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Published at 21st of June 2017 11:08:15 AM

Chapter 5


The next morning I went to the old man’s classroom . When I entered, Claire was already there munching . She was sitting down in her usual chair, and had an open lunchbox filled with leaves and was pulling them out to eat .


“… . . ” As I had my hand on the doorknob, Claire had stopped, a leaf halfway to her open mouth .

“It’s you . ”

“Good morning, Callus-kun!”

“So, has the munching become a habit?”

“Th-that’s not it! I have to do something to increase my level to the point where I can change jobs from Hairy Caterpillar . ”

“Is that so?”

“It’s the truth, the truth!” replied Claire desperately .

Now I see that it’s necessary… . In order for her to change jobs . At that moment, the old man entered from the interior of the house . As usual, he’s in senility mode . I mentally quipped at the idiot .

I reached Dragon level 3 . My new skill was a wind-based breath weapon . When today’s class ends, I plan on trying it out .

“Wilf-sama, I have a question?”

“What is it?”

“What’s the highest level someone can reach?”

“Good question . I was intending to talk about that soon, and this is a good as a time as any to do so . ”

““Yes please . ””

Claire and I lowered our heads . At this time, we can respect our teacher .

“There are two answers to that question . The Total Level most likely doesn’t have an upper limit . It’s not known how high it can reach . ”

“It’s that likely?”

“You see, no one knows what the upper limit actually is . In recorded history, the highest a human has reached is level 130, while the average demon can reach level 200, and a greater one get to level 300 . Past that, I do not know . ”

“I see… . ”

“Compared to a demon, a human’s level is low, why is that? For two reasons . I will tell you the first now . ” hearing what the old man said, Claire and I stared at him .

“Yes! The reason is that levelling becomes more difficult the higher it gets . ” I remembered hearing something similar when I talked to Claire earlier .

“Well then, remember this . The second part has to do with life spans . ”

“Life spans?”

“People have a shorter life span than a demon, and as we get older, we decline . Those are the two reasons . ” I see . In the first place, the time period one can train in is short, and does the decline come early as well? Compared to the demons, we would have a lower Total Level than them .

“After that, each job has its upper limit . Once that is reached, it is impossible to level normally . ”


“For every job with a max level of 100, there is also a job with a max level of 1 . ”

Is that so?

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In this old man’s lesson today, I finally understood something . However, is with 100 or 200? But however, I feel like there’s something more to this . I came to a realisation .

“What level is Wilf-sama, if I might ask?” I heard Claire say .



Grandmother, I’ve not finished my rice yet . ”

“You ate that yesterday, old man!” That cliched retort brought today’s lesson to a close .

  ☆  ☆  ☆

I left the old man’s house and thought, (As for me, I attend the old man’s class, and my level increases somehow or other . It seems I could become as powerful as a greater demon if I attend class for around half a year . In a year, I could be the strongest in history . )

……hey, wasn’t it—- Is there a limit to how many jobs one can have at their highest level? For me right now, I have ninja and dragon, but I do not know what their upper limits are . If I were to hit the max level for one of them, I would not be able to raise my Total Level anymore . My thoughts went to the cave we explored yesterday to find a job change item for Claire by hunting pillings .

“Callus-kun . ” I hear a voice call out from behind me . It’s Claire . It seems that it came from the old man’s house .

“What is it?”

“Umm, Callus-kun, what are you doing… . . after class? If you want, we could go to register at the guild right now . ”

“Guild registration?” I’ve just learned something new .

“I received that job change item from you yesterday, Callus-kun . Because of that, I want to be able to enter the cave for training, because you need to be in the guild to enter it . ”

Is that so?

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“So I want to register, and I wanted to know if… . . Callus-kun wanted to go with me . ” Claire’s pestering makes sense . Her eyes have the same look as the pet I used to keep in my parents home in my previous life . She hugged me . Well, taking yesterday into consideration, it isn’t surprising, wouldn’t you think?

“I understand, let’s go together . ”

“—-! Thank you!”

 ☆  ☆  ☆

We left the village and walked for about thirty minutes . We went to a neighbouring town called Gordon . It was certainly different from what I had been expecting . Claire led me into the guild building to register .

“What are you doing miss? This is not a place for children . ” Said the woman behind the counter . She looked down and despisingly saw us as children . Is she really that blind? Anyway, Claire was all business in her speech .

“I want to register the two of us in the guild . ”

“You two?”


“Pu!” exclaimed the woman as she compared Claire and I, and began to laugh suddenly .

“Go home, this isn’t a playground for children . ” I was offended .

“We have come of age . ”

“Right, right, you’re adults now . ”

“Pardon my language in front of children who have just had their ceremonies, but the guild requires registrants to be at least level 10 . ”

“Ugh… . . ”

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Claire groans . I can’t support her, as she’s still level 1 .

“My level is over 10 . ”


“Eh?” Both the woman and Claire were surprised .

“What sort of foolishness are you saying?”

“It’s true! Callus-kun was level 9 yesterday, but for him to go up so suddenly—-”

“Wait, What?” The woman’s expression changed . It changed at the same we heard Claire’s response . As I listened, she stared at me .

“Are you really over level 10?”

“It’s just 10, actually . ”

“Wait a minute . ” The woman disappeared behind the counter, and returned almost immediately . A glass of water is presented to me .

“Take this . Try to imagine your levels . Your Job levels, that is . ”

“I just have to think about it?”

“That’s right . ” “I understand . ” Holding the glass, I closed my eyes . I found that it was easy to visualise . Ninja level 7, Dragon level 3 .

“Ohh . ” I opened my eyes when I hear Claire speak . The water that had been clear had just turned orange .

“Going past red into orange…… . This boy is really level 10?” I saw that the woman could not quite believe it .

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