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Published at 6th of August 2017 01:41:38 PM

Chapter 15

「Geho! Gehogeho!」 (Callus)

My body seemed to be strange when I woke up .

My head was throbbing, I was coughing nonstop, and the cup fell when I was careless for a moment .

I don’t have to do some testing, I seemed to have caught a fever .

I caught a cold, and it was difficult to get out of the futon .

「Callus-kun, morning . 」 (Claire)

「Good morning, senpai!」 (Charlotte)

I heard Claire’s and Charlotte’s voices from the outside .

Because it was morning, they came to wake me up .

「Good morning……」 (Callus)

I tried to reply, but I was surprised when my voice did not come out .

I tried replying again . As I thought, my voice was hoarse and could hardly be heard .

「Callus-kun? We’ll be intruding, okay?」 (Claire)

「Excuse me for entering!」 (Charlotte)

Since there was no answer (barely heard), they said their excuses and went inside my house .

「Ah, good morning! Senpai!」 (Charlotte)

「You were awake, Callus-kun . 」 (Claire)

「Ah, good morning……」 (Callus)

「Eh? What happened to your voice, Callus-kun? Is it possibly a cold?」 (Claire)

「Looks like it……」 (Callus)

I can’t seem to speak clearly, it was bit tough to talk .

「No way, let me see for a bit ー hot . 」 (Claire)

Claire measured my temperature by sticking her forehead with mine .

「How? It wasn’t there last night . 」 (Claire)

I also wonder why .

「Senpai, please sleep! I will gather herbs around the vicinity . 」 (Charlotte)

「Un, Callus-kun should sleep . 」 (Claire)

「Wait, what about Wilf-sama‘s class……」 (Callus)

「Eeh? That’s no good, it’s bad fever, Callus-kun . You have to take a day off . 」 (Claire)

「That’s right, senpai . 」 (Charlotte)

「No……I’ll go . 」 (Callus)

I stood up staggering .

I want to go to the old man’s place .

I can level up just by attending .

Even if I were to take the day off and attend tomorrow, it seemed too much of a waste .

So far, I had smoothly gone up by 1 Level everyday, and getting interrupted now will be wasteful .

「But, aren’t you terribly hot?」 (Claire)

「It’s alright……I’m just attending . 」 (Callus)

That’s right, I should just go and take attendance .

「Is that so?」 (Claire)

I nodded, and gazed straight into Claire’s eyes .

「……I understand . 」 (Claire)

「Then, I’ll be carrying senpai!」 (Charlotte)

「You, Charlotte?」 (Callus)

「Yes! Please senpai, let me carry you!」 (Charlotte)

Charlotte stared at me .

With that much enthusiasm, I decided to just let her carry me .

After that, I went to the old man’s class and only attended, falling immediately asleep on my desk as if it was my bed .

With that, I properly raised my Level .

After the old man’s lesson, I returned to the castle with Claire and Charlotte .

「Please rest properly as soon as you get home, Callus-kun . 」 (Claire)

Claire said concernedly .

Even during the old man’s lecture, she was looking at me with an anxious face .

「Then I’ll just do that……」 (Callus)

I don’t have to worry anymore, and decided to take a day off .

My fever was getting higher .

My head was hazy .

「Are you okay, senpai? As I thought, isn’t it better if I carried you on the way back?」 (Charlotte)

Charlotte asked with worry . Her voice also doesn’t have that usual enthusiasm .

「I’m all right . 」 (Callus)

「Butー」 (Charlotte)

「Leaving that aside, could you please gather some medicinal herbs that could help relieve a cold?」 (Callus)

「Hai! I’ll be gathering it afterwards!」 (Charlotte)

「……please go now, I’ll have to drink it soon . 」 (Callus)

「Uh……」 (Charlotte)

Charlotte looks at me . She seemed lost . She was hesitating as to whether she could just leave me like this .

「Sharo–chan . Leave everything to me . 」 (Claire)

「I understand! I’ll be going!」 (Charlotte)

Charlotte explosively broke into a run .

After she disappeared, Claire said something .

「Callus-kun, you’re really kind . You kept Charlotte away to prevent her from transferring your cold . 」 (Claire)



I definitely didn’t do that sort of thing .

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「You are also someone who doesn’t catch a cold that easily . 」 (Callus)

I thought for a moment and said something different .

「Isn’t that a bit cruel? I can also catch a cold . 」 (Claire)

「Even if you did, you’ll be fine again in no time after munching on some leaves . 」 (Callus)

「Ah, defintely so . 」 (Claire)

She recovers too fast! I wish I was the same, too .

「The day before yesterday, I seemed a bit feverish, but it disappeared when I was munching on some leaves . 」 (Claire)

She confirmed it .

The Caterpillar’s leaf munching seemed to not only be effective on wounds, but can also cure colds . I might acquire it since it seemed useful .

……no, as I thought, I can’t really stand munching on leaves .

I walked with Claire .

Furthermore, my head was blurry .

「Callus-kun, are you really alright?」 (Claire)

「I would like to build Claire’s and Charlotte’s house properly . 」 (Callus)

「Eh? What are you talking about, Callus-kun? Just little bit more, Callus-kun . 」 (Claire)

「Your Levels were rising up steadily fast, we should train bit more . 」 (Callus)

「Callus-kun? We’re almost at the castle, so hang in there . 」 (Claire)

My head was getting fuzzier, and my body feels light .

I don’t seem to know where I am .

I feel languid, and I’m sleepy .

I want to warm up in bed .

「Callus-kun, we arrived at the castle ー are? There’s someone there . 」 (Claire)

「Callus・Bridd  (カルス・ブレッド)」 (Usamimi)

Walking .

I saw a white rabbit in front of my eyes .

「Who are you?」 (Callus)

「I don’t like introductions . More than that……I would like to request a one-on one match with human-san . 」 (Usamimi)

「Eeeh? Wait a moment, Callus-kun is feeling bad right now . 」 (Claire)

The white rabbit looks cute, and fluffy .

I guess it would feel nice hugging it when sleeping .

「Be prepared . 」 (Usamimi)

The rabbit soared . The way things are, it would most likely escape .

I want to capture it . I have to capture that soft thing .

Well, what should I do? What should I do to catch that rabbit?

I can’t incinerate it, it won’t be soft anymore if I freeze it, and blowing it is definitely out of the question .

……that’s right .

GUOOOOO!」 (Callus)

Roar of the Dragon .

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The roar shakes the earth .

「Gu, what, is this……」 (Usamimi)

The rabbit stopped . I approached the rabbit .

「Ku, move, my body……」 (Usamimi)

I approached and lifted the rabbit .

「What are you doing?!」 (Usamimi)

「Wait, Ca, Callus-kun?」 (Claire)

「Sleepy . 」 (Callus)

「Eh?」 (Usamimi)

「Eeehhh……」 (Claire)

I held the rabbit, and returned to my room .

The rabbit felt soft and comfortable .

I got up at night .

I opened, and it was my new room .

I had come back from the old man’s place somehow……but I didn’t when I came back .

……the cold, did it get worse and my memory flew away?

There’s a possibility that I may have caused trouble for Claire and Charlotte . I’ll have to express my gratitude later .

While I was thinking so, I had a slight discomfort .

Something in my arm feels fluffy .

While I thought about what was happening ー the rabbit-eared girl was there .

「Uwa!」 (Callus)

「You woke up at last . 」 (Usamimi)

She said as if she were amazed with a silent tone .

It was the rabbit-eared girl the day before yesterday .

「Why are you here?」 (Callus)

「You do not remember anything?」 (Usamimi)

I nodded . I can’t seem to remember anything .

「It was terrible . Amazingly terrible . 」 (Usamimi)

「Eh?」 (Callus)

「I was used as a dakimakura for a long time . 」 (Usamimi)

The rabbit-eared girl was sulky .

「Err……」 (Callus)

I desperately searched my memory . Then somehow, I remembered seeing that a rabbit was there, so I caught it and used it as a dakimakura .

It seemed to be this girl . It was certainly a rabbit……now I’m scared of a cold .

「Somehow, sorry . I mean, why did you not run away? I had a cold, so you should be able to escape at any time, right?」 (Callus)

Her weapon, I remember her huge mace . I thought with that, it might not be that difficult to escape .

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「You roared towards my ears whenever I tried to move . Therefore, I gave up . 」 (Usamimi)

Etto……ah, I seemed to have been using the Roar of the Dragon, wasn’t I .

I invoked it every time the effect wore off .

「Sorry . 」 (Callus)

I thought that what I did was truly wrong, so I apologized once more .

「That reminds me of something . A while ago, when I saw you . What were you originally doing here?」 (Callus)

「It had already ended . 」 (Usamimi)

「Ended?」 (Callus)

「I came to fight . However, I was completely defeated by a sick person . Therefore, it ended . 」 (Usamimi)

「I, I see . 」 (Callus)

「I was defeated twice, you are an amazing person . 」 (Usamimi)

She said in a hushed voice .

「That’s why, I have a favor to ask of you . 」 (Usamimi)

「What is it?」 (Callus)

「Keep me . 」 (Usamimi)

「Keep, like how raiser would?」 (Callus)

「That’s right . 」 (Usamimi)

The rabbit-eared girl nodded .

There was definitely wrong with the way she presented it, but it you look at her right now, she exudes a mysterious atmosphere, one that says she’s looking for a companion .

She challenged me and lost, so she wanted to become my companion .

Un, that is definitely more fitting .

I thought for a moment .

The beautiful rabbit-eared girl whose Level exceeds 20 .

If she’s asking for a companion, then there is no reason to refuse .

「That should be nice . 」 (Callus)

「Thank you . 」 (Usamimi)

She thanked me .

She looked so cute that I thought of making her my dakimakura for a moment .

When I woke up the next morning, I can’t see the rabbit-eared girl anywhere .

When I went out, Claire and Charlotte had a troubled face .

As I followed the two people’s gazes, I was also surprised .

Before anyone was aware, there was unexpectedly a rabbit hut with the rabbit-eared girl inside bunched up, sleeping .

This is troubling, seriously troubling .

「So cute . 」 (Callus)

I thought so .

Thus, the rabbit became a companion .

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