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Published at 14th of August 2019 08:56:55 AM

Chapter 16

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The Demon King's Palace, Shi De Emo, Hei'an Zhi Guo .


When I was younger, I was raised on a farm in Ostroven to abusive parents . They hardly fed me and would regularly beat me . It wasn't until I met Mei that I found my freedom as a butler . Now, I live a simple yet fulfilling life . I do what I'm asked, keep the palace in perfect shape and in turn, I'm given food and a home .

Mei: "Wilburt, my sister Lilith is arriving soon . Has her room been cleaned?"

Wilburt: "It has, your highness . If you wish, I will clean it again thoroughly . "

Mei: "No . Gather the rest of my sisters and have them meet me in the solar . "

Wilburt: "At once, your highness . "

Her tall body and crimson red hair complimented her no nonsense attitude . She was always serious about her role as the older sister and ended up being the heiress because if it . She's the only child of the Queen, because the King had a rather lengthy list of affairs . Though, I haven't seen the Queen stop that from treating them like her own .

Me and Mei are about the same age, but I don't let that get in the way of my duties . I've been with her and caring for her for almost 10 years now .

By the other sisters, she meant Bao, Biyu, and Huian . They're always at the courtyard garden . I just have to figure out which one out of the four they're at . I'd ask Mei, but I'd rather not bother her . She's busy as it is already .

I was at the southern courtyard when I came across their mother, the ageless Demon Queen Lihua . I say ageless because of all the time I've been here, she hasn't shown any signs of aging . She really is something else, pale blue skin and platinum hair . I was uneased at first but I'm more comfortable around her .

She's been dealing with the passing of her late husband, the Demon King . Nobody knows about it . The commoners still believe he's alive . Anything to keep the pests from invading again .

Lihua: "Wilburt, what are you doing here?"

Wilburt: "I was asked by Lady Mei to gather the sisters, your majesty . "

Lihua: "It's about Lilith, isn't it?"

Wilburt: "I have not asked, but I believe it may be so, your majesty . "

Lihua: "Carry on . "

I'll never figure her out . She has a very good poker face and never reveals her emotions, like happiness or anger .

I went to the western courtyard and found the sisters by the garden chatting and enjoying the environment . I was always told horrible things about demons when I was younger but they're not that bad at all . Sure, they may have odd skin tones, like pale blue and red, and horns in Huian's case, but they're well behaved and keep to themselves .

Biyu: "Oh, Wilburt, what are you doing here?"

Wilburt: "Lady Mei asked me to gather you all at the solar, your highness . "

Bao: "Her again? What does she want this time?"

Wilburt: "I was not informed, your highness . "

Biyu: "Then we'll find out . Accompany us, Wilburt . "

Wilburt: "Yes, your highness . "

They slowly pick themselves up and we head to the solar . We arrive to see Mei admiring the paintings hanged on the wall, seemingly deep in thought .

Biyu: "You called for us, Mei? What's going on?"

Mei: "Lilith's coming home, and as the older sister, I suggest we all—"

Bao: "You called me out just to tell me Lilith is coming home? Well guess what! I don't care for a bastard child!"

Mei: "Bao!"

Bao storms out of the solar . There has always been animosity against Lilith . Not because she's a bastard child, but because she always struggled where the other sisters excelled . So she was usually overlooked . Lady Mei, her half-sister, and Queen Lihua, who's isn't related to her in anyway, were the only ones of her family to actually pay any attention to her . The Demon King never paid her any mind and would hit her anytime she tried to gain his attention .

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She first arrived at the palace when she was only 9 and the Demon King was already against her . It took the Queen and Mei to convince him to let her stay . As he wanted nothing to do with her, I was chosen as a surrogate . I didn't mind and actually enjoyed raising her with the Queen .

Mei: "Bao, come back!"

Biyu: "Don't pay her any mind, Mei . You know how she is . "

Huian: "Bao always hated Lilith . "

Biyu: "Yeah, what was it about Lilith, Mei? We know she's coming home . "

Mei: "It was nothing, don't worry about it . "

Biyu: "We'll head back to the courtyard if you need us then . "

With the sisters leaving, I was left with Mei who dipped her head in disappointment . She really does try to set herself out to be the responsible older sister . I really feel bad for her .

Mei: "Wilburt, am I a good sister?"

Wilburt: "Without a doubt you are, your highness . "

Mei: "Really?"

Wilburt: "Yes, you go out of your way to help your sisters, your highness . "

Mei: "Thank you . Return to your duties, Wilburt . "

Wilburt: "I will, your highness . "

I resume my duties in the palace until evening arrives . Mei comes into the kitchen as I preparing dinner with the other servants . Seemingly in a hurry .

Mei: "Wilburt, come with me . Lilith is at the entrance . "

Wilburt: "Yes, your highness . "

I haven't seen Lilith in almost half a year . Her trip took longer than expected and worried me a bit . I'm relieved to see her home again . She can be absent minded at times . Mostly everyone was gathered at the entrance . Mei, Lihua, Huian, Biyu, and some of the servants were here to welcome Lilith home . Bao was nowhere to be seen .

Lihua: "Have you seen Bao?"

Servant: "She chose to remain in her room, your majesty . "

Biyu: "I don't know why she hates Lilith so much . "

The entrance slowly creeks open and we all get into position to welcome Lilith . She slowly pokes her head and shyly steps inside .

Servants: "Welcome home, your highness . "

Lihua: "Welcome home, dear . "

Mei: "Welcome home, Lilith . "

Lilith: "Oh, everyone, I'm home . "

Mei: "How was your trip? Did you get what you wanted?"

Lilith: "It went well, but I didn't get anything . Where's Father?"

Father? Oh my, she wasn't around when he passed away . I'll have to tell her the news . Mei is motioning me not to mention anything . Why? She should know or she'll really be upset .

Mei: "He's not here at the moment . "

Lilith: "Oh . "

Mei: "Let's go to your room, we should catch up!"

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Lilith: "Alright . "

This is pretty serious . If Lilith finds out about the King, she'd be devastated . She went on her trip just to impress him, after all . The servants disperse but the sisters and the Queen stay behind . They know the gravity of the situation .

Lihua: "Wilburt, stay with my daughters, I'm going with Mei and Lilith . "

Wilburt: "Yes, your majesty . "

Lihua steps away . The only remaining sisters were Biyu and Huian . They looked indifferent at what Lilith had just said .

Wilburt: "May I ask a question, your highness?"

Biyu: "Hm? Oh, go ahead . "

Wilburt: "What do you 2 think of Lilith?"

Huian: "I'd rather not have anything to do with her, but I'll get along with her as long as she lives here . "

Biyu: "She doesn't take anything seriously . "

It's just like I thought . She really can only rely on her sister Mei for support .

Biyu: "Wilburt, go to Lilith and tend to her . "

Wilburt: "Your majesty stated that I—"

Biyu: "I know what mother said . Go to Lilith, Wilburt . "

Conflicting orders . If something like this were to happen, I'm supposed to listen to either the most recent or the higher authority, which would be the Queen . Biyu's are the most recent, so I'll go with her order .

Wilburt: "At once, your highness . "

Lilith has her own tower, the south-eastern one . I thought the King was being generous, as most fathers would be in Shi De Emo, but I slowly realized it was to keep her isolated from everyone else . A princess trapped in her tower, as I see it .

I'm at her door, knocking . I wonder what they're talking about . Mei opens the door, surprised to see me .

Mei: "Wilburt? What are you doing here?"

Wilburt: "Lady Biyu asked that I tend to Lilith, your highness . "

Mei: "Of course she did . Well, come in . "

It still surprises me to this day that Lilith even has her own tower, she has everything she needs in here . Mei guided me to Lilith, who's crying in the Queen's arms . She's not even her daughter, yet she treats her like one of her own; but why is she crying?

Wilburt: "Is everything alright, your highness?"

Mei: "She was attacked and lost her Grimoire . "

Attacked? Who could do such a thing and how powerful are they? I know she might not be as powerful as her sisters but she's still better than most . Her trip was more dangerous than I expected .

Lihua: "Mei . "

Mei: "Mother?"

Lihua: "Go with her, get back her Grimoire, and bring me the man responsible . "

Mei: "Yes, mother . I'm sure he'll make a good decoration for the palace dungeons . "

The Queen doesn't need to express her emotions to let everyone know she's furious . I don't know who that man is, but he's going to have the wrath of the Demons brought down on him . Deservingly so . . .

(A few days later . )

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Yuuna's Elixirs, Everhand, Ostroven .


Michael: "Are you ready, Steven?"

Steven: "I think so . "

Michael: "Cast it!"

Steven: "Holy Warrior!"

A spark of light engulfs my hand before dying out . I've been trying to learn Holy magic, or Light magic to some of the others, and it's been a struggle to learn . If I knew it would be this difficult, I would've went with Fire!

Michael: "We're getting closer . "

Steven: "I still can't cast it . "

Michael: "You've only been at it for a month now . It takes time, Steven . "

A magic spell that supposedly gives me magic armor and a greatsword that's as light as a feather, but stronger than steel . It's one of the most popular spells with Knights from what I've seen .

Michael: "Holy magic isn't difficult, your reasoning to learn it has to be noble . "

There's nothing noble about wanting to understand the world? Holy magic saved my life! The Royal Knights use it all the time, I've seen parades of them casting short rays of light into the sky with their swords . How did they learn it?

Steven: "How do the Royal Knights do it?"

Michael: "If you're joining the military, your doing it out of the good of your heart . You don't really get much out of it other than a place to stay . "

Steven: "Well, thanks for at least trying, Michael . "

Michael: "Hm, anything to spread the Holy element! I'll see you back in class . "

I show him out the door . I'm left alone inside the shop . Kanna's out with Cynthia and Yuuna is resting . Who knew being a servant could get boring! I feel like I'm being ignored by Kanna . I have to close this distance between us, somehow .

I do what I usually do and clean the house . I'm dusting off the counter of the shop when I remembered something . Yuuna said she'd make me an apprentice in making alchemy potions . Winter break is coming up, maybe she'll teach me then .

I prepare a small snack for Yuuna and head to her room . I hope she's alright, she's been in and out the past couple of days . I find her asleep, setting her snack aside, I try and wake her . My hand on her forehead, she's not burning up or anything . Maybe she's just feeling lethargic .

She's so peaceful, I almost don't want to wake her . A sleeping beauty, my sleeping beauty . Do I dare kiss her as she's asleep? Either way, she needs to wake up, Kanna will be here soon . I decide to do it and move in to gently kiss her . Slowly, she wraps her arms around me and we're making out . I pull myself away as she gets up .

Yuuna: "My, someone's being bold today . "

Steven: "I made you a snack, Yuuna . "

Yuuna: "Thank you . "

Steven: "Are you feeling any better?"

Yuuna: "I'm just tired, is all . "

She's able to get up on her own . Maybe it's what she says and she's just tired . I mailed her brother, the Elder back in the village, about it but he has yet to respond . We move to the living room when the bell in the store rings .

Thinking it was Kanna, I head towards the shop . I was greeted by a really beautiful woman and a hooded figure . She was something only seen in a fairy tail . Really pale skin and blue eyes .

Steven: "Welcome to Yuuna's Elixirs!"

Woman: "It was you? You certainly don't look like much . "

The hooded figure tugs on her dress .

Steven: "Pardon?"

Woman: "Sorry, I heard this was a good alchemy shop but I was expecting you to look more like a noble . "

Steven: "Oh, sorry, but I don't make or sell the potions . I'm just a servant . "

Woman: "What is your name?"

Steven: "Steven, what is yours?"

Mei: "It's Mei . "

Steven: "What about the one in the hood?"

Mei: "Her? She's just my really shy sister, don't mind her . "

It feels more like she's trying to hide her appearance in that hood . It's not an issue, I'll call Yuuna out . She's better at running the shop than I am . Before she did come out, they turn to leave .

Mei: "I'll be seeing you around, Steven . "

Yuuna overheard us and comes out laughing .

Yuuna: "Ohoho, do you have a secret admirer?"

That was weird, they come in and leave without buying anything . They even said they'd see me around . I shrug it off, they could be our new neighbors looking to move in nearby .

Steven: "No, I don't think so . "

Yuuna: "Well, let's wait for Kanna out here . The air is cool . "

Enjoying this calm ambience, we play backgammon and I start to wonder who that woman was . She's definitely not from around here by the way she sounded . Mei — her name sounds like she was from Feles Isle . I can't say for sure .

Steven: "Yuuna, do you know anyone named Mei?"

Yuuna: "Mei? No I don't, hon . Did she really catch your eye? Am I no good for you?"

She said jokingly .

Steven: "No, I just thought she was a bit off . She had her sister in a hood . "

Yuuna: "We are moving into winter . You're overthinking it . "

Maybe I am .

We waited for Kanna as we played around . Trying to tickle each other but catching each other's hands .

The bell rings again, Cynthia and Kanna pop in through the windy streets .

Steven: "Welcome home, master!"

I said playfully .

Kanna: "I told you to call me Kanna!"

Cynthia: "Ahaha~! You don't like being called master, master?"

Steven: "Welcome home, Kanna . "

Yuuna: "Welcome home, kitten . "

Cynthia: "Aunt Yuuna!"

Now that everyone is here, I can prepare dinner . Another day passes, it's like nothing ever happened . I'm back in E-3 with Kanna, the Headmaster doesn't need me anymore, though, I do see him sometimes when I'm with Livia . Nathan is home with his family and Cynthia is back to her carefree ways .

It's bliss…

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