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Chapter 127

“Someone saw him, a foreigner wearing a trench coat, carrying an umbrella, and acting very secretive!”

Everyone is pleased when they heard the news . Yang Chao clenched his fist, “Very good . We’ve caught up with this guy . We don’t have to chase after him day after day!”

Huo Wei said with a smile, “He probably wanted to find a remote village to hide temporarily, but didn’t expect that there’s no such place in the Southeast coast of China . There are ability holders everywhere, so he can’t completely hide his whereabouts . ”

This statement is reasonable . Everyone laughed, the Chinese always have this attitude of making fun of foreigners .

Yang Chao quietly frowned . He has no opinion on Huo Wei, but he knew that Li Fei don’t want to see this young university student . Huo Wei is very positive about everything, and always have a correct attitude, but don’t appear fake .

Yang Chao single-mindedly followed Li Fei in the Abandoned World, so of course, in the face of such a thing, he believed in Li Fei . That’s why he will think that there’s something wrong with Huo Wei .

Once he heard that Huo Wei is a book transmigrator, Yang Chao suddenly understood .

Huo Wei did not deliberately take advantage of this matter . He told others what he knew . The other ability holders have a single view of him, but after conversing with him, the prejudice slowly changed .

Some people think that he’s young, and can’t understand things . Some people think that him being a young person with a strong sense of justice is very annoying . Others feel that Huo Wei is actually a very good person, and all the things he said are reasonable .

Yang Chao felt that Huo Wei is pitiful . Huo Wei often talks about going home, and he looked very depressed every time .

With the departure from Haicheng, and because there’s no Internet, there’s only the oral transmission . Li Fei didn’t have anyone inform him that Huo Wei is coming, so he’s naturally surprised .

The people from Black Abyss felt very complicated, and even Yang Chao himself brought it up, but nothing happened .

Those who have “big ambitions” in their hearts naturally refused to leave the safe Red Dragon base to run out and track an S-class ability holder .

Huo Wei came a few days ago looking for them .

Yang Chao and the others have circled around Dr . Mad for more than a month at that time . They came and went to nearby cities, so it’s not difficult for Huo Wei to catch up .

Huo Wei brought people as young as him . There are also highschool girls . Their strength is considered a pass, and they are all from Black Abyss . Yang Chao is at a loss on how to handle them, not to mention guys like paparazzi Qi, who are rushing to please the girls .

After they came, it seemed like the atmosphere became lively .

Now that there’s conclusive news about Dr . Mad, everyone put aside their depression, and soon felt proud——they won’t participate in the decisive battle between high-order ability holders, so there’s nothing to worry about .

“The man suspected to be Dr . Mad is tall and thin . He looked pretty good, but I don’t know if he’s French or Italian……” Yang Chao came over and described the situation to Li Fei .

“I think he’s British . ”


Facing the subtle eyes of everyone, Huo Wei, who unconsciously interrupted, shrugged, “He had an umbrella, so isn’t he British?”

Although on the day Abandoned World started, it’s a rainy night in Haicheng, many cities in the South are raining . After the time stopped, people who walked outside, even if their face and clothes are affected by the drizzle, this is but a little problem . Most ability holders would not take it seriously . It’s better to have a steel pipe for self-defense rather than an umbrella .

“British, isn’t that nonsense?” Someone refuted .

Dr . Mad’s a guy with an exaggerated style . Why do they think that these words don’t match with someone from England?

“Habit of thinking . Everyone thinks that the British are more old-fashioned, and are gentlemen, just like how foreigners think that all Chinese practice martial arts . In fact, which countries don’t have mainstream people? The more depressing the place, the easier it is to develop ideas . It’s easier to spot a man who behaves out of character, right?” Huo Wei said reasonably .

Yang Chao’s expression is weird . He stopped his eating action; everyone has a baffled expression .

“Oh, I forgot . Everyone here in China is skilled in martial arts . Even if they learned it, it’s not very useful . ”


Everyone looked at each other . There was an instant of interest, just like hearing from book transmigrators that their world have traffic jams all day, and people don’t ride bicycles . A Chinese who can’t even do a split is a bit hard to imagine .

“Most people can’t do a horse stance for five minutes?”

“Then what do you do when you encounter a robber with a knife?”

“Yes, how would you go to your neighbor’s balcony when you forgot your keys? If your skill is bad, won’t you fall to your death……or call 119 to find a firefighter?”

“Don’t you raise cats? Are there no people climbing trees? What if the cat is in a high place and can’t come down, what do you do, poke them with bamboo sticks……or also call 119?”

Yang Chao said with a face implying “the firefighters in your world are too busy” .

Geng Tian also repeatedly shook his head . If there’s no expert, and with no guns in China, more than 90% will die in the Abandoned World since they can’t even run away .

“So a transmigrator like me, unless we grew up here since childhood,  can’t live long . ” Huo Wei sighed as he spread his hands, “Last time in the Abandoned World, the people in my team were all killed . ”

Someone can’t help but say, “There’s no difference, if they learned poorly, then they can’t escape . ”

Kung fu or something is like an ABC test in an English TOEFL exam . There’s an enormous difference .

Most people won’t rely on these skills to eat, so they don’t want to spend money and energy on this . Those who rely upon their skills are the only ones who strived to learn . Bodyguards like Geng Tian, and also Red Dragon members have to be skilled . Jian Hua is a martial arts stuntman, but it’s not a technique that requires life and death to test and hone .

This is also the reason why Jian Hua found it challenging to get a meal . The difficulty of martial arts, for Huo Wei, makes this world very difficult .

“If Dr . Mad is British, I want to see Nania Kaia’s impression of UK . ”

“……Poseidon is a European ability holder . If Dr . Mad is British, this guess is very reliable!”

“What reliable? No matter his nationality, he won’t stand with the government, don’t even mention Europe . ”

Everyone had a lot of arguments, and Huo Wei managed to blend in with the subject . He always had this ability, let people unknowingly decrease the gap between them .

Li Fei casually listened, not saying a word .

In the next two days, the news about Dr . Mad is getting more and more conclusive . Someone else saw half his face, and they were able to draw a rough sketch .

Regarding looks, they can’t see any signs of madness .

The corner of his mouth pulled downwards, and wrinkles set in deep lines . He’s actually such a serious person .

Yang Chao suspects that they’re looking at the wrong person . A foreign wood system ability holder is not necessarily Dr . Mad . Knowing that they’re tracking a foreign high-order ability holder, it’s normal to hide .

Geng Tian decided there was a trap . This person may be the scapegoat that Dr . Mad recruited .

Everyone is arguing, reluctant to let go of this opportunity .

Anxiety spread among the convoy .

Huo We glanced vaguely at Li Fei in the car . The driver is Geng Tian, so he has no chance to get close .

It’s almost three days since he came here, and he only saw Jian Hua twice, or when the group took a break, Li Fei will hold someone out . Jian Hua had one arm draped around Li Fei’s neck, head resting on Li Fei’s chest .

Because the temperature is cold, Li Fei covered the man with a coat .

Even when he’s sure that the person is Jian Hua, Huo Wei took the time to verify .

There are countless possibilities in his mind . He guessed that Li Fei controlled Jian Hua . As for the words from paparazzi Qi, Huo Wei only believed half of it .

Li Fei may indeed have a relationship with Jian Hua, but he can’t conclude anything . He also saw Jian Hua too little to judge .

That is the Devourer . He won’t even be bothered by a cannibalistic squid .

——Jian Hua may likely die in Li Fei’s bed . The fact that Jian Hua can’t get up is a joke .

Besides, the people in convoy has a tacit understanding that they did it too much, but did someone heard any movement? Not a single one . Huo Wei almost suspected that paparazzi Qi is a confidant of Li Fei, responsible for misleading people .

Since it’s not the case, Jian Hua’s situation is problematic .

Huo Wei observed that the mushrooms around them are very energetic . He also quietly observed Li Fei’s expression and did not find any flaws . If Jian Hua is really sick, Flame Demon will not be so relaxed .

Huo Wei wandered around, his brain full of questions, but dare not reveal it, only endured .

“Li-ge, do you want me to find a reason to take this kid away?” Yang Chao asked while gesturing .

“No need . ”

Li Fei didn’t put Huo Wei in his eyes at all .

He knows who Huo Wei’s positive performance is for, the book transmigrator directed it at Jian Hua, like how Lu Zhao wanted to impress on him . But that made Jian Hua uncomfortable, so the others are just like flies .

——if others can easily touch Jian Hua, wouldn’t Li Fei be first place?

The mattress in Li Fei’s villa, all modern, customized, and specially prepared for him .

The so-called advanced customization is tailor-made according to Jian Hua’s body data . This is based on Li Fei’s visual inspection and compared to his own data . Jian Hua is on top of the priorities of the Movie Emperor . You don’t know what things he did to win him over .

“I can figure out Huo Wei’s tricks . ”

“That Dr . Mad……”

“Don’t keep it too tight . No matter what trap he has, as long as we don’t go, he will be anxious . ”

Like how the stage is set up, and the actors have finished their make-up, but there is no audience, this is probably the most unacceptable result for Dr . Mad .

“Of course, the other side is also very likely to attack the group, so inform everyone to pay attention……”

Li Fei hasn’t finished talking yet when he felt his body go cold .

Geng Tian backed up three steps, a layer of goosebumps on his arm . He instinctively used his “field” .

——Jian Hua is awake .

The smooth and quiet breathing became heavy . The limp hand grabbed Li Fei’s clothes . Fingers clenched tight, and blue veins appeared on the back of his hand . Li Fei covered it with his own hand . Usually, at this time, Jian Hua will get better, then wake up soon .

“No……” He vaguely mumbled .

Li Fei went closer, trying to hear what he’s saying .

“Run . ”

With a loud bang, a row of buildings collapsed outside the window . Several giant spiders appeared out of thin air .

They subconsciously pulled their eight legs after discovering that the spiderweb that their lives depend on were gone . Then they began spinning, suddenly launching a burst of white silk on the street, and pulling on all sides .

The ability holders quickly hid in the surrounding houses to avoid being tied by the spider silk .

“Where did this thing came from?”

“S……spider . ” Yang Chao was once nearly killed by a spider, so he couldn’t help but tremble .

Li Fei sharply raised his head . He thought he saw snake-like thunderbolts in the sky, and soon it showed up again .

“Space crack, run!”