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Published at 21st of June 2017 11:08:15 AM

Chapter 8


After class ended, Claire and I went off to the cave outside of the village .

“Say Callus-kun, that tent wasn’t there yesterday . ”

“You’re right, it wasn’t . ” A tent was pitched a short distance away from the cave . It was big enough to comfortably hold four families in it .

“Hey, Callus-kun, Claire-kun . Exploring the cave again today?” The usual gatekeeper greeted us . It was welcoming .

“What’s the story with that tent?” “That tent? It seems to belong to some adventurer it seems . Though I don’t know who exactly because they set it up and went in the cave when I was off duty, so I only know about it from a secondhand source . ”

“An adventurer?”

“So it’s an adventurer . Are they in the cave already?”

“Aah, I’ve only just come on duty, so I’m not entirely sure . ”

I entered the cave with Claire while wondering what sort of adventurer was in there . As before, I weakened them, and Claire finishes them off . Because we didn’t have to collect hair this time, I could now use Stealthy Steps and Firey Art of Escape Jitsu . As before, I weakened them, and Claire finishes them off .

Because I was able to use the Firey Escape Jitsu with great precision, I was able to weaken them enough for Claire to finish them off . But time to time, she uses Munching out of sight .

… . . I already seem to remember . And like that, I assisted Claire in raising her level .

“That reminds me, what skill did you learn when you levelled up?”

“New skill?”

“Oh, at Dragon level 6 I learned Dragon Roar . Because I’m uncertain of what it does, I’m refraining from using it for the time being . ”

“I need to try mine out . ”

“So what’s the level 1 skill for Warrior?”

“Well, it increases my strength . ”

“Ah, it’s alright to try that out . ”

“Eeeeeeeeh? In what way?” Somehow or another, I can imagine what the Warrior’s strength is .

Though I tried out the Photon Breath, I didn’t try the Dark Photon Breath . I have a general idea of what it does . When I explained that to her, Claire looked like she wanted to cry . I try not to think about that face .

“Alright alright, I’ll try it out . Because I had a general idea of what that skill did, I was waiting to try it out at a later time . ”

“—-Okay!” Her expression widened with a large smile .

“It’s later on in the order . First I want to try the Dragon’s Roar skill . ”

“Okay, I understand!”


“Kyaaa!” Claire screamed as the roar I made shook the entrance of the cave . The pillings froze with fear . One second, two seconds, three seconds… . . after about ten seconds, it shook it off and began to move forward to attack .

“Claire . ”

“Ah, yeah!” I weakened it with the Firey Art of Escape Jitsu, and Claire finished it off with a quick thrust . Meanwhile I thought about the effects of the Dragon’s Roar skill . It’s probably a skill to lock down monsters in place to buy time . Well, judging from the skill’s name, it’s well deserved .

“Senpai!” Charlotte emerged from the depths of the cave . Claire and I were a little surprised at this development .

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“I just heard a terrible sound, do you know what it was senpai?”

“Ah, that was one of my Dragon skills, Dragon’s Roar . I was trying it out because I gained it when my level went up . ”

“As expected, Senpai is awesome!” “So what are you doing here?”

“Job training! Because this cave is so close to the village, it’s the first training area that’s available around here . So I decided to come here . ” “Ah, is that your tent outside, then?” Noting that Claire is aware of the tent, Charlotte nods .

“Yes, It’s mine . It’s convenient to have it near the cave so I don’t have to go back to town to rest . In that way, I have more time to train . ” I get the impression that Charlotte is a training maniac .

“Um, Is it alright if I join your group?”

“With us?”

“Yes! I want to see the brave figure of senpai by all means!” Charlotte begins to appeal with ardent eyes .

“I guess it’s fine . ”

“Thank you very much!” Charlotte was totally fired up . In this way the three of us joined together .

“So, how long have you been a princess?”

“Yes! I’ve been one since birth . ”

“You don’t look like a princess to me . ”

“That’s very nice of you to say . ” Charlotte readily admitted .

“So… . . you’re a level 7 Villager?” “Yes!”

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“So, did you level up by yourself?”

“I had some help at first, from General Alex . But more recently I’ve been able to do it on my own!”

“So what… . . ” I think Claire’s starting to soften up .

“Why Villager? As a princess, wouldn’t you be able to change jobs? It seems like there’s some better jobs out there . ” “Because I’ve received this job from god, it seems like a good idea to master the job that he has given me . So that’s why I made up my mind . ”

“Your first?”

“My first . ” Charlotte answered immediately . I wonder where she can go from there .

Training like a maniac . While we talked, more pillings appeared again . This time there were two of them . I used my Flame Breath, and disposed of one of them .

I took one out at first because Claire would be in danger when there’s greater numbers of them . I weaken it with the Firey Escape Jitsu, and let Claire do the rest . She defeated it safely .

“It appears to have gone smoothly this time . ”

“It was my Warrior’s Strength . The first attack after using it is much more powerful . ”

“So it’s like that, It’s pretty useful . Yeah, I’ve got a really good skill . Should I continue using my Warrior’s Strength? You could use your caltrops to slow them down . ” Claire said after thinking a little .

“Please do . ”

“I got it . ” As a result of this conversation, I decided to change our tactics a little bit . While I was looking for the next pilling, Charlotte began to look at us to some great extent .

“As to be expected of senpai! To not only one-shot the monsters, but to make such great tactical decisions as well!”

“This is normal for us, I guess . ”

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“No! You’re awesome! Is it normal to defeat monsters so easily?” She appears to be looking at me with even greater respect . I really don’t get what she’s trying to say .

“Senpai, can you add me to your tactics as well?”

“With us?”

“Yes, please allow me to fight with the two of you . ” Charlotte lowered her head suddenly .


“What can you do?”

“I… . think it would be good for us . That is, as fellow students of Wilf-sama . ”

“Is that so . ”

“It’s good? Thank you senpai!” And so the three of us began to explore together . As she continued to say things like ‘senpai, senpai’, I decided to try out some new ideas .

“Charlotte, I’m thirsty . Would you go back to the village and buy something to drink?”

“Right away, sah!” Charlotte answered immediately, and left the cave, running at full speed . Like that, she ran an errand for us .

“That’s some princess . ”

“What’s with that princess?” Somehow Claire and I said the same thing to each other .

[Author’s Note: So what to you think about the character Charlotte? She was intended to be the cute younger sibling type, but I’m concerned about what type of heroine she’ll be . ]

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