I Said Make My Abilities Average!

I Said Make My Abilities Average!
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Viscount Ascham’s House’s eldest daughter, Adele von Ascham become 10 years old, remember everything along with intense headache.

The previous self, Kurihara Misato 18 years old Japanese, lost her life when trying to help a young girl, and then, she met God…

Somewhat capable person given too big expectation by surrounding people, Misato that cannot live as she wants, plead to the God.

“On the next life, please make my abilities average!”

Yet, somehow the story is wrong!

The girl with 3 name, is careful to not accidentally be an S-rank hunter, lets live normally.

I mean, I’m just average, common girl. No, seriously.

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1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

Just started binge-reading yesterday, and I was pretty into it; however, the moment I got to Ch. 50, all hell broke loose - the translation was hard to read. The text had no solid composition, whatsoever, the grammar made reading painful - I was able to tolerate it until Ch. 93 but I don’t think I can any longer, and the translator’s notes were irritatingly unprofessional (unlike the pre-Ch. 50 chapters). I’m really into the story, but honestly, I think the awful and half-assed translation I’ve been reading for more than 40 chapters now makes it hard to comprehend the setting, makes it hard to visualize the way the characters move, talk, and think especially since the text looks like it’s been written by 10 year-old trying to summarize and paraphrase from wikipedia for a school assignment, and I don’t think that kind of work gives justice to the story, especially from a reader’s perspective since it fails to bring out the essence of the story. (Some jokes are omitted because the translator doesn’t understand, he cuts some explanations in the story short and gives half-assed reasons why when he could have just summarized if he’s really that lazy, and the grammar makes plot comprehension and image visualization hard - I had to read some lines twice because the wordings looked like a google translate fail that was copy-pasted.) I apologize for having no filter with what I say but I just feel like I’m missing so much because of the awful translation. I have one question (to determine whether I can continue or not): what chapter does the translations get better/change translators (preferably like those pre-Ch. 50 chapters).

4 Months, 2 Weeks ago

No, is the real site. Ch. 244 to 249 is TLed by that Asianhobbyist. 250 and up is translated by the wonderful

4 Months, 2 Weeks ago

pls i need more, the raw novel is already going for the ch 350

2 Years, 1 Month ago

We Need More Chapters

2 Years, 4 Months ago

Love it!!!!!!!! Thank youuuuuuu*** please update more

2 Years, 6 Months ago

Whoever translated this needs to fix this. Like WTF?!!?! It’s all just one giant fucking paragraph. Garbage translation.

2 Years, 8 Months ago

Most of them were done by not

2 Years, 9 Months ago

you have forgotten to link the real site of the translator

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