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Chapter 9


We made a fresh start towards Lake Elm . Rifua and I didn’t suffer from anymore motion sickness, and the trip continued without incident .

Entering the forest, we found a house near the lake .

I gave my thanks and the fare to the driver, and we parted ways .

Here in the woods, the air and water are clean . Though it’s a great place that’s a little quiet, we’re still quite a ways from the town . In the modern sense, this might be a little inconvenient .  I could understand why this place had a price of 1 million rin .

–—and this is an important home .

“Oooh! Wonderful!”

At that moment, I saw Rifua’s low tension rise up . Now that she wasn’t suffering from motion sickness, Rifua was able to appreciate the scenery off in the distance! Yes, I know how she feels . Because the house was a stylish log cabin . I yearned for a log cabin in the woods . I unlocked the door and entered .

“Don’t be so rude . ” she said as my collar was pulled stiffly .

“Jinta, is this… . Is this our new home?”

“……We’re home . ”

“Yes, that’s good . ”

Why, what’s with this superiority?

I was pushed in by Rifua, and we entered the house . It had a large living room, dining area, and a kitchen . There were also three rooms in the back .  It’s a little large for two people to live in, but I’m nonetheless excited about it after thinking for a moment . The house was fully furnished, and a bed made of large-grained wood was placed in one of the rooms . That’s most definitely the bedroom .

““………… . ””


When I looked in the direction of the sound, I discovered that Rifua was issuing steam from her head .  This was the first time I’d ever seen anyone do that!! Her face is bright red . Perhaps we’re imagining the same thing .

“I, I-I-I-I, I see, then . ”

“O-oh! I, I-I-I-I see the room next to it . ”

Rifua escaped back to the living room, while I moved on to the room next to the bedroom . While I started to lose it, It appears that Rifua was affected far worse than I was… . .

This room appears to be a study . Books filled the shelves that lined the walls, and there was a desk with a chair next to it .  Well seeing as how the house hasn’t been used much, I’ve found it to be unexpectedly beautiful . It doesn’t seem to be too long since the previous resident had vacated it .  I picked up a book, and flipped through its pages .


I heard a scream from Rifua . Due to the difference in levels, I tripped on a step on my way back to her .

“Hey, are you okay–?”

Rifua held the front door shut with both hands when I went over to see what was going on .

“What is it?”

“Please, give me a little help!”

To hold it shut? But it seem to be doing fine in that regard—- .


“”Wow, what was that!?”

“Huuuu… . . , quickly Jinta!”

Because I realised that something was wrong then, I went over and helped her hold the door shut .

“What was that sound just now!? Just what’s the deal with this surprise house!?”

“I see what you mean . ”



Wow . The force from outside of the house… . Don’t tell me… . .

“It’s probably some sort of monster or something! Jinta, kill it quickly!”

“Kill whaa—-!?”

The door was opened suddenly, and Rifua was pushed back . Damn that guy… . ! I won’t allow it… . . !

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Suddenly the air shook with great force . It seems to be a really terrifying monster… . .

Slowly, I looked out and saw a big lizard that was twice as large as bear .  … . On it’s back, there’s wings… . . Hanging off its body were red scales, and thick claws dug into the ground .

So I checked its status .


Dragon (Child)








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(Causes low level monsters to quail . )

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(dragon species-specific energy attack . Flame Attribute . )

A dragon, is that a dragon? And it’s a child! And its size? Isn’t a little too big!? I don’t care now why its here . A baby dragon (seems to be, but I won’t cop to it) might eat us .  I draw my sword and activate a skill .  “[Ashes]!”

With a stroke of the blade, black flames encircle it .

“Sorry, but I’m going to have to kill you now?”

I waved the magic sword lightly and made a pose . I really don’t want this useless fight, especially with a young animal such as this .

And then .

The dragon lowered its chin to the ground, and with a pitter-patter, waved its wings .

Eh? What’s with this pose?

“Raar . ”

Oh no, I really don’t know what the dragon is trying to say with that rar it made… . But, it was angry just a moment ago… . . , just what happened here?

The eyes that were googly have just calmed down . I would like to read the manual on ‘How to read the moods of a dragon’ .

“Jinta, are you hurt?”

“Something strange has happened, but I’m otherwise fine . ”

“Why is it so quiet out there?”

“Could you come out here and take a look? I’m not sure what’s going on . ”

I unlock the front door, and Rifua comes out .

“Isn’t that a young red dragon! Did you—- just tame it?”