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Chapter 21

The other guest came over to confirm the gacha in my hand .

「Young man, please give it to me!」
「No thank you, though?」

My shoulder and back are slapped hard .

The shop clerk’s faces went blue as soon as their eyes matched with mine .

「He’s a monster… . tsu!?」
「Gacha monster……, he’s a Gachamon!?」(Binary: the original for Gachamon was Rakimon but since nothing came up when searched just changed it)

Hey, don’t mix the words .
What the heck is a Gachamon .

「Even though it was a 1 in 4444 chance… . !?」(Binary: Must have taken a long time counting those)
「In regards of probability, it did not matter this time……You, didn’t you know?」

The probability doesn’t matter… . ? Was it that kind of thing?

One of the sales clerks at the back point to some metal and stone tools .
「Well, you got yellow, did you not? 」

「Oh . This was a yellow……It seems so Jinta-sama?」
「Look at the stone . 」

When I pointed at the sample at the edge, 「Well,」Quina raised her voice .

Behind the counter there was a stunned clerk, a clerk who was talking in private, and clerk who had a grim face .

「Hey, what’s going on? It would be different . Who messed up the gacha!」

Wrong? Someone messed up… . . ?
I handed the stone to the elder sister while tilting my neck .

「Please exchange it . 」
「It’s strange, It’s strange, It’s strange!」

The elder sister behind the desk started clawing her hair out .
Her bloodshot eyes opened widely, and she started to come closer .

「Hey? Are you fine??」

The other customers started to rustle this time .

「Isn’t it strange to change the gacha suddenly?」

「Furthermore look at the gacha . Isn’t it quite small?」
「Wasn’t it made like this so a miss would be gotten!?」

Everyone started to heat up in a good way . (Binary: Not that way you pervs)

To make the probability of losing higher, and messing up the procedures,
The first gacha that came out would be a miss, and that will start a chain of misses for at least several times .

「「「「Return our money!!」」」」

Everyone swarmed the counter, and the salesclerks were in utter confusion behind the counter .

「Customer-sama’s, please wait . That man is wanted for gacha vandalism in the 【Gacha house】 . 」

No one cares .

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In the middle of the uproar, I turn the gacha indifferently .
After all, I paid for 10 more pulls, but all I got were trash items .

I was guided to the back of the shop by one of the clerks, and I received the cleric cane .

I go through the underground passage, as usual .
It seems the riot in the gacha shop hasn’t settled yet .

I found Rifua in the vicinity of the store .

「Hey , Rifua are you fine!」

She has a tired look as if she ran out of energy .
These 30 minutes …… she became considerately thin .
Is it due to the doll? This western-looking doll looks a little weird .

After Rifua received the cane, she equipped it immediately .

Race: Goddess
Name: Rifua
Lvl: 1
HP : 11/11
MP : 14/214
Strength : 13
Intelligence : 103
Endurance : 2
Speed : 1

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Luck : 1

Purification magic 1/10 (Cures abnormal state)
Healing magic 1/10 (Recovers some HP)

Her status is going up to some degree .
As expected of a Rare Item .
That right, there was a purification skill .

Then, perhaps………

「Rifua . Can you try the purification skill on the doll?」
「I wonder if it works……?」
「Well this is a test . 」

With the cane in her hand, Rifua began to chant .
White holy light began to wrap around Rifua .

A holy magic circle began to form at her feet .

The cane started to glow brightly, and the light converged at the tip
A word of prayer is given, as the wand is waved .

「Expel the illness of this child – 『Purification』 . 」

Oh…… . Just like a Shinto priest .
The doll shined, then the light settled .

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「Huh? The doll’s face, it didn’t change…?」
「Is that so, mind if I see it?」

It looks fine, No evil can be sensed from it, is it actually purified?
Before it had a 『HAHAHA』evil feeling, but now It has an elegant『FuFuFu』feeling to it .

I decided to look at the status .

『N Ordinary Doll』

「Ah, It Changed! Hey, Rifua . It’s not cursed anymore!」
「Is it not a lie? That’s good…… . 」

She fell to the ground .
Because a girl passed by looking like she wanted it, I gave it to her .

Now Rifua has become a support, this became a well-balanced party .
Me at the front as the vanguard, Quina in the middle as archer, and Rifua in the back as the healer .

「But, In the end, Rifua wasted our time again . 」
「I will do my best next time!」
「Oh, I’ll be expecting that then . 」

Well, It’s just a gacha .
Doubt she could do any good . (Binary: Burn)
As I stroked her head, she was happy and shy .

「…… . . Hey~~ . Expect it ok?」

I hope this doesn’t turn out as a flag .