movie .

He really wanted to know what this teen ate to be able to grow to such a size .

The fat teen looked at Lin Fan in shock . He calmed down and said, “Do you really like my fat and you really think it looks good?”

His voice sounded weird .

Even if he lowered his voice, it sounded a little hoarse .

Lin Fan didn’t bother about his voice and felt like he just sounded old . As for his question, if he followed his true thoughts, he would directly tell him to stop dreaming; to wake up and accept reality, that he would never find happiness .

But as a good person, he could only nod his head and say, “Right, that is correct, I really like it and hope you can continue . Don’t be affected by outside factors as they don’t know where your beauty really lies . ”

“Look at how thin I am; my stomach is so flat . ” Lin Fan revealed his stomach and pointed at his 10 abs . There was originally eight, but after he got the God Body, there were two more abs .

This was something that others craved for but today, to make the fat teen find the beauty in being fat, he lowered the value of abs .

Lin Fan patted his shoulder and nodded his head, “Good luck, I have high hopes for you . Don’t be affected by adversity . ”

After saying this, he directly turned around and left . He didn’t want to continue looking at the fat teen . He was really afraid that he couldn’t take it and speak his true thoughts aloud .

The fat teen looked at Lin, lowered his head, and shook the fat on his body . They really felt like waves and sounded like ocean water .

Haiz, where did that fellow come from? How did he even eat? Even if there were hormones in the food, he shouldn’t have grown so quickly . Lin Fan thought about it and couldn’t understand .

He walked and walked . He slowly stopped and realized someone was following him .

Who was it?

He turned around and noticed that there was no one there . But there was someone behind a tree . Although he hid well, he was just too fat and the tree couldn’t block him .

Why did this fellow follow him?

Suddenly, a fatty face popped out .

The smile was really weird, like an idiot chasing prey . Especially his expression like he thought that Lin Fan hadn’t noticed him .

Does this kid have nowhere to go and wants me to bring him to Martial Path Mountain? Lin Fan thought about it and felt that it was possible .

No .

Definitely no .

He made an exception by lying; he was only able to say such words because of all the pressure .

If he brought this fellow back to Martial Path Mountain, would he even be able to live?

Moreover, with his size, just one look and one could tell that he could eat a lot . How much money did Martial Path Mountain have for him to eat?

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“Teen, take care of yourself . The world is small, let’s meet if fate allows . ” Lin Fan jumped into the air and waved at the person behind the tree . He left quickly .

He didn’t want to stay at all .

Who knew what that guy would think? If he shamelessly followed, that would be catastrophic .

Lin Fan didn’t cause the fat teen to leave . He just hid behind the tree to peek . Even when Lin Fan left, he still continued .

After a long while, the fat teen slowly walked into the distance . He would occasionally bounce his fat . The rippling fat really did sound like the ocean .

Suddenly, a voice could be heard from the distance .

“It is him . ” The teen that Lin Fan slapped brought his vicious servants over . When they saw the fat teen, he had a cruel smile . He shouted, “Where did that person go to? He dared to hit me, so I will chop off his hands . ”

The servants who came along with the teen held wooden sticks in their hands, and some even carried blades .

They were really aggressive . If it was someone else, they would have peed their pants .

But the fat teen didn’t worry about them, walking forward like nothing happened .

“Damn, teach him a lesson . ” The rich teen shouted, his eyes were already spitting flames . He had never seen such an arrogant person .

A stick-wielding servant wanted to show off in front of the master, so he rushed up, smacking down on the teen’s back .

He didn’t dare to hit the head in case he would die and make young master unhappy .


The wooden stick smacked the fat teen’s back . The servant had some cultivation, Martial Path Grade One . Although that stick wouldn’t be lethal, it wasn’t something that normal people could take .

Pain, screams, shouts, all of that was unavoidable .

But the fat teen didn’t even react, it was like he didn’t even care at all .

The servant was filled with disbelief; he was really shocked .

The fat teen stopped and turned his head slowly .

When he faced them, he smiled .


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A weird sound spread from within the fat teen’s body . Suddenly, a wound appeared on his right chest and something was about to come out .

With a peng!

A light struck out and landed on the ground . It was a sword whose surface was shining brightly . Destructive Sword Intent spread from the sword that disappeared when it landed on the ground .

“Sword Intent connection, that was really problematic . ” The fat teen said . His voice was really low and hoarse .


The right side of his body started to swell and his fat became more and more shocking .

Shortly after, another sword shot out from his left chest and landed on the ground .

“God Slaying Sword, slaying the path of the heart meridian, really good but it isn’t enough . ”

The sword landed on the ground .

The left side of his body started to swell, his fat grew larger and larger until he seemed to have turned into a ball .

The rich family young master and his servants sat on the ground in fear, their foreheads were covered in sweat . To them, it was like they had seen a ghost .

Suddenly, a pitch-black hole appeared from teen’s forehead, like something was moving inside .

With a xiu!

A Heaven Crossing Sword Sword Intent exploded from the hole in his forehead . A sword floated out, shuddering like it was about to fall to the ground .

“Heaven Crossing Sword to seal my Heaven Gate, nice try . ”

His head started to swell but it didn’t swell too much . Just his face changed, becoming more vicious, angry, and unfriendly .


The fat teen hollered as his height slowly increased . A shadow covered the rich teen and his servants . A terrifying aura spread out and sealed the surrounding area .

This kid was actually the Nine Bug Gang Gang Leader .

That was something that no one dared to imagine .

Two days .

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He healed here for two days to force out the three swords . The Heart Connection was really terrifying, they made him take a loss when they were about to die .

It was a waste that they exchanged their lives for that loss .

“Little bugs? What are you all doing?”

“Right, do you look down on my beautiful and wave-like fat?” The Gang Leader walked in front of the young master and dotted on his head .

This finger was bigger than his head, causing the young master to wet his pants .

“You… What kind of monster are you?” The rich young master panicked and was totally stunned .

The servants dropped the weapons in their hands . When had they ever seen such horrifying scenes? To them, he wasn’t even human; he was a true demon .

“Eh? Monster?” Gang Leader grinned, “You bugs don’t even have the right to be baby food, go and die . ”

At that moment, Gang Leader raised his palm and slapped .

With a cracking sound, the corpses under his palm exploded, leaving a deep mark on the ground .

The Gang Leader looked in the direction Lin Fan left, “I didn’t think that the person that could understand me was the one who made me angry, no… Someone with such admiring eyes should be accepted, no matter what he has done . ”

“Waves, the sound of the ocean . Not bad, he makes me happy . ”

There was a rare smile on Gang Leader’s face . If his gang members saw it, they definitely wouldn’t believe it . The cruel Gang Leader actually had such a sincere smile .

Shortly after, his face became really terrifying .

“Sword Palace, you dare to attack my baby, I will make you all pay the price . ”

With a peng!

Gang Leader rose up in the air, and his fat body shattered the space . He headed in and disappeared without a trace .




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