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Chapter 53

Chapter 53 [Government Secret Agency and Magic Tool Maker]

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TL : Cnine

ED : akshaythedon

Part 1

A while after that, I‘m practically not doing anything special .


I’m in no hurry to do some gardening . This means that I’m enjoying the slow life after returning .


Well, since I’ve no need to worry about the smaller things, I have no intention to mind about anything now .

There’s a saying that “Carefree time can’t continue forever“ . I have been relaxed for quite a long time . So it feels like I would need to do something soon . For example, check about my custom accessory .

「Yosh, I shall see the progress」

Therefore, I travelled towards Phillipe’s magic tool workshop .

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I entered into the door which is not locked even today and sent a greeting . Leaving aside the merchandise displayed near the entrance, I moved towards the interior portion of the workshop . In that place was the figure of Phillipe who held his tools while wrenching and striking a bracelet .

「Oo~h, it seems it’ll be done soon」

When I greeted him, the hand that was moving stopped for a while . Phillipe turned his head and pointed his sharp line of sight towards me .

「It’s Eiji huh . You came at the right time . It seems that I can finish it by today . 」

「O~h, really . That’s cool, then allow me to wait for a while . I want to see my newly made accessory . 」

「No problem . But, try to be quiet so that you won’t distract me . 」

「It’s okay, I’m not a child you know . 」

Phillipe laughed when he saw my face and then resumed his work . Though I wanted to ask what the meaning of that laugh was, I shut my mouth since he started working on the bracelet with a tool that looked like a tweezer, which shined at its pointed end, with a serious expression .

Screwdriver-like tools and pincer-like tools, something similar to sandpaper sheet, there are so many tools on top of the working table . It seems he makes magic tools by using these equipment .


The raw materials are also on the table . The core of Manticore and the other materials have already lost their original form and have started to take the shape of the tools . Some of the materials looked disordered at first glance starting with the watery, jelly-like material that was used to bind things gathered .


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Sometimes his movement looked delicate, other times his actions were coarse . The manufacturing process seemed to be a splendid work even in the eyes of an amateur . The activity of watching an experienced manufacture made me feel good . I was looking silently at his work for a while after that . Finally, Phillipe raised his face .

「A bit more and it’ll be done」

「O~h, that’s great . I have really come at the right time, haven’t I? . Nevertheless, you’re really skillful . I wish my hand can move that skillfully . 」

Part 2

「It’s not something to brag about .  Rather, the considerations for the design of the tool and the actual process of manufacturing the desired magic tool .  But, there are so many things to consider apart from the necessary points above… And Eiji, you brought that to me . 」

「I see .  If that was the case, I am grateful . 」

「Yeah, me too」

「Ah, you are just honestly thanking me…」

When he said that with a serious look, I was troubled on how to react to it . Since it’s almost completed, I noticed his slightly admiring attitude towards me . This one also didn’t explicitly say his gratitude .

When I’m thinking about that while I looking at the red hair of Phillipe who was about to go back to his work again, the sound of the door being opened reached my ears .


When I turned to look towards the entrance, three persons quickly entered the… . . GEH .

「Well, well, to think that I would meet the most unexpected person at the place of the magic tools maker . 」

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The person spoke with a mocking tone . The one looking towards my direction was none other than Grael Treize . The attitude of this man, who wore a big white collar when I had met him some time ago, didn’t change even in the slightest .

「It’s been a while, Grael-san . You’re looking for magic tools too? 」

But, since I didn’t have any kind of dispute with him until now, I replied normally . I did not even intend to show a rough attitude .


He said that he would teach me some lesson but, he hasn’t done anything yet . If it ended up peacefully and was left as a joke, then it would be for the best .

「Why must I have to tell that to someone like you? That aside, what are you doing in this place? The one I have business today is with that man . 」

Grael walked until he arrived in front of Phillipe while brushing me away who came to greet him with a natural movement . Though I am already trying to resolve the misunderstanding peacefully, this guy’s truly~ .

「It’s been a while, Phillipe . I’m astonished that you still doing such shabby work in this kind of place」

Phillipe looked at Grael with a sidelong glance but returned to his work again while answering him,「What do you want? I already have cut my relationship with people of secret agent, what made you to come to this place? 」

「Geez, you’re same as ever huh . Know a bit about something like social position . 」

「I don’t know about something like that, at least, the current Grael isn’t in the same chain of command with me . So, I have no need to hear you jabbering」

Phillipe took his stand right away .

Are they acquaintances?It seems that they’re not in good terms with each other . I can clearly discern that feeling .

「I discovered something during the investigation . Since that useless chap is complaining that analyzing it is impossible, I came to let you to analyze it .  Well, this is the item . 」

Part 3

Several items like short sword and sphere are being placed on top of the desk .

「The item investigation of secret agent huh…… Fu~h . I see, you understand what I like huh . Interesting, I’ll do that later . Come another day . 」

「N?  I couldn’t hear it properly, did I just mishear it? Though I specially came to this place, what do you mean by another day? 」

Grael furrowed his eyebrows while glaring at Phillipe .

「Do it now, Phillipe . 」

「I refuse . The work that I do now is at the best part .  Though the item that you brought interesting by my evaluation, I’ll do it only at my own pace . 」

「Even if it’s this great me’s order?」

「This kind of thing is what I hate the most . That’s why I left the court service . Though when I was in the organization that time, I was not obliged to obey the order of higher-ups since I was in an independent division .  I’ll make the item that I want to make and will investigate the item that I want to investigate . That’s my style . But, if you’re coming as an『Ordinary guest』, I’ll examine them only after I get interested in the magic tools or the treasures that are brought . 」

On the contrary, Phillipe looked at Grael with eyes as if scoffing at him .

Grael’s expression became crooked .