I Have A Super USB Drive - Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: 282

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The venue fell into a thunderous uproar in response to the man’s final statement as countless spotlights blared fiercely across the hall.

It was a tenacious speech, one which may have defiled God and undoubtedly insulted many Americans and Europeans present at the venue. However, the man on stage seemed to not hear any noise from below as he kept up his usual monotone expression.

A better way to put it was that for someone like him in such a position, there was no need to be fazed by the mindless squabbling of others.

At this moment, many religious Westerners could no longer tolerate the insolence. Enraged, they shot up from their seats and stomped off the venue.

Still, a large number of people remained. There was thunderous applause from the audience mixed with the sounds of booing and ridicule.

Who in the world was this man?

At this present moment, it was the only question most of them had. For someone of his young age, he should still be fighting to make a name for himself. It was difficult to imagine that he was one of those people in positions of power.

However, the speech had yet to commence despite the group of people leaving, it went on unhindered.

“There may be many people who doubt my words, for God is eternal and omnipotent.”

The man swept across the crowd with his gaze, looking more standoffish. “But we humans as well can —”

Before a new round of uproar could successfully break out below, the man continued to speak, pointing a finger at the sky, then at the earth, “In order not to be deprived of his position, Uranus, the God of the sky and the heavens imprisoned his children underground. In the end, Cronus rode the wind and soared above where he castrated his father with a sickle and took his place as the God of the sky and the heavens.

“After that, Cronus decided to eat all of his children as a means of protecting his position. Under the protection of his mother, Zeus managed to escape this fate. In the end, Zeus defeated Cronus and became the God of all things.

“From this, we can notice a rule…”

The man raised his voice again. “And that is – even Gods needed to grow. So, would you not say that our developing civilization is an upward journey toward attaining immortality and omnipotence?”

This inspired another round of debate in the audience below.

“Gods have godly strength of their own while we humans boasted our strength in our technology prowess!”

Decisively speaking over the rampant audience, the man continued. “The ordinary person stubbornly believes that life is accompanied by death, that this is a natural law that cannot be overturned, but this mentality is incorrect!

“Feynman, the founder of nanotechnology had once said that we have yet to find any proof that death was inevitable in all of biology. Since the phenomenon of aging is a law, then the principle of this phenomenon must be something we can research into. Therefore, we have reasons to believe that once we understand the essence of this law, we can, in turn, discover how we can reverse the process of aging and attain immortality!

“And that’s how the commonly known Rapamycin came to be, along with stem cells treatment technology and the age-reversal treatment project…”

Another brief pause. The man surveyed the audience briefly before clenching his first fist and said, “Overcoming aging and achieving eternal youth doesn’t object to the law of nature in any way. The aging process of humans can be overcome, it’s merely just the body’s parts aging. It’s like how vehicles experience wear and tear, but does it necessarily mean that the car ages?

“If the parts of a vehicle have worsened with age, we can swap it out directly. Strictly speaking, we can continue driving the car that way. The human body operates on a similar principle as vehicles, the only difference is that we’re more complex.

“With that said, in the modern technological age, is it possible to invent a form of ‘engine parts’ for us to swap with the parts in our body, thus extending our lifespan, taking us a step closer to Godhood?”

At this point, the man suddenly unveiled a thin smile. The once tense and suffocating atmosphere in the venue had eased down considerably. Many people were baffled by this stark contrast even. Such stage presence was nearly equivalent to that of the devil in World War 2…

At this part, the man answered his own question contentedly, “Fortunately, it’s possible. It’s the latest project Blacklight Biotechnology is tackling and also a shortcut for humans to reach Godhood, I call it —

“Bionic Prosthetic Project!”

The audience became rowdy again upon hearing this mention. Many people made the connection with the bionic prosthetic systems seen in movies such as Alita and Ghost in the Shell.

“Wrapping up this presentation, allow me to make a formal self-introduction.”

After the audience settled down, the man prepared his closing statement:

“My name is Chen Chen and my goal is to build an empire founded by technology – Kingdom of Demigod!”

After revealing the theme of this conference, the speech finally came to an end. The man on the stage bowed slightly as if he had only done something insignificant, then the platform which he stood on automatically withdrew underground. The man disappeared from the stage.

It was only after the man was nowhere to be seen when the audience below came to their senses. When someone in the crowd made a lone clap, it began to spread through the audience and soon everyone was clapping in unison.

Within just two seconds, the venue was filled with deafening applause. It was also mixed with people cheering and roaring. This went on for some time…

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Without the presenter on stage, the screen above the pulpit automatically faded out and turned into a black screen. Shortly after that, the image of a human silhouette was cast on the screen.

The only difference was that unlike an ordinary silhouette, this silhouette was without its head.

This was the promotional picture of the Blacklight Biotechnology official website.

The audience was reenergized upon seeing this. They were aware that the purpose of the speech just now was not just to explain the position and values of Blacklight Biotechnology, but also to extend to the theme of this conference.

The man had already clarified that the headless silhouette was a type of bionic prosthetic. Similar to the previous “Age-reversal Treatment” project, it was a technology purposed for extending the human lifespan.

While the audience was speculating among themselves, the platform that had descended into the ground appeared again. Only this time, it was not the young man they saw just now, but a famous talk show host in North America. According to the organizer’s planning, Qian Wenhuan would host the rest of the conference along with this host.

Meanwhile, backstage at the Blacklight Dome, Chen Chen took the wet wipes from a Black Knight to wipe his face. At the same time, he craned his head and turned to a woman standing in the shadows. “What is it?”

“Do you have any idea what you just said?”

Xia Yin slowly stepped out of the shadows. She was wearing a slim evening gown which put her beautiful figure on full display. Her long silky hair was dyed chestnut brown which produced a fine sheen under the dim lighting.

“You were getting too ahead of yourself with your speech. In a Westerner-dominated environment, if someone were to create controversy from your speech, it will certainly be a great hit to Blacklight Biotechnology’s reputation…”

“I’m only saying what I think.”

Chen Chen twisted his neck and answered indifferently, “Also, no one will make an issue out of it. Trust me.”

Xia Yin immediately fell speechless, she hesitated briefly before speaking again, “We haven’t met in quite some time now, have we?”

“It’s not that long, it’s barely two years.”

Chen Chen nodded. “But it seems like you’ve done a lot of growing up over this period.”

“The same applies to you, I can hardly recognize you by your personality anymore.” Xia Yin sighed and produced a faint smile.

While Xia Yin was still pondering her next sentence, a Black Knight suddenly stepped forward and handed a phone to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen inspected it briefly and quickly turned into a frown. Finally, he turned to Xia Yin. “My mission here is complete, the rest is in the hands of you and Old Qian.”

Before Xia Yin had time to respond, Chen Chen hurriedly took his leave.

Watching Chen Chen’s quickly leaving figure, Xia Yin found herself with a smile filled with bitterness that was all too slow to subside…