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Published at 4th of September 2018 08:30:05 AM

Chapter 5

I Used To Be Alone Until I Meet You (我本爱孤独,直到有了你)by Ye Luo Wu Xin 叶落无心- [Chapter 5]

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In the free day, I read a poem in a romance novel — — If life just like a first encounter then it is quite emotional one . Then I asked the annoying person, who was watching the television: “If you and me just live like our first encounter, then how would we be now?”

He didn’t even think then just answered me with a sentence: “Grow old and die with having any interaction with each other . ”

I patted his shoulder powerfully: “It’s really a rare chance that we have a same opinion . ”

Action 1


On September 1999, when I entered T University — my dream university .

T university, is really the same as my imagination . It has one solemn main building, pristine library, tree-lined path, the stadium where handsome guys gathered, a park with romantic fountain . The only difference is the transformation of cultural department building into female dormitory .

Carrying a big suitcase into the bedroom, which has ten square meters big with six beds and huge tables . It was a compact room full of messy suitcases . I was curiously looked at the room and tried to get inside with all the messiness and obstacles on the floor . All my roommates had arrived and they were chatting with each other . After a warm and friendly conversation, I learned that we were all coming from three different classes . The one with good temperament, Zhuo Zhuo and handsome Ji Ji were in one class . The round face and cute Liu Liu is from second class . The very fat girl and me is from third class . I am very curious about the room allocation so I asked: “Why the school don’t put same class student together? Is it to promote interaction?”

The most talkative one, Nan Nan, told me: “There is a combination of three classes of girls to fill this bedroom . ”

“The three classes only have six girls? How many is the boys?”

“The three classes have seventy to eighty . ”

My blood raised up . With that kind of ratio, if I couldn’t find a good man, I could just die .

Action 2


The first time I looked at my annoying person was after half month the school started . Of course that time the annoying person was not my family, I usually called him Xiao Cheng .

In the class with twenty people, I could see him .

It was not because his calm eyes, or because he has handsome face, but because he was sitting behind me . The time I turned my head I could see him .

“Nan Nan, quick look at the little boy behind me, he looks like a senior high school student . Is he come to listen to the class?” I lowered my voice and asked Nan Nan, who was the queen of gossip in our department .

“You mean Cheng Ze, he is part of our class . ”

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“He is?” He seemed like a little boy . “It’s impossible, he is have slow development?”

“No, he is the youngest, he should be only sixteen . ”

I almost fainted, I just finished my first year of senior high school when I was sixteen, why should he be so fast!

I turned my head to look at him again . In a flash, I felt myself to be old!

Action 3


Thought out the high level mathematics, I didn’t focus on learning that boring calculus and concentrated on the age of classmate . I asked: “So he is successful in taking examination for the juvenile class?”

Nan Nan shook her head: “I don’t think so, for juvenile class they needed to take HKUST?”

“So he jumps class? From the third year junior high school to third year senior high?””

“Is there such thing?”

After finish gossiping and got no conclusion, I secretly turned my head and looked at him .

The sun was shinning brightly outside . He squinted his face and worked on the formula in fron tof him . His pen was straightforward .

That moment, my heart had a light admiration toward him . Of course it was a shallow one .

Action 4


During the recess, I felt so bored . I peeked at Xiao Cheng for a while and just in time he also looked at me .

Our gaze met each other and my brain was burnt, asked: “Are you really just sixteen years old? You already did the examination when you were in the first year of high school?”

I swore that time toward him, I was just full of curiosity . I didn’t have intention to seduce him .

He pursed his lips: “No . ”

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The man beside him, who felt that his answer was too simple, helped him out to explain: “He just had his birthday yesterday . He is seventeen year sold . You look so caring toward him, do you want to help to introduce girlfriend for him?”

Looking at his calm attitude is not really a match with his age, I suddenly wanted to tease him: “I have a cousin . This year she is just fourteen years old, you guys should be a fit . Wait until you are older, then sister will introduce you guys, okay?”

He glanced at me calmly, or perhaps I couldn’t interpret his reaction: “I like the younger one . The younger the better . ”

“O, sister also have another niece, she is just a month . ”

He smiled and looked happy: “Do you have a younger one?”

I fainted, his taste was really shocking .

But couldn’t help to say, his smile is really breathtaking .

Then suddenly the teacher cleared his throat . I hurriedly turned my head and finished our “happy” conversation .

That was our first encounter . That time I completely didn’t expect that I will fall in love with him, I didn’t think that our remaining life will be tangled with each other . If I thought about it, I will definitely…… . seduced him first!

Action 5


A half month later, in a C language class, the teacher gave us a puzzling question and let everyone to write on their own; she didn’t considerthe feeling of incompetent student .

I looked at the book and couldn’t connect with it . Mr Chen provided his answer of 1 +1 = 2; why did when in C language class 1 + 1= 10?

Shouldn’t we consider the feelings of Goldbach and Mr Chen?

I bit my lips and studied the question left by the teacher . Suddenly there was a person sat beside me, it brought a familiar yet strange atmosphere .

I turned my head curiously and noticed that Xiao Chen hugged his C book and sat down .

As if he noticed my gaze, he looked at me and smiled lightly .

I also smiled back toward him .

It is the late autumn when the yellow leaves fell down, yet a piece of heart blooms like it is in the spring blossom… . .

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Action 6


After our “happy” conversation, my style of conversation was despised by Nan Nan for a week . This time I tried to keep my lady- like attitude and be silent . I devoted myself to the lesson .

He began to fiddle with QQ at that time . I remembered that time QQ was still called OICQ .

That time again and again I tried to run the program, but it always showed an error message .

Yet that Xiao Cheng alway chatted happily through QQ . When I was sighing and looked at my error program . Then I just flipped through my C book and continued to chat in QQ .

When I saw in almost the end of the class, I finally couldn’t help but to look at the talented young man, I asked him: “Why don’t you run the program, we need to give it after this . ”

“Why should we run it by ourselves? Couldn’t we copy it?” Xiao Cheng looked at me, like he was saying an obvious matter .

“This, is it good?”

“Something that we could us other help, why should we bother ourselves?”

I: “… . . ”

This logical statement, sound reasonable?

I ignored his statement and continued to persuade him in my big sister’s tone: “If you don’t run it by yourself, how can you do well in the exam?”

He pursed his lips: “I’ve been watching you trying for half an hour, but I don’t see your succeed even for one . ”

“Hey, you watch me?”

He pulled his chair closer to me, he pointed at my computer: “It’s should be a comma here . ”

He was so close, I almost could feel his soft hair . I couldn’t help but to admit, his hair was really good . It was so black and had a good smell; a smell of “Hei Fei Si” shampoo .

“In this line, you have too much parenthesis . In the third line, you should write the main coding… at last, you forget the end of the sentence . ” Seeing how I lowered my head down to flip the book, he told me directly: “There is a similar example on page 24 . ”

“Hey, why don’t you tell me earlier? You make me think about it for a long time!”

“You didn’t ask me . ”

“I didn’t ask you, couldn’t you take initiative to tell me?”

“No . ”

“…… . . ” What a terrible personality .

I tried hard to ignore terrible character and focus on his instruction, the program worked successfully .

Looking at his clam attitude and thinking about my problems of solving this programs, I couldn’t stop myself to consider whether my weight loss of twenty kilogram during my sacrifice to enter this university also included the loss of brain cells .

When the class was over, I went back to my bedroom with inferior feeling . Nan Nan was showering and using the “Hei Fei Si” shampoo . When I smelled that my mind suddenly stunned and I didn’t know why .

Action 7


Since the computer class, I really admire the IQ of Xiao Cheng, but he regarded me as simply rude —- her IQ has not developed since elementary school . When his evaluation was spread out publicly, heard by Zhuo Zhuo and then by me . I was indignant at that time .

I didn’t care about my image that I tried to maintain, I slapped my table and stood up: “My IQ is low? How can I have a low IQ? You guys tell him, for a woman IQ development is not really important, the most important is to have a good development of our chest!”

I was really mad at that time and I started to talk randomly . Actually, deep down in my heart, I still think that a woman should have be smart to be able to work and make a living then she could look for a good man to marry so I always work hard for it despite the twists and turn . I always believe that diligence could make my dream come true .

One early morning after several years the first time, I and Xiao Cheng talked about ideals life and shared each other’s past, present, and future . Xiao Cheng said that he entered the school when he hadn’t reached four years old . Although because of car accident he didn’t go for school for a year, but he was still two years younger than the other students . At the time of junior high school, the boys developed very fast, but he hadn’t . That’s why everyone laughed at him, and called him “Little Dot . ”

Because of those, Xiao Cheng didn’t like anyone to talk about his age, especially when a disgusting female student asked him about his age and I was the one who asked it the first time we met .

I told him I didn’t do it in purpose . I told him that since I was little, I grew up faster than everyone . My body was healthy, I was given too much nutrition . The time we eat chicken at home, my mother will pick out the heart of the chicken at put it in my bowl: “Eat it . ”

Xiao Cheng said: “…… She is really your mother . ”

———- <<Love Cheats>> Third Lesson

If that year I didn’t ask him: “You are really sixteen years old?” He will not have an impression that my smile is cute . It’s possible that for the whole four years of university we will not say anything to each other, and I will not remember his name .

Between strangers, there should be someone that break the silence to let we interact and know each other .

if he, who is the proud one couldn’t break the silence, then why you don’t be the active one?

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