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Published at 21st of June 2017 11:08:15 AM

Chapter 6


When I returned the glass to the counter, the water had become transparent again .

“I really don’t understand this, what’s up with this water?”

“This is water that was received from the church . It is holy water that reacts to the Total Level of a human being by changing its color . It changes roughly every ten levels, going from red, to orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, and finally purple . Because it turned orange for you, your level is 10 . ”

“Oh, that’s really useful . But it can only measure up to level 69 . ”

Hearing that, the woman laughed blankly and said, “There are only five human beings in this world who have managed to surpass level 70 . It’s fairly rude to think of comparing oneself to such celebrities . ”

… . . Is that so? So anyone that’s gotten that high is a celebrity . If I keep at my current levels of activities, I could reach that in another two months . Well, it’s something to keep in mind .

“So I can enter the guild?” The woman returned to her original expression . The impression of her despising children has disappeared .

“It’s alright, since you passed the test . ”

“Test? Is that something everyone has to go through in order to join?”

“That’s right . ”

“Understood . ”

Claire I returned to the cave together . It’s the same cave we went to with the old man yesterday . Because the gatekeeper was there, I had to present my guild papers that I had received from the woman at the guild .

“I came for a guild test . ”

“Huh?” The gatekeeper compared the paper and me .

“Already taking the guild test at your age? As expected of a pupil of the sage . ” Unlike the woman, I was impressed with this man .

“Do your best . ”

“Ok . ” Nodding, Claire and I entered the cave . The guild test requires the collection of the fur of pillings .

“But only the handful of golden fur on its back . ”

“Uh huh, and I’ll store them in this bag . ” When collecting fur, you can’t burn the pillings .

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I used the level Dragon skill, Wind Breath . Using level 1 and 2, I’d defeated pillings with a single blast, and it was no different with this skill . Turning the bodies over, the golden fur was not conspicuous . I cut it carefully and placed it in the bag I brought along .

“This is pretty difficult work . If you’re patient, we can have it done in a week’s time . ”

“Umm… . . Callus-kun . ”


“May I fight as well?” was what Claire said .

“What’s the matter, all of a sudden?”

“The reason I wanted to enter the guild, was to train so that I could level up and use the job change item that Callus-kun has given me . ”

“So was that the reason?” Unless one was level 10 or more, they cannot register with the guild .

“Since Callus-kun has been able to enter the cave, I wanted to fight a little so I can raise my level . ”

“So it was that?” I nodded after thinking about it a little bit .

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“If that’s the case, then it’s fine . ”

“Thank you . ”

“Let’s work together . If I remember correctly, Wilf-sama once said that when fighting monsters, to get the last hit in was the best way to get experience in order to level up . ”

“Okay . ”

“Then once I’ve weakened them, Claire will go in and finish them off . ”

Because I level up when attendance is taken . In the case of this guild test, I will help in raising Claire’s level . I sealed away the dragon skills, and fought using my ninja skills . I let Claire finish them off with a coup de grace by protecting her with caltrops and weakening them with shuriken .

It went reasonably well . We fought the pillings without things getting too dangerous, and because I have a lot of skills to use, we were able to collect fur and raise Claire’s level . Because Claire is fighting, she gets injured . She took out some leaves used with her Munching skill and ate them recover quickly .

It’s strange, every time she uses munching with a strained smile on her face, as expected, I have to help her out . We took out twenty on the first day . On the second day, because it wasn’t necessary to travel to Gordon, after the old man’s class, we were able to defeat forty of them . The next day was the same . After another forty pillings were taken down, Claire finally managed to level up .

As she was holding the job change item as she defeated a pilling, Claire was able to become a Warrior level 1 .

“Thank you, Thank you Callus-kun!” Claire was in high spirits now .

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“Yeah, that’s great . ” “Callus-kun, I really, truly thank you for what you done!” [TN Note: Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe a flag has been raised . ]

“You really worked hard for this . ” This was said without any modesty or irony and was my true opinion . For the last three days, Claire has worked hard in defeating one hundred pillings . Defeat a pilling, munch some leaves, defeat a pilling, munch some leaves . Isn’t that kind of repetitious?

Her happiness is a reward in and of itself to me .

“Well, now that you have levelled Claire, do you want to start hunting in earnest now?” I looked into the bag . We had collected about three quarters of what we needed .

“I’ll help now . Callus-kun can concentrate on attacking, and I’ll collect the fur . ” Claire was determined with a ‘let me work!’ face .

“Right, then . I’ll entrust it to you . ” “Uh huh!”

Claire nods with a bright smile filling her face . We went back to one-shotting the pillings . The skills for Dragon levels 4 and 5 were Photon Breath and Dark Photon Breath .

I had gone up two levels over the last two days, and proceeded to use my new skills on the pillings . I defeated them, and Claire harvested the hair . By allotting the work, the last remain quarter was collected in no time . I took it to the guild and passed the test without any problems .

“Since you can’t enter the guild yet because your level is too low, do you want to work with me for a while?” I asked Claire .

“Sure! Thank you Callus-kun!” She was greatly pleased, and skipped on her way back, and picked up a leaf from the roadside, and munched it with a happy smile on her face . To level Warrior or Hairy Caterpillar, which would be best for her? I wasn’t sure at this time .

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