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Chapter 6


After walking through the town I got an idea as to what the common folk of the this world looked like . It was at that moment I caught the first glimpse of the oncoming storm .

The glances coming Rifua’s way from the men as we passed did not seem to increase . She’s got a beautiful face, but it makes me feel like my presence is tiny .

“Oh my goddess… . . ”

“Did you say something?”

“No, Nothing . ”  

After we left the Curio Shop, Rifua’s manner became cold and distant for awhile . But to get used to this appearance, is it already back to usual?

“The [Item Gambling Shop] is an easy profit, as it keeps taking everyone’s money . Therefore because everyone spends money at the Gatcha shop, it’s a main source of income for the country, because it’s a state run shop . ”

“Is that so?”                                                                                                                                                                                              

“Yes . The country tempts people with premiums, and is the hidden purpose of the country to rob everyone of money . ”

“Wouldn’t there be riots if there weren’t any actual prizes won?”                                                                                   “There are some successes, but actual big payouts are extremely rare . ”

When people see someone win, it springs forth hope in their hearts . That’s why they invest in the gacha again in hopes of winning . AHA!

“Why was I allowed to win that flame sword premium?…… If someone were to abuse this system, what would they do?”

“It seems strange that you were able to defeat that behemoth so easily . Did the sword do something to your status?”       

I showed the following to Rifua; HP +4000, MP +3000, Strength +2000, Intelligence +1500 .

“…… . .  Jinta, this flame sword, it’s ten times its original specs . ”                                                                                      


“That’s a lot of zero ones…… . . Wonder what that means??”

“If there’s a cause, would it have to do with the fact that I’ve far surpassed the limits of Luck?”

“This ten times the specs of the weapon caused by Luck, is something that should not even be possible . But because you surpassed the limits of Luck, but I can barely speculate because you are so irregular, Jinta . ”

“So these specs, do only I have them?”

“Could you lend it to me for a moment? I want to check something out . ”

When I had the sword over and check its status, I get the following from Rifua’s status;






















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[Black Flame]


MP Cost —



MP Cost 15/Minute

“It’s true . That’s a tenth of what I have when I equipped it . Also the MP cost is in minutes for [Ashes] . ”

It seems that by coming in contact with this [SSSR] sword, something happens to the rarity of it . It appears that anyone can use it and its skills now .

“…… . By the way Jinta, how much did you get for the crystal core?”                                                                                  

“Why are you asking about that so suddenly? And may I have the sword back?” 

“Umm… . . I’d like to try using it once . ”                                                                                                                                          

“No, that sword is… . . ”

I pulled her hand off of my sleeves and began to walk .

We arrived at the [Item Gambling Shop] .

“…… . What? You want to try this?” Rifua asks with her brightened eyes glittering .

“I’m a goddess, and I think that my ship has come in!”                       

No, aren’t you good? Should I tell her about her being Level 1??

With such confidence, why? Is this why you asked about the money?

“Is there something that you want?”                                                                                                                                          


She pointed to a sign, [Single-family house (est price 10 million rin)] .

By the way, the listing for the magical flame sword has been pulled . That part was taken care of for some reason .

“A house…… I realise that the inn isn’t the greatest but… . . ”                                                                                              

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“Huh? It isn’t important?”

Seriously, you want to gatcha a new house… . ? Weren’t you just telling me about the evils of the gatcha shops a little while ago?

 “Are you sure you want to do this? Are you aware that the numerical value of your Luck is at one! Are you certain that you aren’t being unreasonable?”        

“I don’t know! Hand the money over please!”

“Because this is wasteful, I’m not sure if I like this . ”                                                                                                         “Since you don’t want to sell the sword, and I’ll die if you don’t give me the money!”

“—sigh . But only one pull . ”      

I opened the item box to get my wallet, and pulled out a 1000 rin note to hand to Rifua with dissatisfaction on my part .

“–— Eh! But I want 10,000 rin to pull with . ”                                                                                                                                 “Come on, that’s a lot of pulls… . !”

“You know, soon! If we focused on someone other than me to to do it for you!”                                                            “I’m impatient . It’s not so easy to pull a [Gold] is it?”

Oh, is it just me that’s won more than anyone else?

“That’s quite the face, now hurry up!”                                                                                                                                               “There’s no helping her……”

“Thank you Jinta!”

 I let out a small smile when I handed over the 10,00 rin bill .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ……Oh my… . . such cute innocence… .

Ahem, as I clear my throat .

“The people of the town have shaken my hand in order to catch some of my luck at gatcha, so what about you, Rifua?”

We shook hands accurately .

“No, I’m sure you were thinking of something perverted . ”

And then I was caught red-handed .

“I’ll show the power of a goddess’ blessing that is more genuine than that suspicious Jinta! I’ll show him!”

Rifua handed the sword back to me and entered the shop triumphantly .

Was that a prosperous flag that I was able to raise?

While many weren’t the same as yesterday, many people still came up to me in hopes of my luck rubbing off on them .  

Rifua came out from the store after a few minutes .

“So, how’d you do?”     

Rifua was holding onto eleven capsules and exchange tickets and was halfway crying . This girl……I seemed to have properly raised a flag with her .

“Could you give me one more chance? I think I could win next time!”           

“Let’s go . Of course market prices don’t have any say in how one lives . ”  

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With a proper win a colored stone is found . If it’s garbage, then it’s written on a giveaway voucher if appropriate .

Here’s the list of junk that the goddess won; 

[N Stones from the Plains] x5                                                                                                                                                                  

[N Moldy Rags] x3                                                                                                                                                                                        

[N Branches used for graffiti] x3      

Garbage items without the overcharge . More garbage . I facepalmed .

“Don’t feel so down! I’ll win that house for you!”

Is it a good easy mark?

“What are you going to do? If we stayed at the inn for another day, and we still had 2,000 rin, I could still buy something tasty to eat?” 

“Weeeelll… . If I were to win the house a snack wouldn’t be too unreasonable . ”                                                           “However, I’m not giving you anymore money today . ”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Stingy! Jinta’s so stingy!”                                                                                       “Wow, that’s totally the opposite of how you were yesterday . ”

“…But I thought I could help with Jinta’s burdens… . Even the money will soon disappear… . . ”

… . . Suddenly I feel rather meek . I actually feel bad about not giving her money .

“Let me have one more try! Please!

“So Rifua, do you really want the house, or another pull at the gacha?”                                                                             “Of course I want the house!”      

“Well would mean if there’s a problem against the house separately?”                                                             “Mmmm, well the way you said it sounds slightly wrong . ”   

I understand how you feel . I focused my good mood .

 “In addition, there can’t be ‘here even if I win a house because Jinta is being mean’, it isn’t your house, and seems to say even though I‘m associated and do it . ”

It’s not like I think of it that way .

“It seems to be a trap to say ‘we’ll live together if Jinta isn’t mean to me’ . ”                                                                     “I-I, that wasn’t what I meant to say… . . I might be … . . too shy to… . . ”

The goddess said bashfully . And such a reaction in coming here is shameful .

“Um… . I’ll wait . Even if I don’t win the house, we can get a sizable amount of gold from whatever I happen to win . ”

“Okay, Do your best!”

What is is it about an obedient girl cheering for you that is so motivational?

… . Even though you said it that way, will you be alright? I wonder if my previous words were triggering failure flags .

I wonder if what happened yesterday was just transcendent beginner’s luck .

But, we know what we have to do .