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illicit relationship - Chapter 153

Published at 26th of March 2020 10:35:10 AM

Chapter 153

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Xiao Tian wasn't disappointed when Yun Xin Er refused to do a passionate kiss . He only stroked her hair while locking his eyes on hers before finally, he kissed her forehead . Xiao Tian kissed her forehead for about two seconds before working his way down to her eyes, nose, and finally, his kiss landed on her beautiful pink lips again .

Yun Xin Er really liked what he was doing . The feeling of his lips pressing against her forehead, eyes, nose, and lips was something which she couldn't describe in words . She liked it, no, she loved it very much and wished that he would do something like this again in the future .

As his lips were pressing against hers, the desire to do a passionate kiss reappeared within him . For this reason, Xiao Tian tried to put his tongue in her mouth for the second time . And like before, Yun Xin Er didn't open her mouth and only looked at him .

But it only lasted for four seconds before Yun Xin Er finally opened her little mouth . Upon seeing the opportunity has arisen, Xiao Tian didn't wait for another second and immediately put his tongue into her mouth .

Xiao Tian thought Yun Xin Er would only stay quiet when he put his tongue into her mouth, but he was wrong because she immediately welcomed his kiss .

They began to kiss passionately, where their tongues were intertwined . Each of them didn't want to lose and tried to be dominant as if it was a kiss competition . Soon, saliva began dripping down from their mouths, and of course, they also drank each other's saliva .

It has been twenty seconds since they began to kiss passionately, but they showed no sign of stopping . And not only that, they even began to tilt their heads to the left and right repeatedly as if they were trying to make it more passionate .

As they were kissing, Xiao Tian hands wrapped around her waist . Xiao Tian suddenly desired to feel her two heavenly mountains and play with it again . With this in his mind, Xiao Tian raised his hands and landed it on her breasts .

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Yun Xin Er was shocked by this, and it made her stop the kiss . Then, she stared at his hands, which were on her breasts, for about two seconds before looking at his face again . At this time, Yun Xin Er didn't tell him to stop and only looked at him before finally she brought her face closer to his face and kissed him again .

All she had in mind was wanting to kiss him again . Yun Xin Er loved kissing with Xiao Tian . Coupled with the scent of his mouth, which she really liked, made Yun Xin Er's desire to kiss him again and didn't want to end it .

Xiao Tian didn't expect that she would ignore it . He thought, Yun Xin Er would tell him to stop squeezing her breasts like she usually did, but not only did she not ask him to stop, she even kissed him hungrily again . Of course, Xiao Tian was delighted by this because he could feel and play with the breasts of a beautiful famous singer . Xiao Tian let her be dominant in a kiss because he wanted to play with her breasts .

While Yun Xin Er, on the other hand, busied herself by kissing him . But this didn't last long before she broke the kiss and started to moan .

"Hmmm," Yun Xin Er thought that she could still kiss him while he played with her breasts, but she was wrong because she felt as if electricity was flowing all over her body when Xiao Tian squeezed her breasts .

While Yun Xin Er was letting out a moan of pleasure, Xiao Tian, on the other hand, continued playing with her breasts while feeling the tenderness of her bosom too . This only lasted for several seconds before he stopped and looked into her eyes .

As if she understood what he wanted, Yun Xin Er opened her mouth and kissed him again . Once again, they kissed passionately . But because they both liked kissing passionately, this time, the kiss lasted longer than before .

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They kissed for almost a minute before finally Yun Xin Er broke the kiss and leaned her head on his right shoulder . "Little brother, I'm hungry . "

Even though Yun Xin Er would love to continue what they were doing, but because she was starving, she decided to stop the kiss . Yun Xin Er thought that the kiss could be delayed but not for breakfast because she was feeling ravenously hungry .

"Hungry?" his eyes suddenly shone because he found an exciting idea to tease her, "Why don't you eat me? Hehe"

"What? You want me to eat you? Fine," Yun Xin Er started to smirk . Then she raised the sleeve of his jacket to the elbow and bit his right hand .

"Ah! Big sister Yun, what I mean by eating me is not like this but the other meaning . " Xiao Tian didn't expect that Yun Xin Er would bite his right hand . He thought Yun Xin Er would hit him because he believed Yun Xin Er understood what he meant by eating him .

"Eh! Didn't you say I can eat you? Now stay quiet and let me eat you" Yun Xin Er opened her mouth and was about to bite him again .

Seeing this, Xiao Tian immediately stopped her and said, "No, no, no, stop it . Let's find a restaurant right now,"

'Hehehe . I won . '

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Yun Xin Er covered her mouth and smiled happily . An exciting idea suddenly appeared on her head . Yun Xin Er then touched his chin and looked at his lips . "Little brother, before we look for a restaurant, let me eat you one more time . "

"Sure," Xiao Tian knew what she wanted to do . That was why he immediately agreed to her request .

In less than a second, Yun Xin Er kissed his lips again, but it was only for about two seconds before finally, she bit his lower lip a little hard . At this time, while biting his lips, her eyes were focused on his black eyes .

Xiao Tian had guessed that she would do something like this, but he let her do whatever she wanted because he found it exciting to see a beautiful lady desiring him more and more .

When Yun Xin Er noticed that Xiao Tian did nothing, she suddenly wanted to bit his lower lip harder, but she wavered whether she should do it or not . She was afraid that it would hurt him, but her desire to bite his lips harder grew bigger and bigger, causing her almost unable to hold back anymore .

Because she was unable to decide, Yun Xin Er stopped biting his lips and broke the kiss . While still looking at his eyes, Yun Xin Er touched his cheeks and pulled his face closer to her face until their noses almost meet .

As if Xiao Tian understood what she wanted, he nodded his head, giving her a sign that she could do whatever she wanted .

Seeing this, Yun Xin Er was thrilled . Without waiting for another second, she kissed his lips again, and she immediately bit his lower lip, but this time, she bit his lips harder than before .

Even though he felt a bit of pain in his lower lip, but Xiao Tian still did nothing . Today, although he still intended to tease her, he would let her do whatever she wanted . Xiao Tian only locked his hands around her waist . He loved to embrace her because the size of her body was perfect for him to hug .

After biting his lower lips for two seconds, Yun Xin Er stopped it . Then, Yun Xin Er touched his lower lip with her right hand . She wanted to know whether she hurt his lips or not . And when she saw that his lips were fine, Yun Xin Er smiled and kissed his forehead for about two seconds .

"Little brother, let's eat now" because earlier she wanted to bite his lower lip, Yun Xin Er forgot that she was starving . Now that she didn't bite his lips anymore, she just realized that the worms in her stomach were doing a concert .

"Big sister Yun, how about we buy food and bring it to the Rainbow Garden . I think it's better to eat at Rainbow Garden than at the restaurant" Xiao Tian thought that eating at Rainbow Garden was better because they could see the beautiful flowers while, of course, acting lovey-dovey again . "We can act lovey-dovey again at Rainbow Garden . "

"What is this? You want to act lovey-dovey with this big sister again?" Yun Xin Er also thought that eating at Rainbow Garden was better . "Fine . Let's buy food and eat it at Rainbow Garden . "

Xiao Tian touched her cheeks and gave her a peck on her lips as a reward for agreeing with his idea, "Good! Then, that settles it"

When Yun Xin Er saw his smile, her face blossomed into a smile, "Un . "

"Big sister Yun, if you still sit on my lap, I won't be able to drive the car . " even though Xiao Tian loved it when she sat on his lap, but driving in that position was dangerous . Not only for them but for other people too . That's why although Xiao Tian still wanted her to sit on his lap, but she needed to move for now . Of course, Xiao Tian wasn't disappointed because he could make her sit on his lap again at the Rainbow Garden .

"I will return to my seat," Yun Xin Er replied .

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