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Published at 5th of November 2018 01:05:18 PM

Chapter 18

I Used To Be Alone Until I Meet You (我本爱孤独,直到有了你)by Ye Luo Wu Xin 叶落无心- [Chapter 18]

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Since graduated to college, I had a new knowledge of “best friend” .

In the past, I thought best friend will be all the time go shopping together, together share of food, laugh together, make trouble together, together remember old time memory,……

Later on I met Qiao Qiao, I just understood: an true best friend, will laugh without any constrains, also could cry tragically together; when meet together, we will have an endless topic to chat, also will share our secret together; even you guys are separate with far distance, but you will keep on thinking of each other . The time you are in trouble, no matter happy or unhappy you are, you will want to share with each other… . .

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Since I started to study for Master, I and Xiao Cheng decided that temporarily would put into rest our personal love and hate, and once again became “classmates” . We would start a collective life .

In collective life with school tyrants, I just deeply noticed that it is a type of most innocent and cute person, especially my roommate Qiao Qiao .

Qiao Qiao is like the genius person from the novel . She always gets 100 marks, she sets 90 as her bottom line . She always the first rank in our department and her studies always relies on the scholarship .

In the past, I thought that this kind of person must be gifted . When I knew that she had read all the books and notes of the courses for countless time so she could memorize all of it . I completely understood a thinking —— genius, relying one hundred percent on the inspiration; talent, relying one hundred percent on hard work .

Since then everyday I would follow Qiao Qiao’s strong will . I definitely couldn’t be genius, didn’t I need to be at least half hard-working?

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Qiao Qiao is an especially generous girl, she is especially tender girl .

No matter how busy she is, no matter how stupid was my questions, no matter how many times I had asked her, she would be patience and explain to me until I understand it all .

I think, today my master degree was a long road and I could pass it most of all because of Qiao Qiao .

But today I can write the romance novel, also because of Qiao Qioa .

Because Qiao Qiao introduced me to a website, I realized that my stories could be written down and shared with others .

One night of 2005, I started to write my first part of novel . Although the words and structures were more immature, yet I could completely write my own stories . It’s not for the reader, not for a rating, but it’s purely for my love to write .

Qiao Qiao is my first reader . She left a comment for me sincerely and kept on encouraging me to not give up as that time I didn’t hae any kind of comments or likes . I was still full of fire to reat .

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Qiao Qiao said: “Wait until in the future you can publish a book, you definitely need to send one with signature for me .

That time I just regarded her comment as a joke and answered: “Okay!”

Actually that time, I couldn’t think and believe that I will publish a novel, and could publish several novels, I also even couldn’t believe that there will be a lot of people like my novel . But the reality proves a sentence that you couldn’t help but to believe: “We definitely need to have a dream as it may be come true!”

Action 3


With a cute and warm personality girl like Qiao Qiao, a lot of men pursued her because there was only little women in T university .

The first year, the men in their class put on their effort to pursue her but Qiao Qiao quickly snatched by another genius from another department .

Qiao Qiao and her boyfriend were same style people, they were working hard in their study also someone with goals .

They both love travel and they used their free time to give a tutor . They saved the money to go on trip . They would take the slowest train, live in the cheapest one, but they would take a lot of photos of both of them, and they were smiling so bright .

When I just knew Qiao Qiao, I was really curious about her love story . In a night chat, I asked her about her boyfriend .

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She laughed slightly: “We should be count as… . teacher-student dating relationship!”

I jumped on my bed: “What? You are not in the same grade?”

“Yes . But the time I knew him, he was the substitute teacher of large experiment class… . ”

According to Qiao Qiao’s memory, the first time she knew her boyfriend was during the first time experiment class . That time she was a student, and he was substitute .

He stood in front with his charm, young face but deep and old voice, it let her have deep impression for him .

She sat in the nearest seat from him . She did her own experiment and noted a lot of things . She was the first one to finish and helped those around her .

She was like an angel and she brought a bright and slowly enter his world .

Afterwards, he asked about the report and called her to the experiment room, they discussed about the result of the experiment .

Qiao Qiao was touched by the patience of this “teacher” to teach her . She also being impressed by his strong logical thinking . When she was full of admiration toward him, he told her that they were the same grade student . Except first time, he also took initiative to help to substitute for another lesson… .

Just like that they had a romantic relationship between “teacher-student” .

“He is too black-bellied man! I like it . ” I couldn’t help but become emotional .

Qiao Qiao blushed: “I also like it . ”

Action 4


Qiao Qiao and her boyfriend were really similar and have exactly same view . They were studying master together, studying for doctorate degree, they also studied abroad together, then they stayed in T university to be professors .

Not long time after Qiao Qiao came back from her scholarship study from abroad, I couldn’t resist to come home to T city to visit my two future son-in-law . One is really smart one, another one is the chubby spare tire son-in-law .

I was playing with them happily, and suddenly Qiao Qiao asked me: “You promise me your signed novel, when would send it to me?”

I was surprised: “How do you know that I publish a book!”

I couldn’t help but to be shocked .

Looking back on the past, ten years have passed, our friendship is still good and fine!

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