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Chapter 20

I Used To Be Alone Until I Meet You (我本爱孤独,直到有了你)by Ye Luo Wu Xin 叶落无心- [Chapter 20]

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Like most of women, my dream is to having a man that loves me deeply . He doesn’t need to be handsome, as long as he could be someone that I depend on .

I dream on having a family, it doesn’t need to be big as long as it warm .

I dream that if one day I could get marry with Xiao Cheng . Even it is a grave of love, our love could rest in peace…… . .


Action 1


Since being in Master degree, I became even busier .

Everyday I would do my study, I already forgot that year Xiao Cheng’s promise to give me fine time .

I’d been through the bloody exam, I finally selected to the list to study PhD . I passed the news to Xiao Cheng and my old Pa and old Ma who have been telling me to study hard . They were emotional and didn’t know what to say . At last they said: “If you have time, bring your boyfriend home . ”

I’d been waiting for those words for so many times . Suddenly that time I felt that my effort is worthy .

During summer holiday that year, I brought Xiao Cheng home .

He used that whole day to help my old Ma to do the chores; used the day to accompany my old Pa to discuss about five thousand old poem; used the whole day to accompany my grandpa to manage his little field; used the day to teach my little auntie about learning method; used the whole day to choose a present to give to my aunties; also used a whole day engaged in small talks with many uncles and grandpas .

After being busy for a week, all of my family members praised Xiao Cheng . They said: “Xin Xin, you are quite good at choosing man . Your Xiao Cheng is more mature than you!”

I pondered for a whole day, why do I think they are not complimenting me?

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I asked Xiao Cheng: “I really don’t understand, how could you handle them in a week?”

He pinched my cheeks and said: “I also don’t understand, how could I waste four years to get your heart!”

I sighed: “If I know that it will be easy for you to get that heart, why should I put extra effort to enter PhD . degree?”

“Yes! if sooner I know that I will be full by eating the third bread, then why should I eat the other two?”

Action 2


Since meeting Xiao Cheng, without anything, my old Ma just interrogated us about our future . She seemed to be afraid that her future son-in-law will run away .

I was forced that I felt helpless, I couldn’t help but took initiative to propose to him . As it was still a hot conversation, I contacted two families and arranged the meeting . We ate together .

During the dinner, both families were happy and just settled our engagement .

Xiao Cheng secretly asked me: “What is the style of engagement in your hometown?”

I shook my head: “I’ve never heard of it . ”

“O, then I will save more . ”


I was about to protest, but he added more sentences: “Anyway you are already mine . ”

That’s right . Since today until later, he is mine! As a woman, we should look far ahead!

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Action 3


Since the engagement, I and Xiao Cheng were both feeling secure . We just living our life .

One night, I accompanied him to watch football match in the bar until early in the morning . Originally we wanted to look for the hotel nearby to stay a night . who know we kept looking for it until six o’clock in the morning and we didn’t find any empty room .

I couldn’t help but to sigh: “I really want to have our own house . ”

Xiao Cheng said: “You want a house?”

I said: “I want . ”

“Okay, I will buy one for you . ”

“……… . ”

He thinks it is like buying a vegetable in the market?

The next day I called Xiao Cheng and asked what he was doing, he said: “I’m looking for a house . ”

“Looking for house? What house?”

“I already researched it carefully . Now the house prices are rising . We can buy a small house first to stay temporarily . After several years, we will go to another city to work, then we can sell this one, we should be able to earn some money . ”

I don’t really understand about economy, but it seemed to be logical for me .

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As a result, I also took the opportunity of having a day off to go to real estate company . I didn’t expect that I will meet Xiao Cheng there .

I smiled and came over . I greeted him: “Hey, what’s a coincident? You are coming to buy a house for your wife?”

He nodded: “Yes! You are looking for a house too? What kind of house you like?”

“Em, the one that is close by to the school so I will not need to take a buss . ”

He asked again: “How big it should be?”

“Just a small one 30 to 40 square meters are enough . Anyway, I don’t plan to live there for a long time . Small unit is easy to manage . ”

Hearing this, the sales associate took out a picture to introduce to me . That man observed me quietly .

With a lot of choices, I found a special one then asked about his opinion: “Handsome guy, what do you think of this? Give me some opinions?”

He looked at it carefully: “Except being cheap, I couldn’t think of any good point . ”

I: “…… . . ”

He despised my taste, he said to the lady: “I want to see the model room for the type of apartment you just introduced to me . ”

The sales girl took him, of course I followed along .

He chose a good type of room . The one with bright living room, spacious kitchen and also quite workroom .

There were also a balcony with a view of T university garden .

It is my dream home .

He suddenly got close to me without me noticing it, he asked: “Do you like it?”

I nodded: “I like it, but this should be expensive . ”

“It’s enough by you like it!” He hugged my waist and said: “I buy it for you . ”

This man, why did he say something like that to his wife . It’s like he is giving something for his little lover?

I peeked at the sales woman, and her expression told me —- She didn’t understand anything!

Action 4


After three months, we got married . It’s very urgent and careless . But we both know that for that day we had sacrificed a lot and waited for a long of time .

On our wedding night, I asked my husband: “I’m this stupid and sometimes heartless, what do you like from me?”

He laughed and answered: “Stupid wife, you are easy to care . ”

I raised my pillow and pointed at him: “choose words that I like to hear . ”

Under my urge, my husband couldn’t help but to do it . He seriously made up a sweet talk:

“A little bit stupid woman doesn’t have any schemes or tricks, it’s quite good… . . I feel that you are transparent as the water, I could see your innocent . ”

I am happy . His greatest strength is he knows what I like to hear .