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Published at 14th of June 2020 05:15:11 AM

Chapter 251

Chapter 251: You Should Have Listened To Me

Lin Fan’s expression was hard to describe with words .

When he heard the news, he felt like someone was telling him a bad joke .

Nine Bug Gang being wiped out meant that his target was gone . Life without a target was really lonely, meaning that he could only lock his eyes on King Wutong .

It wasn’t that he wanted to offend King Wutong, but because he disrespected him . Without Nine Bug Gang, he could only take a step back and clash with King Wutong .

“Feng Poliu, the color of your face is a little off, did something happen? Or was the person we met really your Junior Brother?” Lin Fan asked .

He felt that the person was definitely his Junior Brother, it was just that he didn’t want to admit it . Of course, the key was that he felt like Feng Poliu really treated him as a fool .

If he couldn’t even see that, then what was he doing outside .

“Was that true?”

After Lin Fan asked time after time, Feng Poliu nodded his head helplessly .

“Eh, that person is my Junior Brother . ”

Feng Poliu didn’t expect that Nine Bug Gang would be wiped out . At the same time, he didn’t know what would happen to his Junior Brother .

One sword split the river . A huge wave swallowed Fuzhou, slicing the ship . A normal person couldn’t have done such a thing . They had definitely faced a really terrifying expert .

If Junior Brother was really there, then with his cultivation, he definitely wouldn’t be able to escape .

“Don’t be too nervous, good people will be favored by the heavens, so he will be fine . ” Lin Fan consoled him . Looking at his expression, he seemed really pained . He was probably filled with worry, worry about the safety of his own Junior Brother .

He wanted to say to Feng Poliu that he lied when he asked him previously and he hid it from him . Now that something happened, it was useless even if he regretted it .

If they connected with one another initially, he could pull that person over, saying to him, “Don’t you want to work together with your Senior Brother? Now that the chance arrived, follow me in Martial Path Mountain and I promise that you will feel good .

What a waste .

Feng Poliu caused Junior Brother to miss such a good chance .

Who else could he blame?

“Haiz . ”

Feng Poliu sighed helplessly and he didn’t know what to do . He didn’t expect that such a thing would happen .

Sword Palace .

An old man slowly climbed the mountain . Old Ancestor Su felt a huge headache . Why did everyone like to stay in the mountains?

Did the air above smell good, was it sweet? He really didn’t understand .

Now, Zhuang Xun felt a huge pressure on his body . Senior Brother left Sword Palace and passed everything to him . All of a sudden he had loads of things to do .

Luckily, the Sword Palace disciples cultivated like usual and nothing happened . He just hoped for Senior Brother to come back soon to take over .

Suddenly, Zhuang Xun was stunned . He left his spot and headed out of Sword Palace . An outstanding person came .

“Country Protector . ”

He came to an entrance and saw an old man . He recognized him right away and his expression changed . He didn’t expect the Su Family Old Ancestor to come, he was also the Country Protector of the Imperial Dynasty .

Old Ancestor Su smiled, “So it is Little Zhuang . I don’t have that title anymore, I am just an old man who came to take a look . ”

He didn’t take Old Ancestor Su’s self-mocking seriously . To him, this Old Ancestor Su was a really dangerous person .

As for him calling him Little Zhuang, there was nothing wrong with that .

This place was Sword Palace . If the other disciples heard it, then naturally he would lose all face .

“No matter what, Old Ancestor Su will always be the Country Protector in my heart . ” Zhuang Xun said that and headed forward, “Sorry for not welcoming you better, don’t blame me Country Protector . ”

Sword Palace was a top sect but compared to individuals, there were always a few people on the earth that were hard to handle .

This Old Ancestor Su was one of them .

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“Little Zhuang, I came not for any other reason but to ask for the Sword Head . ” Old Ancestor Su asked .

His goal was really simple, to ask whether the Fuzhou matter was done by the Sword Head and to ask where he was?

Zhuang Xun knew and he didn’t hesitate, “This…”

“If you want the best for him, then tell me the truth . I suspect that he has been controlled by killing intent . ” Old Ancestor Su said .

“Eh?” When Zhuang Xun heard that, his heart shook . His first thought was that it was impossible . Sword Head was so strong, how could he lose control? But those words were said from the mouth of Country Protector and it was really possible, it wasn’t like he was joking .

“You can tell me now right?” Old Ancestor Su asked .

Zhuang Xun said, “Country Protector, Sword Head isn’t in Sword Palace . The three Senior Brothers were killed on Black Mountain, so he headed out days ago to find the enemy . Till now, he hasn’t returned . ”

“As expected . ” Old Ancestor Su said regretfully, “He was too rash . Even if he wanted to take revenge, he shouldn’t have split the Nutao River, causing a flood to swallow Fuzhou . Numerous civilians lost their homes and many even died because of him . ”

Zhuang Xun was shocked and immediately said, “Impossible . How could Sword Head do such a thing, there was definitely a problem here . ”

Old Ancestor Su shook his head and said, “Nothing is impossible . He focuses on the Killing path and even if he cultivated and calmed himself down for decades, killing is still killing, no one can get over it . ”

“Country Protector, what does the Imperial Dynasty say about this?” Zhuang Xun asked . He was afraid that they would attack the Sword Head .

Old Ancestor Su glanced at Zhuang Xun and then said, “I came on others to give Sword Head chance . He had committed a huge crime and affected a city . You all should know, but since he cultivated the Killing Path, it is understandable . He has done so much for the Imperial Dynasty which is why I came to help the Sword Head get out of it and return to the past . ”

Zhuang Xun heaved a sigh of relief but he was also helpless, “So many days passed but Sword Head isn’t back yet . Till now, I don’t know where he is or where to find him at . ”

When Sword Head left, the swords all followed . For there to be no news now was a huge blow to Sword Palace .

Old Ancestor Su kept silent for a moment and patted Zhuang Xun’s shoulders, “If he comes back, send people to Zuo City to tell me . This thing will only benefit him and Sword Palace, don’t try to help him on your own . ”

“Thank you Country Protector for your words, I will remember them in my heart . ” Zhuang Xun replied .

In his heart, he was worried about Sword Head’s situation . He didn’t know where he was or did he lose his mind . He only hoped that he could return . When that happened, he would try his best to keep Sword Head alive .

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In a certain mountain cave .

A crazy voice echoed .

Sword Head sat cross-legged as a sword circled his body, giving off a green glow . It was filled with life but at that moment, there was actually a red killing intent boiling in it .

On the head of the Sword Head, a red fog circled him like it was about to merge into his body .

Sword Head tried his best to block it .

Killing Path was the most terrifying path among swords and was also the most dangerous .

Although there was shocking strength, if one was not careful, one would fall into an abyss and lose themselves .

The death of his three Junior Brothers caused a huge influence on him . It was the same pain as one’s relatives being murdered .

Sword Head’s expression was occasionally calm but also really frantic .

The Sword Path in his heart was in chaos .

It was just too difficult to overcome the Killing Path that was deep-rooted in him .

That battle was too shocking and it concerned too much . Too many, too many souls in Fuzhou were murdered . Sword Head blamed himself, his Sword Heart wasn’t stable and he was immersed in guilt .

Nine Bug Gang Gang Leader was devastated .

He wasn’t the match of the Sword Head . Especially the attack that used 10,000 swords, it caused the Gang Leader to sense death .

At that moment, he was in an even worse state than Sword Head . Sword Head wasn’t injured by him, the sadness in his heart caused him to be merciless . The Killing Path appeared once more and tried to change his personality .

Although Gang Leader escaped, his entire body was covered in wounds . He tried his best to head to the bottom of Nutao River to escape . Otherwise, he would have died in the hands of Sword Head .

He would need a period of time to recover .

But Nine Bug Gang was really going to disappear .

This made him furious .

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Numerous sects in the world said that Nine Bug Gang was going to be wiped out . The closed Insect Valley didn’t react at all, shocking everyone in the world . Things had reached such a state and they were still closed . Did they really not care about Nine Bug Gang?

A fog covered Insect Valley, one was unable to discover the truth behind all of it .

To the people near Fuzhou, they were glad to see it happen . They felt that the heavens opened their eyes to wipe out Nine Bug Gang . It made many of them emotional .

The members of the divisions all fled when they found out that the headquarters were wiped out and Gang Leader was nowhere to be seen .

It might have seemed good that they have some strength .

But Nine Bug Gang’s reputation wasn’t good .

Now that they lost the backing of their headquarters, so they had to escape, otherwise, people would kill them .

A few days later .

When Huang Boren learned that Sect Leader was back, he came out of the city to meet him .

His head hurt recently because he felt that his investment had failed .

Since Martial Path Mountain took in one disciple, it was totally silent . There wasn’t even a strong seedling, causing his heart to feel cold .

“Young Master Huang, calm down . A sect needs to take it slow, otherwise, there isn’t any soul . ” Lin Fan consoled him . No matter what, this person was the first investor in Martial Path Mountain .

Now that he came over, he naturally had to take good care of him .

“Sect Leader Lin, I am a businessman . I invested in Martial Path Mountain in hopes to see returns . Even if there are no returns, at least you have to try right? Now…” Huang Boren only cared about money, if one tried but there was no money, it was okay because at least one tried .

But now, he didn’t even see the effort .




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