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Published at 1st of August 2017 09:19:23 AM

Chapter 12

One of the man who raided the village was running alone at night .

Since he lost the battle, he was tied up with a rope . But because he wasn’t monitored carefully, he wriggled out of the bonds and ran away from the village .

And now he’s on his way to Azide . [1]

「Damn it, those brats, don’t you dare make light of me . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

He ran throughout the night, cursing .

「Mu[2] . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

The man stopped and looked back .

He felt the signs of people .

However, there was no one .

He gazed at his surroundings, but it was foggy, but it also looks like there aren’t any people lurking .

Then, a hare came out from the fog .

「What the, scaring me like that .  Pe[3] . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

He spat away a mouthful of saliva, and began to run again .

After running for a while, he arrived at Azide . [4]

In an abandoned mountain castle, surrounded by a wall, was a palace inside .

Someone occupies it, maintains it, and used for Azide . [5]

「Hey~, open up . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

The man raised his voice .

The gate opened . A muscular man appeared with a torch .

「You managed to come back . Furthermore, you seem to be alone . 」 (Muscular Guy)

「A brat got me . I’m going to get my revenge on him and for everyone . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

「Will you do it?」 (Muscular Guy)

「I can’t just leave things just like this . I will not be humiliated by a brat . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

「……I got it . 」 (Muscular Guy)

The man entered into Azedo . [6]

The inside seems to be noisy .

「Ke, I’ll see you before long, brat . You will regret letting me go . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

「You escaped . 」 (???)

「ー!」 (Ruffian who escaped)

The man turns around at once .

Behind him, was that boy .

「I’ll have you show me around here . 」 (Callus)

I tailed the man .

It was dark at night, I almost lost sight of him when I got distracted .

Suddenly, my Stealth Step (しのび足) wore off, and my footstep made a sound .

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The man stops .

I used Art of Smoke Elude (煙遁の術を使った) quickly .

The smoke spreads .

There was a hare at my feet, so I poked it out of the smoke and let it out .

「What the, scaring me like that .  Pe . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

The man was relieved, and began to run again .

The Stealth Step was used again, and I resumed following him .

After a while, I arrived at a castle-like place .

In the early days of the Warring States Period, the castle tower was yet to be invented, with a palace in it’s center . [7]

Just then, the man said something something to his associate . His companion entered the castle, and after a while, white lights begin to clutter .

This is the base, right?

If so, I don’t need to hide myself anymore .

I headed towards the man .

「Ke, I’ll see you before long, brat . You will regret letting me go . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

「You escaped . 」 (Callus)

「ー!」 (Ruffian who escaped)

「I’ll have you show me around here . 」 (Callus)

「You bastard……damn it!」 (Ruffian who escaped)

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The man fled into the castle .

I walked, pursuing after him .

When I entered inside, the ruffians were lying in wait .

The both hold a torch and a weapon .

They glared at me .

Roughly, there are around a 100 people, and voices still continue to gather .

Eventually, there were about 200 people surrounding me .

「What an idiot to come here alone . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

「……is this all of you?」 (Callus)

「Haa? What are you talking about, brat?」 (Ruffian who escaped)

「I’m asking you if all of you are gathered here . It’s too troublesome if I missed some of you . 」 (Callus)

「You bastard, you’re saying that you deliberately let me escape?」 (Ruffian who escaped)

「There wasn’t anyone watching you, right? You know, it was hard getting the Chief’s permission for that one . In the end[8], he finally listened to what I said . 」 (Callus)

「……you brat . 」 (Ruffian who escaped)

The man bares his teeth and glares at me with his bloodshot eyes .

Apparently, it seems this is all of them .

I should begin soon, then .

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Dragon Level 14 Skill, Gekirin Ni (逆鱗2, Wrath Level 2) .

The Skill that I learned at Level 7, leveled up to 2 as I reached Level 14 .

The moment I used it, my back began to itch .

I reached out my hand behind my back and felt it .

My eyes turned red, and power seemed to come infinitely .

GUOOOO!」 (Callus)

「Wh, what the hell is that?」 (One of the ruffians)

「Don’t worry, with this number, we’ll overwhelm him!」 (One of the ruffians)

「Attack him!」 (One of the ruffians)

They all rushed to attack me .

About 200 people……they’re just trash .

The flames……burned them all to nothing . [9]

[1] そして今、アジドに戻る最中だ。Help, what is Azide?
[2] *Pissed off* sfx
[3] *Spitting* sfx
[4] しばらく走っているとアジドに戻ってきた。Seriously, what is it?
[5] それを占拠して、手入れして、アジドに使っているものだ。 Are my translating machines on drugs, maybe?
[6] 男がアジドの中に入った。 Maybe I’m the one on drugs?
[7] 戦国時代の初期にあるような、まだ天守閣が発明される前の、真ん中が舘になってる城だ。I think he just gave a history lesson .
[8] It doesn’t even matter . Sad . RIP Chester .
[9] Badass

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