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Published at 21st of June 2017 11:08:15 AM

Chapter 2


A week has passed since I came here . Though there was still much that I didn’t understand, I was still able to learn some things . It appears that the place that I am currently in is a so-called ‘alternate world’ .

In this world, all people that reach adulthood gain a job class from god, and there are levels attached to it as well . When you level up, you remember the skill from every job that you possess . The levels are hard to gain, and do not go up when I am conscious and do not train .

Actually my mother… . . of Callus is middle aged and is a level 6 magician . I can’t not say as to whether or not this is good .

“Callus-kun . ” “Here . ”

The moment that the old man took my attendance . I have risen to Ninja level 7 . My level rose again .

For reasons I can not fathom, my level raises when I attend the old man’s cram school every day . While I have tried to ask about it, no one seems to understand what I’m asking about . I have no idea why I’m the same level as my mother in only a week’s time .

“Today, I shall talk about total levels . ” The old man said in a steady tone . He’s no longer senile, but in his teaching mode .

“Besides the levels of the Job Class the two of you have received already, there is also a thing known as the ‘Total Level’ . It is not difficult to say this, but the Total Level is the sum of all Job Class levels that you may possess . ”

“So the Total Level just adds normally?”

“That is so . For example, if one were both Warrior level 5 and Wizard level 5, then their Total Level would be 10 . ”

“Huh . ”

“Then the essentials from here on out, level raising will be dependent on the Total Level . ”


“If the Total Level is 10, then the next level gained would be 11 . If one is a Warrior and a Wizard, then becoming a Ninja would be the same level of difficulty . ”

This came as a surprise . This is completely the opposite of the system that I was aware of . With the system that I’m aware of, it’s easy to raise levels after changing Jobs, is it the opposite in this world?

“W-Wilf-sama?” My classmate Claire raised her hand to ask a question .

“If I raise the same occupation too much, will it become difficult to raise after awhile?”

“…… . . ”


Again, that old man!

Claire who has just asked you a question is troubled . As if sensing her mood, he reverts to senility, and the class goes back to where things had started earlier . This is getting monotonous .

  ☆  ☆  ☆

I went over to the church . Entering, I went over to talk to the residing priest .

“Good Day . ”

“If it isn’t Callus-kun . What brings you in today?”

“I would like to hear about changing jobs . ”

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When he heard me say this, the priest furrowed his brow . “Callus, you are taking lessons from Wilf, Correct?”

“Yes . ”

“If that’s the case, you should have learned that changing jobs has some negative points . If Jobs are changed unskillfully, then the Total Level increases, and levelling becomes more difficult . ” The priest switches into sermon mode . Thing have become serious .

“Some time ago, there was a man in this village with a Total Level of 30 . To reach that level is amazing, wouldn’t you think?”

“Sure . ” I nodded . I’ve heard through various means that currently the person with the highest level in the village is level 15 . I understand that 30 is a very high level .

“That person changed their Job Class 29 times and… . . wound up with 30 Job Classes . While his Total Level was 30, each Job Class was at level 1, as I understand it . ”

“…… without such half-baked measures, levels are easy to raise, are they not?” I thought about this a little and answered . The priest nodded .

“That’s so . While I won’t say that changing a job class is wrong, but you should do it after waiting awhile and doing some groundwork and research, or everything would be half-done . ”


“Callus-kun . ”

“……I understand . ”

I left the church because saying anything further would be useless .

 ☆  ☆  ☆

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“Good gracious, who are you again?”

I went back to the old man’s house . It appears that he’s back in senility mode . “It’s Callus . I wanted to ask about changing Job Class . ”

“A way there is, to change jobs . ”

In an instant, his discipline had returned . I feel like I’ve learned how to handle the old man somehow .

“The method of changing one’s Job Class is quite simple . For every class, there is an item that is necessary for changing to a new Job Class, and once used, one rises to level 1 in the new Job Class . ”

“It’s good with that alone?”

“That is true . In fact, with the right conditions, one can change jobs to an even stronger class that would normally be difficult to gain . ”

“So if I reach a point where it’s too difficult to raise my level in my current Job Class, I can change jobs and level that up more easily?” Compared to the story I heard from the priest earlier, I was able to immediately understand this time .

“That is the way things are . But this is a problem that can be solved with money . ”

It is also like that . If I were to acquire a large sum of money and purchase an item beforehand is something of a pipe dream . So then, if I had gotten a terrible job from the god in my coming of age ceremony, then I would be disheartened . In that way, a level 1 Job Class is a loss .

“So how does one obtain an item to change one’s class?”

“Yes that’s right . I’m speaking my mind here . ”

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“Then, you should take this . ”

I received an item that the old man had taken out . I’m not quite sure what it is . …… . . Is it some sort of scale?

“So I can change my job with this? By the way, what sort of job is it?”


“Grandmother, I would like to purchase some rice . ”

“Not this again! You said that yesterday, old man!”

   ☆   ☆   ☆

The next day, it was time for cram school .

“Claire-kun . ”

“Here . ”

“Callus-kun . ”

“Present . ”

I answered while holding the scale . The scale disappeared from my grasp . I had gained the job Dragon level 1 . The words floating in my mind had changed .

Dragon? Is dragon also a Job Class? I looked at the old man, and he had faded back into senility . He begins to shake like jelly . Sage……dragon… . . Could it be… . . to receive that scale was an extraordinary thing, don’t you think?

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