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Published at 15th of January 2019 06:18:55 PM

Chapter 30

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even though her hand was cast, her finger could pull on the door, but of course the door was locked .

the girl was scared and wanted to run away .

Lily wanted to shout for Mario to open the door, but she remembered marie was in the car too . "let me go" she said, looking down at the door, his finger gripping the car door . his eyes fell down he didn't dare to look sideways again . "I want to go down here," the girl asked, closing her eyes . she was very scared, his memory was bad again .

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Mario just kept quiet, twirling the car, they were almost at the boss's residence . What should he do . moments later the car stopped, right at the boss's residence . the girl was still curled up not opening her eyes .

a few moments he heard the door open, and quickly closed again and the car walked back . after a few moments of silence inside, Lily felt the man beside him and his daughter had gone down .

She tucked around from the car window, he could see the car coming out of mose residence area .

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the girl sighed as she was relieved, her heart stopped wanting . she wiped the sweat from her forehead with his sleeve .

"Sorry, Mario . Can you send me to town A on the road Y? Please lower me there . " the girl asked without looking forward . her eyes were buried, Lily tiredness made her want to take a nap .

She knew it would be a long trip, because the distance was about 2 hours if the traffic jam was around 4 hours from the mose residence .

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actually she had wanted to take the train after borrowing money from Mose, but she didn't forget about it, and she hesitated to borrow from Mario .

Mario did not answer, and just followed orders well . no questions or answers means yes .


after a while, the girl woke up . the car stopped stopped at a convenience store near his boarding house . the car's cool air conditioner and soft and warm car seat made him lazy to wake up . she pulled the blanket over his body and fell asleep again .

the girl felt something strange . his car seat is made of muscular meat . and she heard the sound of breathing besides himself .

in her eyes closed, the girl realized she was aware of someone's heat, mario? heart attack, not mario!

she recognized the scent of this man's perfume . . .

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